What is MRC?

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    By Azfar-ul-Ashfaque

    KARACHI, July 14: Widely believed to be a shadowy organisation with close and ill-disguised ties with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, the Mohajir Rabita Council was formed over two decades ago with the stated aim of working for the rights of Urdu-speaking people.

    Maulana Wasi Mazhar Nadvi, former mayor of Hyderabad and former federal minister, along with some likeminded elders of the Mohajir nation had established the MRC in March 1988. He became its first president.

    Initially, the organisation did not support the politics of the Mohajir Qaumi Movement and its chief Altaf Hussain, but later it developed a soft spot for Mr Hussain.

    Another MRC president, Syed Ishtiaq Azhar, openly supported the MQM soon after the army launched an operation against it in June 1992.

    Mr Azhar later became an MQM senator and the first convenor of its coordination committee.

    The MRC split into two factions as a group led by Nusrat Mirza did not want to support the MQM.

    However, the faction led by Mr Azhar continued to support the MQM and Mr Hussain, who telephonically addressed all major functions and annual conventions of the organisation.

    However, in 1997, Mr Azhar was removed as MRC president by the central executive committee, which appointed MNA Ejaz

    Mehmood as its new chief.

    When the Mohajir Qaumi Movement became the Muttahida Qaumi Movement — with the necessary change in orientation of its

    politics — the MRC did not follow suit.

    Though it is widely believed that the present MRC is a sister organisation of the MQM, its general-secretary Arshad Siddiqui

    categorically denied it.

    “The MRC has no connection with the MQM…it is altogether a separate entity which has no concern with the MQM’s organisational structure.”

    However, Mr Siddiqui said that MQM chief Altaf Hussain was the supreme leader of the MRC, as the organisation had belief in him.

    “The MRC is the party of Mohajirs and struggle only for the rights of its people.”

    He said that the current president of the MRC was Yaqoob Bandhani and an 18-member central committee ran the affairs of the organisation in a democratic manner.

  • I think I read in one of the newspapers that this shadowy organisation demanded ZM a written apology to Altaf bhai and also Shahi Syed and ZM to leave the city.

    yeh biyaan parh kay meray tunn badann mein aag lagg gaee thee. yeh kiss qisam kay jamadaar hein? aur inn ko media mein jagah kion dee jarahee hai?

  • Not surprised this same organization had threatened journalists after 12 may incident.

  • Mohajir Rabitta council (MRC) and Mohajir Ithad Thereek (MIT)were two earliest Mohajir quam parast parties.

    MRC consist of mostly left wing / half communist old folks who were more interested in drawing room politics in their Nazimabad and North nazimabad houses. They never brought young guns in their fold kion ke

    "Naye Nasal ko kuch pata nhi hota"

    therefore their politics died where its started....still once in while you see small news somewhere in back pages of Karachi Jung.

    MIT lived and died with Afaq Shahid, A nobel man with good cause without any shoor sharaba. MIT/Afaq Shahid was another red/left winger. He went to jail in 1985 at sametime when Altaf Hussain was sent to jail after Bushra Zaidi case.... Afaq shahid was popular among Bihari urdu speaking people .... but some how Altaf Hussain garbed all headlines 1986 and afterwards...

    Reason for MQM's success or early popularity was simple... make politics glamorous for poor middle class young people.

    I do remember 1985 local bodies elections when MQM (then Mohajir Qumi Movement ) won elections against STRONG Jamat-e-Islam and JUP candidates, Most of the elected people were young, Mostly well educated but jobless, few ghareeb but izat dar and few Mohley ke gundey Mawali.

    Most of them never participated in college elections let alone local bodies and forget about speeches in assemblies they had hard time talking properly in front of their own age group

    Dr Farooq sattar, Dr Massood, Dr Imran Farooq, Aslam Ali Sabzwar( late uncle of MPA fasial Sabzwari who used to delver news paper on his bicycle). Aftab Ahmed khan ( LLB from Hayderabad ex mayor), Anis Rajpoot ( aka anis bhiya who used to own sugar cane juice shop in hyderabad)

    Asqaq Chief ( fame killer of Najib ), Maboob chusti ( from choor usaqey catagrory)

    So MQM did what No one ever did in Pakistani political history they brought "Aam admi" in local bodies, PA and NA.

    If i am right in my assessment...sometime around 88-90 achey logon ke jaga burey log MQM main Zayda hogey, clean up process ke koshish hoi to MQM H ban gai.

    or pher i guess jealousy or humhari Pakistani quam ka choli daman ka sath hey..... us ney bhi MQM ka khana kharab kia.

  • @EXP Sahab

    Though I resist but I have to correct some misinformation in your post:

    1. MIT: It was started by Dr. Saleem Haider not Afaq Shahid as you have claimed. Dr. Haider used to run his party from Hyderabad were not able to garner same kind of publicity as Altaf being in Karachi. I still have to see major contribution by them. It is funny that I just visited their website and none of the links working and bottom link for MIT takes you to Insaf forum. If it is true than they become franchisee of someone else and weren't able to market themselves.

    2. Afaq Shahid: Afaq had nothing to do with MQM or MIT. He got elected on PPP ticket from Orangi Town and he remained PPP member till his end.

    3. Anees Ahmad Qaimkhani: He is a hardcore MQM activist from Mirpurkhas not Hyderabad. He made his way up as one of the first elected member of National Assembly for MQM.

  • Rizwan, brother, I am really impressed by your knowledge regarding 'real, inside information'. Keep it up brother. Keep us well informed.

  • Thank you Mirza sahab! It is your brotherly love that I keep coming back although thought of quitting many times because whenever I post something it turns into brawl (most of the time not intentionally).

  • I would like to post here something, that is a bit of the topic, because other threads discussing to MQM closed. but Khan-SAhib has asked many times about the fact that MQM has lost 15,000 workers, activists and sympathizers lost in 7 years long state oppression in 90s. I came across a document compiled and released by Immigration Canada in 97 covering info till 1996. Here is the link clearly describing what kind of state terrorism people have gone through: http://www.scribd.com/doc/59883930/PAKISTAN-UPDATE-ON-THE-MOHAJIR-QAUMI-MOVEMENT-MQM-IN-KARACHI

  • @EXP Sahab

    ((If i am right in my assessment...sometime around 88-90 achey logon ke jaga burey log MQM main Zayda hogey, clean up process ke koshish hoi to MQM H ban gai.))

    It seems like you are running with a soft corner for MQM (H) :)

    ((Mostly well educated but jobless, few ghareeb but izat dar and few Mohley ke gundey Mawali.))

    I am curious to know the ghunda mawali group, I am not denying it but it would be great if you put a few names forward.

    ((Most of them never participated in college elections let alone local bodies and forget about speeches in assemblies they had hard time talking properly in front of their own age group.))

    Since you have some experiences and so do I. I would be curious whom you are talking about. In fact, like IJT, APMSO and MQM used to and still have 'fikri nashist' to bring people up to speed and providing them a growth platform, I hope you remember if you were an activist.

  • @Qaimkhani

    Bhai... i have no love for MQM H, out of 329 guys who joined MQM H back in 1988 327 were luchey lafngey,

    correction here....

    1: yes Dr saleem hayder was founding member of MIT, Afaq Khan Shahid was part of party and most likely only famous sort of guy in MIT Karachi.

    in 1985 non party elections Afaq Khan shahid elected as independent MNA or MPA ( not sure which one) as independent candidate... his Black Sahwal(chadar) and vague face is I still remember. He later joined PPP around in 1988. He was social worker/political face of Bhairies in orangi town.

    One person who had potential to challenge Saleem Shahzad there...without taking gun out!!!

    2: Who was Depty Mayor of Hyderabad while Aftab Shb was Mayor.... he was from Rapoot family, poor but sharif admi used to run "Guney ke machine" in latifabad area... not Anis Qaimkhani from Mirpurkhas...? if i am correct his first name was Anis too...

    3: Wouldnt you call Asfaq chief, khalid bin walid, Munaf Preedy and his gang, Badar Iqbal, Mahboob chusti (ex councilor from Malir)

    Asif Hafiz ( ex mpa from khokrapar) and top of all Saleem Shahzad as gunda mawali???

    4: Yes 'fikri nashist' were good but first who reached to MNA and MPA level were not public speaker. Dr Kanwar Khalid were elected 4 time from Nazimabad as MNA but he was not a public speaker... there was one guy elected as MPA from gulbahar ...Osama somthing... funniest speaker of all, haklata tha public main.

    at the end its all memories !!!

  • @ EXP bhai,

    I was joking around.

    1. I tried to find a relation between MIT and Afaq Khan Shahid but there is nothing to avail.

    2. The Deputy Mayor of Hyderabad in 1987 was Kanwar Naveed Jamil, he later became Nazim Hyderabad.

    3. Listen bro, I am not contesting this fact you have brought forward, I was just curious.

    4. You are definitely right about public speaking skills that it is one of the requirement but it is not the most important. What is important is to do the job what you are elected for. Kanwar Khalid must have done his share otherwise why would he been elected 4 times as you have mentioned even MQM top leadership would have kicked him out. The other person you are trying to remember is Osama Qadri, besides you are making fun someone's disability since stuttering is not something someone does by choice.

    Thanks for the response.

  • @Qaim

    "I am curious to know the ghunda mawali group, I am not denying it but it would be great if you put a few names forward."

    Saleem Shehzaad.

  • sorry i didnt mean haklana as you thought.... dude was normal person.... he was not hakla.... talking about his stop and start speeches.... my point is MQM brought many new faces to NA/PA....

    most of them without any political background.

  • Thanks guys! I know there were people, but that was need of the time to create a stealth presence. To EXP, I remember hearing Osama reciting Quran at one of the jalsa in Azizabad, he was a Hafiz too if you remember. He later became MPA in 90s and he was forced to change party to PPP during 90s oppression along with his mother who was the Deputy Convener of MQM at the time. He later became UC Nazim. Here is a link to the book 'Jabar, Tashadud Aur Sazish ( Compulsion, Torture & Conspiracies' written by him:


    Another book by him: Pakistan- Sazish or Syasat by Hafiz Usama Qadri


    Here is a poetry collection of Hafiz Osama Qadri:

    Gahur Honey Tak (Poetry)- By Hafiz Usama Qadri


    Hope it will freshen your memory along with your wounds:)

  • Muhajir Rabita Council's claim to fame is threatening letters,death threats,faxed hit lists and bullet filled envelopes that it sent from MQM Altaf's terrorist Headquarter Nine Zero Azizabad Karachi.

    Those MQMized terrorists that were involved in intimidating the journalists were so dumb that they used MQM Nine Zero's official fax numbers to fax out death threats and hit lists to local/international news and media organisations like BBC and AFP etc.

    Obviously MQM was busted and once again caught with its pants down so bbc radio(31th may 2007) called instantly called MQM for their version,MQM officials suddenly changed their story and claimed that they are not aware of any Muhajir Rabita Council and completely disowned and disassociated it self them,**but bbc's newscaster Shafi Naqi Jami nailed them and said we(at bbc) received this faxed hit list of journalists from same MQM's Nine Zero fax number from which we revived Farooq Sattar's condemnation of MRC and its hit list hardly an hour later.. The MQM's guy being interviewed at the other end of phone went totally blank and dropped the line..




    MRC sends threatening fax from MQM's HQ Nine Zero (Amnesty International)




    MQM Shoaib Bukhari sitting in MRC function




    Reporters Sans Frontières




    Pakistani journalists receive bullets threat (Reuters)




    Ethnic political group allied with ruling party releases journalist "hit list :

    (International Freedom of Expression eXchange)




    Journalists get death threats




    PUJ rally condemns threats to journalists




    Threats to journalists condemned



  • and bullet filled envelopes:)

    Aren't you master of exaggeration? Could you also show us a proof of that.

    Besides, What Manawat Hassan is intended to get by filing FIR against Zulfiqar Mirza for his statement against Altaf Hussain? Curious to know.

  • I am sure all those bullet filled envelopes must have been framed and put on display at Karachi Press club.. Do check 'em out next time you're in town..

    Bottom line is MQM is a criminal terror gang.Use of threat,intimidation,bullying and violence is its hallmark so its no surprise that all those gangs affiliated with it also adopt similar tactics..


    PAKISTAN: IFJ enraged by MRC's threat to journalists



  • What do you call IJT? Angels falling from the skies? Would you defend them and their actions in 70s, 80s in University campuses or condemn them. If you don't condemn it, it will only prove your hypocritical stance.

  • @RQ

    I would suggest that we all condemn what is clearly wrong WITHOUT any preconditions. Just like MQM - IJT is also a ghunda outfit.

  • Yes we should. I am all for it. I am against any kind of killing whether they are target or extra-judicial, even criminals have right to fair hearing and justice.