Pakistan is our Israel.China has practically proved it this time...

  • Your friend is ours.Your enemy is also ours.(China deputy PM).

    We want to talk with china regarding Pakistan.(Hilary Clinton).

    I think its enough to understand chinese stance against US and in favour of Pakistan.

    China has proved practically this time that Pakistan is ours Israel.but we can expect a brutal role like Israelis play,from Pakistan.....

    Pakistann Zinda Bad

  • does it make Pakistan secure ? will china share some of his Billions with our people?

    Come on Pakistan need to learn how to stand on own feet

  • Don't exactly know what Pakistan has to offer to China except for those freaking waters of Arabian Sea. Why the heck would China consider a junglee qom, its jahil and corrupt leaders who would flip back to Uncle Sam in a heartbeat; a valuable asset?

    To China, the world including USA is one big and lucrative market for their products which are the basis of it trillions of $'s in reserves and a booming economy. As they say, money talks and bull$hit walks.

  • This time role is very unexpected from china.Nobody was expecting this role.

    Another thing is that now its clear thats Pakistan recieved assurances from china during last hidden visits of zardari and Pasha and decided to stand against US.

    Regarding, Pakistan should develop itself and should stand over its feet,Oppertunity is their and Pakistan should develop itself in every field under kind help of china.

    Loosing this oppertunity would be actually very Pathetic.

    All i must have to saying Pakistani and chinese security establishments "ROCKS"......

  • Sufi tumhara bhi jawab nhi... jab bhi mohbat ke us ki jo nazar nhi ata....

    if Pakistan and Chinese estalblisment was so rocking why the hell we end up in such mess.

  • In my opinion china was worrying to engage with strong US and Pak and China were waiting for weaken US.

    Time has come and china is the key guarantor of US debt now.

    So its right time to ROCK....

  • lanat hey esi dosti per...jis mein as a whole muslim ummah ka nuqsaan ho... China is killing muslims and persecuting ughur muslims in xinjiang province, and pakistani interior minister is saying jo china ka enemy hey wo hamara enemy hey.

    so muslims who are fighting fr their independence are enemies of pakistan? we are enemies with muslims?

    This is no difference from kashmire fighting the indian occupation or palestine fighting the israeli occupation.

    the sad part is xinjiang used to independent and autonomous but China betrayed it, and now controls the entire province. It has marginalized the ethenic Ughurs by gradually increasing Hans population in that province, the exact same what israel has done with palestine, by building homes for jews in west bank, and Gaza.

    Lanat hey Rehman Malik per and Lanat hey esi dosti per.

  • At this moment China and Saudia are trying to negotiate a solution and situation will improve shortly. Saudia will persuade Haqqani to move their bases out of Pakistan.

    China's only concern is another US base and army presence in

    Pakistan and India's further meddling inside Pakistan.

    China has adopted a high restraint policy to maintain its growth rate and would not want to engage in confrontational tug of war with Amreeka.

    Zardari in past 2 years had been visiting China a lot, to the point of annoying Chinese...o baba maaf karo aur jaan choro but it seems like Zardari had some achievement. PPP and establishment's main goal with China is to have them build military base in Gawadar and given Chinese greater control in Gilgit-Baltistan. China has been reluctant of building military base but it has accepted Zardari and establishment's offer regarding Gilgit-Baltistan.

    China is smart and bigger banya than Hindu banya. Thats why it wont show the same generosity when it comes to finances and trade because one, Pakistan is China's biggest competitor in textiles and secondly, it knows about the bad financial management of Pakistan.

  • Pakistan is also not controlling groups working against china Yughur non-muslims and despite of chinese crying Pakistan have ignored their call many times.

    I mean to say nations relations are always based upon their respective interests.

    China is not helping Pakistaan'sn Fee Sabeel Lillah against america.But the reason is china dont want american presence here in Pakistan at any cost.

    American technology is capable to counter china while sitting in Pakistan in their military bases....

    Feeding non-state actors is the big Asset of Pakistani security establishment and one time more it is proved that they pull down americans to knee with the help of these non-state-actors and Usama and Queta Shura etc..

  • btw, the idea of "non-state actors" is totally un-islamic...I thought sufi soul would know.

  • Don't get over excited about the role of China. The first issue we need solve is self respect. We don't respect ourselves and expect others to do so. We should stop this emotional talk i.e. banduq doosroN key kandoN par chalana. We must learn to stand on our own feet first, then we can try to make alliances with friendly nations, and USA is certainly NOT a friendly state, but they will learn to accept us if we behave!

  • When alcohol gets islamic to save one.How NSAs gets unislamic to save billions of people's neck against US........


    Agreed Scandinavian

    We should learn to stand our own feet..

  • Their are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in politics, all boils down to interest countries pursue.

    Mujahidin and Pakistani establishment were American ally till they were fighting against Russians, same mujahadins are American enemy since they are fighting against American interest in region.

    So this notion we are "Israel" of China is idiotic to begin with. China will not do any different with us then U.S. ones their purpose is served.

    Israel to US is a totally different ball game. Jews pretty much control the American economy, they are power brokers in U.S. government, control the money flow for senate/congress candidates through donations, run the biggest political lobby group(s) in U.S., exploit the religious history to maintain their ties with fundamentalist christian, and the list goes on...

    So question is, what we have in common with "Israel" to become the "Israel" of China??

    Wake-up, smell the folgers folks. This notion that we are some super power b!tch is not going to take us anywhere.

  • agree with dusky.

  • what will do china when pakistani nation leaders are own enemy we always vote us show polishers

    no one change us

  • We should not and must not be any one's b!tch.

    We should stand on our two feet and stop looking for foreign crutches.


  • No body will come to fight for us. We need to make our own policy. This country can survive without any foreign aid.

  • China is our strategic partner.

    somehow its China's strategic stand too, to have its friendship intact with Pakistan,as in the region.

    otherwise, we haven't done anything for china.

    Pak china friendship is only 'give and give'.china isn't taking anything from us.

    but i agree with FJ Pak,that we should find out our own ways to come out from the bad timings,instead of looking at China and Saudia all the time.

  • New policies and establishing new system and new leadership is the need of the day.

    We have plenty of resources to manage and pushing the nation towards prosperity and development.

    Again we have the oppertunity to get some professional hands experience and chinese world repotation.

    But i doubt that we will fail to exploit this oppertunity if we are not establishing our system to cope with the future oppertunities.

    I am sure now that our present day leadership are well aware that Pakistan is Majboori of many Powers so we need nothing to do for our survival.

    The reason is that Saidis,chinese,UAE etc like it or not have to help Pakistan when it goes into crises.So our rulers nothing have to do in delivering better life standards to common people.

    They are and will busy in transferring National resources to their own Pockets untill common did not rise up for their rights....

  • Pakistan's interior minister Tuesday vowed to attack Chinese militants hiding out in his country's tribal regions, saying China's enemies were also Islamabad's.

    Rehman Malik made the strong show of support for Beijing after a meeting with visiting Chinese Public Security Minister Meng Jianzhu.

    The trip comes as Pakistan's ties with the United States have soured over allegations that Islamabad supports Afghan insurgents that are also based in Pakistan's tribal regions. Some Pakistani officials hope that China can fill any diplomatic and economic void if Washington decides to sever or downgrade ties with Islamabad.

    Muslim militants from China's western Xinjiang are known to be training and fighting on the Pakistan side of the Afghan border, along with al-Qaida and other international extremist networks. They have claimed attacks in China and issued statements threatening Beijing.

    "We will strike very hard against them," Malik said. "Anybody who is the enemy of China is the enemy of Pakistan."

    It remains unclear how Pakistan will do this. Most of the militants are believed to be in the North Waziristan tribal area. Pakistan's army has a presence there, but so far has not touched the several thousand militants there.

    The U.S. has persistently asked Islamabad to move against militants in North Waziristan, but it has refused to do so.

    Malik said Sunday Islamabad had killed or extradited several Chinese militants, but didn't say when or from where.

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