Why Imran Khan has ignored Sindh and Balochistan

  • It seems, Imran Khan and his followers have belief that they are national party and will sweep next election. However, we dont see him addressing issues related to Sindh and Balochistan.

    He is focussing only in Punjab, that 'll make him sort of regional party.

    He should share what does he has for residents of Sindh rural and urban population.

  • Yeah, you are right in a sense but to go further you have to consolidate at your home it is natural, once done at home one can go places

  • @sochopakistani.......I think you have a valid point and Imran Khan will be better served by his advisors to have him spend sometime in Sindh and Baluchistan.....

    By visiting these two neglected and deluged provinces he will be able to set up his party's infrastructure there...and in the process will know how people of these provinces think about him and his party!!!!

  • PTI is there to counter N-League and make sure PPP get voted back in for next five years, hence they are only focusing areas which are strong hold of PML-N.

  • @khanamer,

    You hit the nail right on its head pal. That's why I stand by my contention that this guy is a phony. The day he goes to Waziristan, Swat, Balouchistan, Sindh and spends extensive time in Karachi; he would remain a phony and a con artist.

  • & Sid,

    That actually surprised me earlier, Sindh has been struggling from last two years, either there is target killing or natural disasters, but IK seems to have no knowledge about it and all his Sindh Chapter does is enjoy Iftar Dinner with MQM in the midst of the blood-shed.

    Balochistan is no different.. and IK is not there as well..

  • Its for all and sundry to discern the sinister motives behind this phony conniving with the establishment, agencies, generals and Zardari of all people ;)

  • @ Sid,

    Have you noticed, IK, you is getting sick with Plight of People of Punjab, do not care to visit 70-80 lac people directly suffered from flood, yes he was there once for photo session and tv recording with no other but Mubashir Luqman...

    Not to mention, Luqman is call tout of establishment...

  • Karachi is a city of Sindh Province. I see a heavy concentration of Imran's supporters on the threads related to Karachi. I don't think Imran is ignoring Sindh.

  • @ Hussain Farooqi,

    Karachi was bleeding in August, and IK was having Sunday kay Sunday Funday in ISB, if you do not call this ignoring then i don't what is ignoring.

    Issuing Statement or two won't do any good, at the time of crisis, no one was there with the people of Karachi, they are being killed clod blooded in the Holy Month of Ramadan and i Must say, amongst the political leadership Shahbaz Sharif went to Karachi in those days and held meeting with different societies.

    Not to mention, in these days, when MQM, PPP,and ANP were enjoying killing people, Naeem-ul-Haq was found having Iftar Dinners with MQM and later the other leadership was found visiting 90....

  • khanamer bhai

    The question is of taking care or not of Sindh. Karachi is like a booty for most of the political parties, so they can't ignore it. Every political party tries to take a lion's share in this booty.

  • @Khanamer......what you have just accused Imran with can be said of all other leadership of Pakistan, that is, when Karachi was bleeding all they were doing was issuing statements.......

    Then why single out Imran Khan???

  • After that dharna @ Karachi Port the same day when Mehran Base was attached, IK has not been spotted in Karachi. Even during the killing spree in Ramadan IK did not even bother a lip service for those who were butchered in Karachi.

    This is some thing very unsual from a man who had vowed to bring that serial killer/butcher Altaf Hussain to justice and even pursued him to London.

  • @Karim.....don't tell me you were waiting for Imran Khan's "LIP SERVICE", were you??? lolllllllllz

    Once we hate someone, there is no telling how farther we will go!!!!

  • @ Hussain

    You are right, Karachi is life line of Pakistan and its political party and even Army knows the importance of the city and leaving that city in those times, never understand the reason.

    Anyway, If PTI is going to take the Share in Karachi by following or in Alliance with MQM, then i pity the people of Karachi who have to suffer from the new goon in town whilst paying their "Respects" to the older one.

  • @ Sultan Ali Khan,

    PPP, ANP and MQM were busy in killings, so they were out of question Fazl-ur-Rehman has limited or no interest in Karachi so he did some lip-service and thats all, it leaves the leader of revolution and PML-N, from which Shahbaz Sharif Visited Karachi and PTI just did the lip-service while their local leadership was busy enjoying iftar dinners with MQM...

  • SultanAliKhan,

    I mean he was no where to be seen while all the bloodshed and mayhem was continuing in the streets of Karachi. His long silence probably had some meaning.

    The Massiah who was suppose to bring the main culprit of Karachi's mayhem to justice was no where to be seen when Karachites needed him most. Was it just a co-incidence or pre-planned?

  • Even if the thread starter is referring to interior Sind, IK has not. As far as I know, he was the first politician to go there after floods this year. He was there few months before that too.

    For Baluchistan, he was the only one from among the main stream politicians, who held public rallies and gathering. He might be a little less active comparatively speaking, he sure does not qualify as "ignoring".

  • Its good that Imran Khan is not talking about Sindh... he must have realized he cannot win from here anyways. Karachi is not his cup of tea.

    I always thought that Imran Khan's start will have to be from Punjab as he might steal PML-N's base.

  • salaudin,

    Could you please provide any reference to his jalsas or presense in Sindh and Balochistan after that dharna at Port Qasim on 21st May 2011??