PTI / IK land grabbers making headline


    Umar Sarfraz Cheema not only a chief land grabber but also a top class lota under chairmanship of IK?

    PS. similar thread was started 5/6 hrs ago but disappeared from site........seems PTI moderators are active in space grabbing on PKP discuss and dont even leave the evidence behind!

  • how long would this post be left on site lets see!

  • Anu culprit landgrabber corrupt should be punished by parties and the sitting governments.

    There should be zero tolerance on corruption of anyone.

  • We haven't even seen any action on this yet

  • Here is another one. These are the prven cases of Rana Sana but still no action.

  • IK's top leadership which is whiter than white is fully exposed..........and they havnt yet even come to power! what will happen when they do??????

  • If this is true IK will do everything to rectify this.

    However we need to look into this.

    This could be one of the problems for PTI allowing people involved with N$ into our party, this could be a tactic of theres to malign our party.

    We all have to remember whatever we think of N$, he is one corrupt and dirty tactician, he will stoop as low as he needs to get, for the position of PM.

  • @1hr

    N$ has been exposed for the past two decades and nothing has happened.

    But what will happen is

    Pakistan will become a more prosperous nation inshallah under the leadership of Imran Khan, and these crooks will be behind bars, that's what will happen.

  • why has Ik's PTI got so much obsession for land grabbing?

    I suppose now Sarfraz Cheema the land grabber of Ik's party will hire Hamid Khan of PTI to defend him who has experience of assisting land grabbers being the lead lawyer of chief land grabber of Pakistan Malik Riaz?

  • @saladin

    '....and these crooks will be behind bars'

    but what if the crooks start hiring PTI's Hamid Khan as their lead lawyer?

  • @1hr

    then he will be the first one inside, then don't worry N$ and Mr 10% will follow suit. Oh I forgot Rana saab as well.

    BTW the chief land grabber is N$ no-one can beat him.

  • @saladin

    you mean Hamid Khan will be the first one inside?

    but would he stay as PTI's senior member/executive?

  • @1hr

    If he has done nothing wrong, then he will stay, but if he has we will send him back to the mafia of land grabbers N$. They both will be chuki piesing in prison.

  • @1hr

    First we have to get to the bottom of this, but I smell noon league propaganda, if this is true then most media stations will mention it.

  • Could someone please take this title out. It should be PML N/N$ making shockwave headlines on land grabbing.

  • @saladin

    are you asking for PTI moderators to bail out PTI's land grabbers......

    as i said in my initial post ...this was already taken down soon after I put it on.

  • Islamabad: PML-N MNA brothers ‘grab’ expatriate’s Rs 35m land

    ISLAMABAD: Two Members of National Assembly (MNAs), who are real brothers and business partner of a land developer, have allegedly grabbed Rs 35 million land of an expatriate, but police and other relevant departments are not ready to listen to the victim and take action against the MNAs belonging to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) having government in Punjab.

    Daily Times on Monday learnt that Adalat Hussain, son of Atta Muhammad, who has been living in United Kingdom for last 50 years, purchased 35 kanals and 8 marla of land in Pindmatay Khan on highway near Gujar Khan in 2004 from investment point of view. The land was transferred in his name vide transfer number 1647.

    In December 2010 when he came to know that some persons have grabbed his land, he came to Pakistan and visited his land. Raja Waheed, Raja Sajid, Raja Tariq, Raja Rafique and five other armed persons told him that MNAs Raja Muhammad Asad Khan and Raja Muhammad Safdar Khan owned the land and they were making a housing society there. They threatened him that he would be shot dead if he came back to the land.

    Hussain said he possessed all documents, according to which he and his three sons Sajid Hussain, Abid Hussain and Babar Hussain owned Khasra numbers 307, 258, 76 and 75, but the MNAs, who are sons of former MNA Muhammad Afzal Khan, have grabbed his land.

    Hussain said when he field an application with the police, Station House Office (SHO) Muhammad Nazar Khan and Investigation Officer Mehboob Shah, who is acting SHO, instead of registering a First Information Report (FIR) told him that they could not take any action against MNAs.

    Hussain said went to the DSP office but DSP sent him to Tehsildar and Tehsildar sent him to DDRO who also refused to take any action and advised him to file an application with the complaint cell and wait for his turn.

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    when did i say that, keep it up, i am enjoying this thread.