Norway killing: Should I call him a “Christian” terrorist?

  • Many of you would have read this horrible news that how a guy killed 80+ kids just for sake of nothing in Norway. While initially everyone would have wished to relate it with Alqaeda or some any other Muslim association. Later it turned out the guy was a right wing Christian extremist. Obviously that was a shock for those who had prepared every thing to open up a new can of worms against Islam and Muslims.

    I was just thinking the entire scene if it would have done by some Muslim. We would have read headlines like:

    **Alqaeda killed 85 kids in Norway.

    A Jehadist killed many innocent in Norway

    A fanatic reciting Quran opened fired on Children**

    and what nott but ironically none of the main stream media used the term "Christian" while reporting. This hypocrisy and wickedness of West is not new and its futile to talk about it. Thing is, should we , Muslims use the same mantra to expose extremism by Christians? Before we get into this, let's talk why do they make such propaganda? For that we will have to give in past.

    Allah sent Abraham(AS) as a Prophet to spread His message and eliminate evil. Abaraham's wife Sarah(AS) was very pious and God fearing. She did not have any son. She had a son named Ishaq(Issac) (A.S). Sarah(AS)'s Maid, named Hajar got married with Abaraham(AS) and Allah already blessed a son named Ismail(AS). Ishaq'as family later gave Prophets like Yaqoob(AS)[Jacob],Isa,Jesus(AS). Both laid foundation of Judaism and Christianity and Judaism. Ismail's family later produced a Prophet(SAW) named Muhammad(SAW). Both Christians and Jews were prophesied about next Prophet. They both had believed or I say preferred to believe that next Prophet would be from their tribe while this was never the case. Thus, the birth Of Muhammad(saw) and later advent of Islam created differences. All 3 religions believe that there would be a mega war before the Doom's Day according to all of them, they would win. Ironically Jews and CHristians know that next Prophet was not from their tribe yet they insisted and wickedly tried to portray that Muhammad(saw) was a false Prophet. Since the day Islam became the victim and both Christians and Jews tried their best to wipe out Islam from the face of earth.

    As per God's plan, Islam was spreading. Russians was already defeated and only AMericans were left to rule the world. In mid 90s Talibans emerged in Afghanistan and they established an Islamic Emirate. This create quite a stir among right wing Jews and Christians because Islam negate every thing which was the hallmark of other two religions followers. Islam negated Capitalism and laid the foundation of social society and Islam established good governance in which rich was not rich and poor was not poor. This thing was not acceptable by others who were in favor of Capitalism. Later after 9/11 incident, world heard a new terms like "Islamists","Jihadists","Islamic Fundamentalists" etc. All of a sudden news bombard us with such terms. Later such terms were also adapted by brain-washed,ill-fated ignorant Liberals aka "Kalay Angraiz" who had to reject Islam and kissing up West by every mean for their survival in Western countries. What actually imagined by right wingers of Jews and Chiristians, things happened in entire opposite order. Islam is spreading more in US and more people are converting to Islam. America who invaded both Iraq and Afghanistan are in brink of debt. Soldiers are dying. People are being sent back from their jobs and what not. In reality they had planned all this for us, Muslims but as Allah says Himself in Quran:

    And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.(3:54)

    Things went against them and today they are debating whether soldiers should be pull out or not or how to save jobs how to save US as a country!

    Naturally, the fear of defeat makes one to do things which create more fear. Propagating false against a religion so much that no one could know truth about other religion and THEIR OWN RELIGIONS as well that how both Christianity and Judaism belief have been fooling to people from centuries. So naturally they have to get freaked out. They have to create more false perceptions against Islam, either by media or by using lunatic liberals. We as Muslims don't need to create panic or getting worried at all because what Muslims had to do, these non-Muslims have already been doing that is, spreading Islam. Allah really needs a MUSLIM to spread His word. If he wants, he can even use non-Mulims for that and we all have been witnessing that.

    Therefore, we Muslims should not use terms like Christian terrorist or mocking Christianity because this is not our task. We don't even need it either. We are already approaching on winning track so be calm and cool.


  • totally agreed. we dont have to call someone this and that. one day they will acknowledge their use of freedom of abuse. and the propaganda they have had been spreading after 9 2 11 drama.

  • Propagandas never work when someone is in direct tussel to the creator or his believers.

    So we dont need to Propagate it as a "Christian terrorist" or any such like words.

    American crediting ratings is down to AAA negative.lolzzzz

  • LifeH20,

    Agreed 100%. This is pure hypocrisy at its best!

  • There's no hypocrisy, there was no term Muslim or islamic terrorist when Aimal Kasi conducted the blasts but repeated incidents resulted in the coinage and then extensive usage of the word.

    The western media is deliberating the use of the word extensively please google 'christian terrorist' and find out.

    The term was used by well known journals like guardian and HP, as I said no one used the term when a muslim conducted act of terrorism once twice or even ten times but with widespread incidents the term gained currency. Stop bothering yourself and others with non-issues.

  • a fundamentalist christian terrorist would be more appropriate

  • hunnnh.

    bara aaya kahien se Pakistan ko bura kehnay wala.

    apni shakal dekhi hay aianay mein.

    ghunda terrorist kahien ka...

  • Thanks God he was not Muslim !

    Thanks to Norway govt that they dint wait for any conspiracy and arrested right culprit. We have deep sympathy with victims of Norway blasts.

  • I agree that he is a terrorist and there is no harm in calling him a terrorist.

  • مغرب برویک کے قتل عام کا اصل محرک چھپا رہا ہے لیکن برویک کے اپنے الفاظ سے اس کی نویت کافی واضح ہے

    یہ ہے بریوک کا بیان جس میں اس نے ان نوجوانوں کو'طالبان' کہا ہے جو نارویجن حکومت کے ایک پروگرام کے تحت عیسایت کے ایک خاص فرقے سے لے کر ٹرین کے جاتے ہیں

    بریوک کا مزید کہنا تھا کہ ان کی بے حسی ایک طرح سے ان کا ’حفاظتی نظام‘ ہے بالکل ان فوجیوں کی طرح جو طالبان کے خلاف کارروائیاں کرتے ہیں۔