Punjab government failure to control virus

  • LAHORE: The Lahore High Court chief justice on Wednesday took strong exception to the Punjab government ís failure to file reply in connection with a petition questioning the government inability to control dengue virus.

    “People are dying on daily basis, but the government does not even bother to furnish a report in the court,” the court observed, asking a law officer to ensure submission of reply and report by September 16.

    On September 7, the LHC CJ had sought detailed reports from the Punjab health secretary and the Lahore district coordinator officer (DCO) on a writ petition against the Punjab government’s failure to control widespread dengue fever and provide necessary free medical treatment to patients.

    Advocate Noshab A Khan had filed the petition in public interest and prayed the court that the health secretary be ordered to ensure free medical facility to affected persons of dengue fever and action be taken against the authorities responsible for showing criminal negligence in saving lives of citizens.

    The petitioner-lawyer stated that the government functionaries had no satisfactory answer as to why they appeared to be dragging their feet on such basic initiatives as mapping the extent of the spread of the virus.

    He said the respondents had miserably failed to come up with a sensible explanation for their inability to block the way of the dengue mosquito. He said the infection was spreading fear faster with every passing day and the sense of resignation with which this state of affairs had come to be accepted was appalling.

    The petitioner alleged that the senior functionaries of the government were endeavoring to hide true picture of dengue by concealing actual number of patients in Lahore. He said that, according to health department reports, the total number of dengue patients in the city had exceeded 4,000 besides the death of dozens of people.

    Advocate Khan pointed out that some 2,000 registered family physicians and more than 100 private hospitals in the provincial capital had totally been ignored by the health authorities as only few major private health facilities were made part of the network of reporting mechanism to get data about dengue patients.

    Resultantly, he said, the strategy devised by the health department to control dengue on the basis of a small number of patients declared positive so far, had deprived a large number of patients of proper treatment.

    The petitioner asserted that the dengue outbreak was precisely due to the flawed plan of controlling dengue virus by the health authorities and shortage of platelet kits in market also immensely added to the problems of the infected patients.

    He also alleged that ineffective insecticide being used in the ongoing fumigation campaign by the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) was resulting in a massive increase in the number of dengue patients in the city. The fumigation exercise taken by the CDGL was useless unless a quality insecticide was used, he added.


  • I am not a big fan of Punjab goverment or NS/SS but com'on

    how Punjab government can even control virus without help of local public?

    How many volunteers you have seen cleaning up their own mohala and gali?

    what happened to responsibility of individual citizens?

  • As far as I am aware Punjab hukumat has refused to take aid from foreign sources. What an idiot he is, where are we going to get the money from for these poor people to get help!. If Shabaz Sharif thinks that awam will give money to him, then he is in for a complete utter shock.

    Imran Khan said when he gets into power than he will stop taking foreign aid. However this idiot SS has tried to copy IK stance, and using it practically. He wanted to gain political points, but he fails to realise that he is incompetant to even do the smallest tasks.

    But hope I am wrong and we can take control of this virus asap inshallah.

    What measures have been taken if any?

  • lol @ saladin89:

    "Imran Khan said when he gets into power than he will stop taking foreign aid. However this idiot SS has tried to copy IK stance, and using it practically."

    You mean IK will NOT stop taking the aid, what he is saying is just the lip service for political point scoring but he will not honor what he said if (that's a big IF) he comes into power?

  • He can say every thing because he knew,

    نہ نو من تیل ہو گا نہ رادھا ناچے گی

  • انور کمال بھائی ، "رادھا" کہ "رضیہ"؟

  • Punjab government failed to control a virus..

    Now shall we talk about how that virus spread highlighting Punjab government's failures precisely...?

  • If there is flood or dengue virus we feel no regret but cheep mentality against government institutions, all the responsibility we put on government had became habit for masses. We have a lot educated people who can help and find solution to cooperate with govt and educate the people who have lake of information about dengue virus.

    We have print media, electronic media to launch a campaign to educate people about any harmful situation.

    We should not only depend on governments but need to help themselves before any adversity knock the door.

    In our society I have realized people are not taking responsibility and always blaming on governments to feed them by spoon.

    If there is drainage system I have seen most of public putting shopping bags, dirt things into drainage and close it, when rainy take place and drain water have no rout except spilling over and return back to streets, homes. Such things are part of society job and blaming every thing on governments is opponents ornament to play politics.

  • Sheeda Talli.....

    The Govt is responsible for protection, security, health and education. If it is not, then disband the public sector and privatise every thing.

    This good for nothing, incompetent and corrupt govt is 100% responsible for each and every person living in Pakistan....

  • @dusky

    Imran Khan has stated that foreign aid is one of the reasons we are in this mess. However SS thinking that he can do what IMran Khan has said, is no go zone. Because firstly he is incompetant and secondly he is corrupt. All SS was trying to do was to gain political points, as elections are round the corner. He cannot use this as political tool because there are lives at risk, and trying to show he is a big man could turn upside down for him.

    However hope that Punjabi doctors get an hold on this virus.

    We need an external investigation into this crisis, however what measures have the punjab government taken place in order to control this virus.

    Have we got the right vaccination to fight this virus?

    Have hospitals in Punjab got enough resources to help the awam?

    How much money has been spent on this?

    Are the awam aware what they need to do, or where to go?

    There are so many questions that are still not answered. All we here from SS is how great things are going, and how much hard work he has put in.

    I do not see many programs from media concerning this, we need to be informed as I cannot take SS word as truth.

    I am not saying that SS does not want to do a good job, I believe he does but I question is capability in order to tackle the problem in hand. But we do have many good doctors in Punjab, I am sure they are working hard in order for this problem to be tackled.

  • ^^Oh well, if you would have done a bit research on "dengue virus" before posting this thread, you would have known their is NO "right vaccination to fight this virus".

    If SS is incompetent in fighting this virus in Punjab then more then 80 countries around the globe including developed are in the same boat.

    Here is some reading from WHO on "Dengue virus" for your education.


  • @Dusky

    محاورہ تو رادھا کا تھا آگے مرضی خان کی رضیہ کو بھی نچا لے

    ویسے ریشماں جوان ہو گئی ہے لندن کے ،نائٹ کلبوں میں باپ کا نام دوبارہ روشن کر رہی ہے

    اس کو نچانے کا سوچو

  • COMMENT: Dengue, drama and damages —Hina Hafeezullah Ishaq

    The not-so-stupid common man is already aware of dengue, but since our elite rulers have no contact with him, this fact might have escaped their notice. The common man is not interested in seminars and pamphlets and help-lines; what he needs is free and prompt medical treatment

    Well, finally the Punjab government claims to have woken up to the menace called dengue; the proof is a ‘Dengue Helpline’. According to the huge, coloured advertisement, the one I came across, published in a national Urdu newspaper, I assume with our money, roughly translated read: “Khadim-e-Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif’s Important/Significant Step for Citizens’ Health” and goes on to outline the setting up of a 24-hour “free helpline” for patients suffering from dengue fever and guidance from medical specialists; and of course this is proudly advertised by the Department of Health, Punjab, which, incidentally if we did not know is always ‘aspiring for the protection of citizens’ health’!!! And again, understandably so, this venture had to be formally inaugurated.

    Both my aged parents-in-laws fell victim to dengue last week. First, we tried to follow the basic procedure and treat it at home, but by 2 am that day my mother-in-law had to be rushed to the emergency of a federally governed hospital in Lahore. The response by the staff was prompt, as there were few patients in the ward and she was sent home three hours later. During the day her condition deteriorated and my father-in-law fell ill too, unable to move and severely disoriented. Both were again rushed to the hospital. This time both had to be admitted; they were lucky enough to get a bed, hundreds of others not so. The scene at the hospital was heart-wrenching to say the least. The prime minister’s son contracted dengue a couple of weeks ago but never made it to the federally governed hospital let alone a provincial one; rather he was admitted in a private hospital run by the CEO of a provincial hospital! This speaks volumes about the standards of healthcare in our country and how our rulers who have contributed nothing except their ‘plaques’ to it, view it.

    It was really heart-warming to see Punjab’s chief minister distributing pamphlets on Model Town roads, Punjab’s governor deciding to personally supervise the fumigation, the army ready to fight the mosquitoes, in solidarity with the people of Lahore. Had dengue not been a provincial subject, I would have half-expected Rehman Malik to tell us that the ‘backbone of the dengue mosquito had been broken’.

    I personally think dengue is a CIA Agent, akin to Raymond Davis, at the very least and American Navy Seals, who descended on Abbottabad and escaped without a scratch, at the very best. And as can be expected from the Americans, dengue was coated with the special stealth technology materials, so that the enemy combatants would be able to infiltrate our airspace, our cities and our homes without being detected for months. Of course, we being a third world nation, poorly equipped with sophisticated radars and other advanced gadgets, were unable to detect this massive infiltration. But somehow, the ever present nuisance called the media and the common man was somehow able not only to detect this but make this knowledge public for weeks and months on end.

    Our government is another story however, since they have never shared the same space with the common man, thus was unable to detect the stealth mosquito. After the 18th Amendment, the sector of health has fallen exclusively within the domain of the provincial governments. The object of this devolution was to ensure that better medical and health facilities would be available to the common man at the grassroots level. It is indeed a continuous and persistent fact that our governments have never believed in the word “prevention”; these people were never taught the basic “prevention is better than the cure” in school. Year after year, we know floods, fires, earthquakes, dengue, malaria, wheat and sugar shortages are going to happen but no provisions are made; there are departments like disaster ‘management’ but never ‘prevention’. The long queues at the provincial hospitals, people lying in threes and fours on a single bed, sitting on the floors in the lobbies and corridors, waiting to be treated, in pain: both physical and financial; oh, by the way these images are broadcast on the national media simultaneously with the news that our worthy president has gone to London for his medical check-up.

    A single blood test ‘CBC’ costs around Rs 500 and it needs to be repeated twice daily; doctors advice juices and a healthy diet to increase the platelets, so a poor man who cannot afford basic ‘roti’ twice a day can afford to spend Rs 500 daily on his diet? Top this with medicine costs; we found out that even Panadol was short in pharmacies. Another question is: how does a chemical spray, marked property of the Punjab government and not-for-sale, end up in the market and is being used to fumigate houses privately for around Rs 1,500?

    Our constitution gives all citizens the protection of law and the fundamental right to life. This would include the health and medical provisions by the state. Whilst our rulers were bickering, the people were suffering, as usual. Now they wake up and spend our money on awareness campaigns, with advertisements in the press and visual media, for self-glorification. The politicians blame the bureaucracy and vice versa. But a pertinent question would be if they have just realised that the bureaucracy was incompetent, then why are they ruling us? And if they knew beforehand that the bureaucracy was incompetent, why did they not stand on the streets, conduct seminars, establish help-lines well in time? Ask the bureaucracy and they will lament the curtailment of their powers and funds and constant interference by the politicians, who use public funds for their own promotion in their constituencies. Top this with the news that reportedly every MPA is getting Rs 1 million each to use for dengue control. Now, another question is: when these people spend billions of rupees in their election campaigns, in violation of all the rules, can they not spend a mere Rs 1 million from their own pockets for the poor, stupid citizens who voted for them? So again the question arises: should the Punjab government not be liable to its citizens for the loss caused to them because of its negligence? Loss of earnings, loss of health, physical and mental anguish, damages for needless financial expenditure and most of all for loss of life; why should the ordinary man not be compensated? Why should there not be a massive class action law suit against our rulers?

    Now, I always admit my incompetence, and my lack of comprehension is a constant source of misery for me; I fail to understand how this ‘campaign’ is going to benefit the common man. The not-so-stupid common man is already aware of dengue, but since our elite rulers have no contact with him, this fact might have escaped their notice. The common man is not interested in seminars and pamphlets and help-lines; what he needs is free and prompt medical treatment, fresh fruit and juices and high quality food delivered to his doorstep, financial assistance for all those days when he is not able to work, superior standard fumigation in his neighbourhood and a realisation that his life does matter. I think the citizens of our province, since it is a provincial issue and of epidemic proportions, will benefit more if the Punjab government provides them with balaclavas, gloves and socks, which would definitely be a cheaper alternative rather than spending millions of the taxpayers’ money on self-promotion campaigns. And, finally, it is my solemn belief that this stealthy dengue mosquito can only be defeated if the Punjab government bans pillion riding; their true, tried and tested cure for all attacks and ills!

    The writer is an advocate of the high court


  • ^^


    I think u need some education as well.

    I suppose those 80 countries have similar hard working leaders like SS.

    Maybe we need to send SS to those countries to show his expertise. In fact if u like we can send him there for good.

  • @saladin89,

    Yaar tum sirf itna bata do kay tumhay machar nay kahan kata hai and maybe we can request Mian Sahab to provide you with instant medical relief.

  • صدیقی صاحب، آپ نہ وہ مشہور جملہ تو سننا ہوگا، "سالہ ایک مچھر آدمی کو ..... بنا دیتا ہے... " آگے آپ سمجھدار ہیں...:)

  • Dusky Sahab,

    IK ko bhee kafi ursay say kisi khatarnak machar nay katta howa hai ;)