What are motives of Discuss forum's political junkies?

  • I have been observing and postulation the above thesis and here is my take. Feel free to cast your own vote:

    ..................................| PTI | NooN | PPP | MQM

    Political ideology:..........| 80% | 0.9%| 5%| 25%

    Corrupt political food

    chain beneficiary:..........| 0.9%| 79% | 65% | 10%

    Emotional affinity to

    dead or alive leadership:.| 19% | 20% | 30% | 65%


    ...................................| PTI__ | NooN | PPP_ | MQM

    Political ideology:..........| 000% | 000%| 000%| 000%

    Corrupt political food

    chain beneficiary:..........| 000%| 000% | 000% | 000%

    Emotional affinity to

    dead or alive leadership:.| 000% | 000% | 000% | 000%

  • samjh nahi aaya.

    yeh tou kisi annual report ka financial page lag raha hay...


    sahi sahi samjhao.

    he he he

  • @Azizi

    Sorry, I don't understand what does the above mean?

    Please can you explain in simple words for someone like me please?

    @choosy Bhai

    Samajh to mujhe bhi naheen aayee lekin phir main ne socha koii aap jaisa parha likha comment kare ga to samjhoon ga ;)

  • Shame, shame. all you proud degree holders. From what I understand, the meaning is simply that in the assessment of Azizi, all PKP "political junkies" are fools, in which view he might not be entirely wrong. Also, when all's said and one, PTI seems to have come out best in the above chart.

  • Bravo Mirza Ghalib,

    But where is your own assessment. Copy the above template, paste it in your reply and update the zeros with your own numbers.

  • Mirza Ghalib sb don't u think this forum become the battle ground of MQMers,PTIians, PMLners ..........most of the threads are like that only :)

  • PakiConsultant, Indeed, I do. PKP has come to sound like an electoral bazar and I see no room for me personally here. That is to say, Politics for me is a very vast subject, first cousin to History and it has little to do with the nitty-gritty of getting this or that party elected. I write here occasionally only because I can't quite resisting teasing this blogger or that. But it's never meanly meant.

    Actually, Azizi, thanks, but I'll forego the pleasure. You've done it very well yourself and with a great deal of accuracy. I doubt I'd find much to modify in your own template.

  • MG Saheb

    Truly, the forum is more of an arena of political junkies rather than a forum of healthy discussions on the national issues of importance.

  • HF, hello. Glad we are several of us who agree here. Those healthy discussions on matters of importance will return someday, too, I don't doubt. For the moment, though, we have to put up with what we have. You must have noticed it as well, of the big names here, only a few still remain. Let's not give up yet. New ones will come to take their place and bring with them a new wind to PKP. Just so that we who are still around do not give up totally.

  • Mirza Sb

    I mostly a reader of this forum and learned alot from u guys like Yourself(Mirza Ghalib),Salam bhai,HF, barakosama, Mirza Sb (moderator),etc.While reading this many of my ideas positively changed abt many things.....but most recently what i observed this forum become a battle ground btw the members and supporters of different parties.

  • @Azizi

    It is subjective and I can post same for the political party of your choice. There is a basic flaw in your calculation, it is considered one forum so the percentage assigned to each would be from the whole that is 100% not 400%. Probably educate yourself before postulating on something, it just shows badly on your part and the party you represent incompetent. As for the rest of PTI uthaos, go get real education because you all lack it. Sumajh nahi aaya shows what you are made of or not.

  • RQK, Are you or aren't you the blogger I once knew and respected? A simple yes or no will suffice as an answer.

    PakiConsultant, thanks for your kind words. And now, if you want things to change, start posting stuff you'd prefer to see discussed. Take back the blog from the electoral squad. We'll pitch in if need be. In any case, we'll give you every support.

  • @Azizi,

    Although I am not sure how you are assigning the %age, but I like to differ with the emotional affinity.

    PPP in that column should be able to secure 100%. Bhutto-after-Bhutoo-after-Bhutto, their voters have crossed all lines when it come to worship leaders. Now they are getting ready to make a 20-something londa their party chairman.

    As for MQM, emotional affinity is somewhat at a similar level as PTI.

  • I wonder what are the basis for the %allotment. 0.9% for political ideology, how did you come up with that random number. Care to enlighten? What is the magic formula?

  • @Azizi

    Try to learn http://www.google.com/google-d-s/forms/ and https://docs.google.com/templates?type=forms&pli=1 and create a form if you really want people's feedback.

    Every one will fill if it is user friendly.

  • Mirza Ghalib Sb.

    Rationalism should be permitted to prevail. It leads to realities. Dogmatism leads to astray. A kind of political dogmatism is heavily prevailing on this forum.

  • A nice topic indeed. Sad if this thread dies off prematurely!

  • .............................| PTI |NooN | PPP | MQM

    Political ideology:..........| 20% | 25% | 15% | 15%

    Corrupt political food

    chain beneficiary:...........| N/A | 30% | 65% | 50%

    Emotional affinity to

    dead or alive leadership:....| 50% | 50% | 80% | 85%

    Bashing:.....................| 90% | 60% | 40% | 60%

  • HF, you are right to say dogmatism in any sphere leads us astray, away from the goal we wish to achieve rather than closer towards it.

    I'm all in favour of rationalism myself or, at a pinch, of a balanced mixture between rationalism and dogmatism. When only one form of "thought" prevails in any given place, then we are probably in a bigger fix than we are willing to acknowledge.

  • @HF

    Rationalism should be permitted to prevail. It leads to realities. Dogmatism leads to astray. A kind of political dogmatism is heavily prevailing on this forum.

    Very few people post here rationally, without any bias or agenda.

    We need bloggers like HF, who give balanced, rational and unbiased views on every topic.