Is this for real?

  • It is been said that Imran Khan may opt to boy-cot the next general elections if he and his party had any doubts about the voter lists!!!

    Is this true? I don't know how true is this? but i do know after loosing three back-to-back by-elections, IK/PTI used the same reason to boy-cot all the by-elections...

  • How low will you get?

    Is there any limit for you?

    Starting threads on your own dirty thinking? Doing fake propaganda, putting baseless allegations, no proofs for what you say?...Would you ever stop being a typical below average nooner?

  • mangoman

    This is called freedom, you are attacking on this right

  • Its better to be a nooner than a LOONER. Besides, the kind of trash fan club posts is labelled as an intellectual dissertation and trash if someone else tries to have the same level of discussion.


    You have raised a very genuine analysis and you can betcha that I would take this to the next level ;)

  • @ oblivion,

    With freedom comes responsibility.

    This is not freedom...this is naked propaganda.

    Anyone is free to share his thoughts...but what this guy is doing is misusing or rather abusing freedom.

  • @ Khanamer,

    Just to answer you...

    NO! There is no truth to whatever you say all the are resident and established liar of pkpolitics.

    But Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will make sure that voters lists are genuine and NO ghost votes are listed on fake IDs in voters list...Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will definitely participate in next upcoming general elctions...and will defeat your thug (noon) league by a wide margin, not only in Punjab but all over Pakistan, and will emerge as the single largest political party, Insha'Allah.

  • @ Mangoman,

    a yes or no can put an end to this thread!!! can you do that?

  • A party which did not even contest the Kashmir election nor the upcoming PP election in Sahiwal, or its leader despite being the most popular person from here to Pluto chickened out of numerous by-elections in Punjab is reckoning not only to beat PML (N) but sweep entire Pakistan.

    @khanamer, how would you classify this?

  • Example of my use of freedom:

    I asked following things which were never answered and were called propaganda:

    1. Ask about Transparency in PTI? where the funds come from? how much they are and where they are spent? Now this is surely propaganda? why? because it casts doubt about PTI who do not want to tell others about their source of income.

    2. I ask about the organizational structure and with elections merely a year away, the Union Council Position of PTI in Pakistan?

    3. I ask why PTI is not active in Sindh, Balochistan and Strongholds of ANP?

    4. I ask why There is no democracy in PTI and why all the left-overs and lota are welcomed in PTI because claiming to bring the CHANGE how would they bring the change with having same crooks in their ranks?

    5. I ask why and how Malik Zaheer Khokar, Shahid Mairaj and Ijaz khan Jazi got the ticket of PTI and if that was a mistake have PTI implemented any system to not to repeat that?

    6. I ask why Imran Khan invites European Union to ENSURE the elections in Pakistan.

    7. I ask why even after 15 years, PTI is not been able to practice one bit thing they had been preaching all these years?

    and list is so long

    and all these questions are called propaganda and baseless...

  • The dynamics of general elections and by-elections are pretty different.

    And no point in contesting by-elections on the old voters lists, especially when SC has already declared 45% of the total registered votes as FAKE.

  • @ Khanamer,

    All your questions have been properly answered by differnet members including me more than once...none of us here is a convenient-escaper like YOU.

    Go read them up! And stop being a broken record, repeating your same lies again and again..

  • @ mangoman,

    how come PTI will ensure if the 8 crore + voters are real? any methods? and is it not a new U-Turn? earlier PTI had a stance that they will not contest BY-Election because voters list are fake, and now again when they are not able to ENSURE if the lists are real or fake! how come they will go for election??? why so much contradiction???

    @ Sid

    PTI have a policy to not to participate in elections, and that is why they not taking part in any elections, i always thought they will contest next elections but doubt are always there because never saw any real movement on the ground, with the parliamentary form of system in Pakistan, how can a election can be contested without having a effective Union Council offices all over Pakistan??? that is something like State of Kuwait saying it will and can takeover Iraq in matter of minutes, while on ground they have no army nor any weaponry to do so...

  • @ Mangoman,

    Please paste the answers of all of them answered by you and your fellow PTIans, that will shut me up for good!!!

  • Lol, so what's the next reason to chicken out of the election if the voter list is amended? Polling station have to measure 32' by 42" instead of 10' by 24"

  • @ Sid

    The reason would be Pasha and Kiyani Uncle didn't fulfilled their promises, PML-N and other parties are contesting elections so PTI BOY-COT

  • Besides, if the by-elections were contested on fake voter list; what was the business of Jazi Khan contesting from NA-55 or Malik Zahir Khokhar from PP-160?

  • @ Khanamer,

    PTI has already filed a petition in SC for cancellation of fake 45% of the total registered votes, and also asked for the registration of 35 million new unregistered voters.

    Now SC has order the election commission for its implemention...45% fake votes are being cancelled and registration of new unregistered voters in underway.

    Other demands put forward by PTI of all registered voters on their casting only allowed on new CNIC issued by NADRA...and use of electronic voting machines instead of ballot boxes and manual voting.

    All these measures will help in ensuring the credibility and transparency of the general elections.

  • So PTI now trust the ECP of Pakistan who generated that 45% "Fake" votes in first place?

  • But despite these recommendation not being implemented as yet, why did Jazi Khan and Malik Zahir contest the by-elections on PTI tickets? And had they won their respective elections, we could have gone on to assume that the voter lists were genuine and devoid of any discrepancies?

  • @ Mangomanm,

    What if all you said does not happens? what if due to certain reasons, ECP won't be able to apply the above? will PTI take part in elections?