How Scared is PML(N) of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Jalsa on 30th in Lahore:Hilarious

  • Shows how scared PML(N) is.

    1. finish the jalsa in 2 hours

    2. No big Posters of Imran Khan allowed.

    3. NO amplifier speakers allowed

    4. No party flags allowed on cars, vans

    5. Finish the Jalsa before 5 o clock (Fair enough) still funny who the hell they think that when PTI should hold the jalsa.

    6. Can't criticize Security forces, Chief justice or anybody in government

    7. No weapons allowed (Ok Finally I agree with them on something) waisey be PTI walay konse rocket launcher liye phirtay hein.

    8. No speaker allowed outside Pindaal aka Jalsa ga

    9. No welcoming camp allowed anywhere in the city

    10. Not allowed to Post a poster that is against any country read anti-american policy.

    11. Not allowed to burn the country's flag (Fair enough, I agree)

    12. PTI leadership would be responsible for violating any of these conditions.

    Jamhooriat Khappay Jamhooriaat Khappay!

    LOL this is hilarious. Iss say acha tha keh datey ke jalsa nahi kar saktay.

  • This is hilarious, this without a shadow of doubt shows that they are crapping themselves. They themselves have failed misreably concerning there grand alliance and then a jalsa concerning load shedding and corruption, and now this.

    Seriously they are pooing themselves.

    Now what does IK do???

    what will happen on 30th, this now will make it even more interesting...... can't wait

  • If it is true then more likely seems to be a work of PTI sympathizer in Admin.


    1. If IK does not criticize he have nothing else to speak about, so he will surely break the law, then if Govt prosecute as stated above, then Mian Mehmood would become a victim

    2. a Jalsa for hours is not practical by any mean, so again if govt interfere, then again victim is PTI

    3. There would be flags, without flags there is no Jalsa.. so again term is asking to be violated

    4. Amplifies/Speaker not allowed again a term asking to be violated...

    Maybe PTI is thinking that Jalsa is going to be very small so instead of picking up Qadafi Stadium or any other location, lets pick up the busiest route and park as, the approval for the part would have conditions attach and if jalsa failed PTI will say, it failed due to govt's restrictions...

    There is nothing to be worried about, on weekends there are normally, thousands of people there in the park, visiting Red-Fort, Data Sahib and then resting in Park and watching cricket match between the Muhallah teams... so there would be people there anyway...

    Yadgar Chowk is busy place, it act as junction to other cities, having a event in Iqbal park could ( must say "would") cause major traffic block/jam or something similar, Being sunday evening, many who resides out of Lahore but works here would struggle to go to there home-towns and comeback on same day, but i guess like many other parties, who cares about the plight of common man, he have to suffer...

  • IK has brought PMLN to do or die situation thats why they are so strict with PTI.

    But i think parties get widespread fame passing through such filters.

    PTI workers should be trained enough to face difficult scenes also just doodh k majnoon cannot handle countries like Pakistan.

    So be prepared INSAFIYO for every hard situation training have been started and PMLN govt acts like trainers for PTI.

    SO dont worry guys..

  • Let me see, PTI should bring the flags out, and they should criticize N$ and Mr10%.

    All I can say Bring It ON!

  • @saladin89

    InshAllah there will be a huge gathering and we will participate through this forum. PMLn will see thousands of facebook members on 30th.

  • Let's show these nooners how it is done, as for N$ he can carry on with his day job "friendly opposition"

  • ^ Friendly opposition as day job...and secret meetings with generals as night job = Perfect definition of democracy for the thug (noon) league. ;)

  • This khanamer dude is really funny...and being a nooner, terribly scared of PTI and its upcoming jalsa on Oct. 30 in Lahore...and is ready-before-time with his all sorts of excuses planned already. LOL. very scared of PTI and its popularity...Lahore jalsa would be huge and massive, and would prove to be a great success, and would label Lahore as PTI city for ever, Insha'Allah.

  • This is the same kind of rhetoric that MQM recently used in Punjab and not more than 5K souls attended their jalsa.

  • PML-N is unnecessarily seems to be scared of MQM and PTI. Neither has the capability of crushing the vote bank of PML-N. PML-N has strong vote banks in Punjab. Joining PTI by some politicians of PML-N will not affect the vote banks of PML-N very negatively.

  • @ Insaftak,

    I was expecting this kind of a move from PML(N) and I am extremely happy that they have done this. Desperate measures always result in angered revolts and we Punjabis are pretty angry already at this incompetant government (Strike THREE). This will only give more fuel to the fire. Insaf, what you will see now is even more desperate measures from PML(N) in the coming days coupled by same extremely funny propogandas. Imran's ex-wife and her religious background shall be brought it. Imran's bad haircut will be brought in. There will even be bulletons about Imran's pets constipation problems :) Anyway, looking forward to a huge youth gathering on Oct 30th. I know I will flying there on the 30th. For those of you attending I have some tips since I have attended 2 dharnas already:

    1. Bring lots of water. I know its almost November, but the heat really takes its toll when you are stuck between thousands of people

    2. Keep identification in your wallet or front pocket.

    3. Keep a cell phone with an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number saved in it

    4. The two dharnas I attended had very poor toilet facilities. I hope this short jalsa has better facilities. Be prepared :)

    5. Public transport on the way back will be difficult. I suggest coming in your own transport but parking atleast a km away so to avoid getting stuck in traffic on the way back.

    6. Ignore the fools, bring your PTI flags and posters. Trust me, everyone will. Most of the cops dont even know about these orders ;)

    7. Beware of pickpockets - they are always present in any kind of large gatherings. Dont bring too much cash and do NOT bring your credit cards.

    As saladin said, Bring it On!

  • This post is deleted!

  • hehehehehe....sounds like y'all are about to take part in Ghazva-e-Badar!!! Lol, kaam dhanda nahi tu Dharna hee sahi ;)

  • This post is deleted!

  • and PMLN supporters can sell "mosquito repellent" there to make some money out of these foolish fellas.

  • he he he

    jeena ho ga marna hoga

    dharna ho ga dharna hoga


    he he he

    mera andaaz pasand karnay ka shukriya!:):):)

  • Here are my suggestions on paraphernalias:

    • Gas masks in case you guys had a lot of "chikaar cholay" to eat the night before

    • Cyniade capsules tied around your neck which ought to be consumed in the event this festival/carnival/dharna/sponsored event is a massive failure

    • A sticky note tucked in your diapers mentioning the name of your father and his cell phone number

    These are some of the suggestion I can come up with. I'm sure that my other brothers would love to give some suggestions as well.

  • and hey PTI cute out for the "bannu walas"..kaheen bori main daal kar "bannu" na pohanchaa dain...

  • Don't pooh yourself yet bro there is still some time left until the 30th. PML N poohed itself from doing there grand alliance and load sheeding and corruption jalsa.

    Corruption really makes me laugh, the twin brother of Mr10% is talking about corruption, does he take us for idiots. Oh I forgot there are some who think he is the lesser evil, maybe they haven't seen enough of him yet and want another term of looting and kissing the butt of US.


    "gas masks" are u speaking of the gas mask which N$ wore in the hospital.