Giant blast hits government buildings in Oslo, Norway

  • State TV broadcaster NRK confirmed at least two people are dead following an explosion that rocked downtown Oslo, Norway.

  • The latest false flag? Cui bono?, one asks and that seems to point to the possible perpetrator. Anyway, the first thing that bothers me already about this story because it duplicates so many other such events in the past: just today, Norwegian PM Stoltenberg was working at home and not in his office. I don't like the sound of this one little bit. But I may be wrong. Let's see.

  • Here's a comment from WRH:

    "Norway was ready to recognize a state of Palestine at the United Nations, so I think we know the motive and the identity of the bombers!

    Please post this comment wherever the bombing is reported, because the Megaphonies are already trying to pin the blame on Muslims."

    Let me add myself that Norway was also on the point of evacuating its troops from Afghanistan, much to NATO's opposition.

  • I feel sad on death of two human beings and express my condolences to those who lost their loved ones. There is so much killing going on in a so called 21st century world.

    I condemn those who have carried out this attack and all other attacks which have resulted in deaths of humans and destruction of property.

  • Very sad.

    Probably unrelated but according to cnn

    Person dressed as policeman opens fire at youth camp in Norway, injuring several people, state run NRK reports.

  • Strange, Norway, one of the richest countries in the world, going off its head suddenly! God help us!

  • Condemnable incident.

    No idea who is responsible but for the conspiracy theorists: "Chor Choron ki taranh hi socta hai".

    We should rise above from immature thinking.

  • @Just_One

    "We should rise above from immature thinking."

    Maybe you have already decided about who are the culprits.

    What is so special about thinking about who can benefit from such heinous acts?

    Stop being a naive kid!

  • @Scan,

    The conspiracy theorists have given their verdict, as you can see, not I.

    I will wait for the details to come.

    Me being a naive kid?

    If anything that benefits you, is done by you, then by the same token, 9/11 was done by China because isn't that what lead to Afghanistan war, which according to you, led America to the upcoming economic collapse?

    Please be serious.

  • @Just_One

    Look at the way law enforcing authorities work. There are the usual suspects and then there are those who benefit most from certain acts. Sp asking questions is NO sin!

    And still you are naive if you ALWAYS believe in the official version of the story.

  • This benefited the most theory does not make sense to me.

  • @bsobaid

    Why not?

    I am not saying it is necessarily those who potentially benefit most have done it. One have to look at the broader perspective on top this.

  • Yes, typically you would want to include all those who benefited but for public figures and countries a whole lot of people and entities can benefit. So this whole benefit idea is very vague, inconclusive and infact inaccurate.

    All I can hope for is our country's name does not get involved.

    In Scan countries, and you would know better, there is a surge of ultra nationalist parties who would be considered plain racist in North America and probably UK also and all these racist parties are after muslim minorities causing a lot of tension in those otherwise peaceful nations. There is no lack of stupid and emotional people who would resort to such animalistic measures in reaction.

    All are wild guesses at this point. Hopeful Norway will find the culprits and bring them to justice.

  • Some people have already begun pointing out that this is not the work of a car bomb, but explosives within the building. What is you own view?

  • Hard to tell Ghalib sahab.

    Norway has historically been one of the riches countries in the world but these days is going through a worse economic situation. So there is a lot going on in this country at the moment.

  • True enough, bsobaid, true enough. At the moment there is no way of knowing what really happened. Except that from the very first piece I read on the bombing, the blame has already been put on the Muslims. And various hallmarks of what we've come to know as the classic False Flag also seem in place. What a relief it would be to find out it was neither, but some third element whose existence we hadn't even suspected till now.

    In any case, if What Really Happened is right in its views, then I'd say: watch out Iceland. Your turn might well be next.

  • Here you go, Some "expert" on CNN pointing the fingers towards North Waziristan=Pakistan. Off course this is also a "conspiracy".

    One man dressed as a policeman is caught after he had shot 9 people dead on a nearby island.

  • new information regarding the blast seems like inside job:

  • i am not surprised if culprits linkage is found one way or the other with Pakistan.