Can't stop laughing....

  • This is really funny...

    Dr Clown

    But this clown one day may be remembered as relatively better interior minister than what PTI may put forward one day.


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  • I saw this news yesterday. It's sad, disgusting and really moronic. I would now urge the University of Karachi to give these so called Honorary degrees to Altaf Hussain, Qaim Ali Shah, Chaudhry Shujat, Nawaz Shareef, Maulana Diesel AKA Fazlu choar and President Zardari AKA MAddari too. Lets be completely insane.

    All the University of Karachi Graduates should burn their degrees in front of the University in Protest!

  • @KHAN_Sahib

    Totally agree with you

    All the above names also deserve degree like rehman malik.

  • @Khan_sahib & ExPosed

    How about making bhola kaptan IK an honorary "General" at GHQ and Haroon Raseed an honorary "Hawaaldaar"?

  • I am sure that Bhola Kaptan is the most educated person among all the above mentioned clowns. Of course you don't have to agree with me but lets not be the pot calling the kettle black.

  • @Khan_Sahib

    These so called "most educated" are resposible for bringing Pakistan to this dire state. I consider democracy to be an evil system. But for the sake of argument if suppose a nation has to rely on this demoractic (evil) system than the leaders has to come from the grass roots....not the Nido, Pepsi & McDonalds fed, jeans wearing, Oxford educated fake-saviors like bohla kaptan.

    You may have noticed in my comments in other posts that I consider all the politicians who support democracy as evil..but I consider NS to be a lessor evil than others in the present circumstance. IK's 15 years political history, full of U-Turns, wrong decisions, fake slogans, failed dharnas, utter failure to put forward a credible, experienced and progressive team, and being a careless foul-mouthed are enough evidence that he is not worth the risk. Yes, Pakistan cannot afford yet another experimentation of the establishment.

  • جنرل جیلانی سے لے کر ضیاء الحق اور مشرف سے لے کر زرداری تک نواز شریف کی پوری سیاسی قلابزیوں سے بھری ہونے کے علاوہ دو بار ناکام طرز حکومت سے بھی بھرپور ہے. یہ وہی نواز شریف ہے جس نے اس ملک کے بنکوں سے قرض لئے اور جھوٹا نقصان ظاہر کر کے وہ قرض معاف کروا لئے. پاکستان سے رات کی تاریکی میں چالیس صندوق لے کر اپنے آقا سعودی بادشاہ کی آغوش میں چلا گیا اور اس کے بعد راتوں رات لندن میں اس کا اربوں روپے کا کاروبار بھی بن گیا.

    ایسے چور کو ایک بار اور چانس دینے کی بجاے جیل میں ڈالنا ہی اس ملک کی خدمت ہو گی

  • @ w durrani

    why are u not criticizing N$ but IK, who is not even in government?

  • @saladin89

    Durani's Islam finishes when it comes to the servant of his highness the king of KSA aka Ameer ul Munafiqeen.

  • I just don't understand it when he say's N$ is lesser evil, he brings out islamic texts when it comes to IK. But N$ he say's nothing.

    A non muslim system can work, but a zaalim system can never work!

  • @Durrani..

    First of all, I am an oxford graduate too and that doesn't make me less Muslim or loyal to Pakistan so your argument is quite lame just cuz of some one's education background or if he was fed on burgers, sandwiches and not on Nihari, Haleem, Lassi or Chapli Kebabs.

    In terms of which system is better for Pakistan, I am not in any illusion that the best system for Pakistan is NOT Democracy. That's obviously my own perception and view and none of you have to agree with this.

    Coming back to Nawaz Shareef....

    I am an ethnic Pashtun and despite me considering myself as Muslim first, followed by Pakistani and than if ever Pashtun.. I still keeps my genetic trait of hating cowards.

    I will never support Nawaz shareef simply for cutting a deal under table with a dictator and than absconding to Saudi Arab like a Rat.

    I will never support him for running away from gallows (not that he would have been sentenced to death ....) or solitary confinement and than Mr Shareef even didn't utter a word for almost 10 years from his royal Palace. Why?

    I will never support him for not raising his voice against the DRONE attacks (Eventually even the most liberal and facist pro american Pakistani slaves condemned them at later stage if any..)

    I will never support Nawaz and his party who stopped the IDP's from Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa to relocate to Punjab temporarily (Remember these people were Pakistani's and not afghans and left their houses, kettles and life savings behind due to floods)

    I will never support Nawaz for sitting in Zardari's lap to make sure that his punjab Raj is not in danger.

    I will never support Nawaz to ignore Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Karachi despite thousands of people died in bomb blasts, suicide attacks and by fascist parties like MQM and ANP.

    I will never support nawaz for his corruption as CM and as PM during their tenure. If you doubt that, than please check their wealth status just like the Chaudhry's of Gujrat and Zardari of Nawabshah.

    i will never support Nawaz for supporting the army operation in FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while his province had the biggest number of punjabi talibaan.

    I will never support Nawaz for letting raymond davis sent back to USA with the humiliation of pakistani nation.

    I will never support Nawaz for lying so openly about his fake illness (Heart bypass) which was exposed by me on Pk Politics on discuss forum)

    I will never support Nawaz who never played a role of opposition in the assembly and become the friendly ally with one of the most corrupt Govt in Pakistan history.

    The List can go on ... But I may stop here as I can support some one who accepts his short comings, be honest and does some thing genuine for Pakistan instead of lying, selling out pakistan and worst...... Being a Traitor and Coward.

    I Rest my case here.

    Long Live Islam

    Long Live pakistan

  • @Khans_Sahib

    A very sensible post, but unfortunately W.Durrani is too "Muslim" to understand your valid points!

  • If educated leaders could have solved our problems, then what better than shoukat aziz, humanyun akhtar, kashmala , hina rabbani khar and Dr. Tahir Ali Javed.

    Dr. Malik is doing somewhat same as highly qualified Lieutenant General Javed Ashraf Qazi was doing some years back.

    It turns out that conscience is the more needed and sought for attribute than education and degrees.

  • @W Durrani:

    "But for the sake of argument if suppose a nation has to rely on this demoractic (evil) system than the leaders has to come from the grass roots....not the Nido, Pepsi & McDonalds fed, jeans wearing, Oxford educated fake-saviors like bohla kaptan."

    Zardari & Altaf Hussain are the poster child of your definition of a Pakistani "political" leader. Why are we crying foul?

  • @Khan_Sahib

    sta Ik fraadee khali pa hawai dazo kay taqra day .... chay sa kawalo wakht raashi no pa tatai kay pat naastie bya...

  • graduates of PML-Nalaiq

    گریجویٹ اسمبلی میں ایک بڑا لطیفہ جمعہ کو اس وقت ہوا جب فیصل آباد سے مسلم لیگ نواز کے ٹکٹ پر منتخب ہونے والے صاحبزادہ محمد فضل کریم نے، جن کی اپنی بھی ایک مذہبی سیاسی جماعت ہے، پاکستان کی ریاستی فضائی کمپنی ’پی آئی اے‘ کے خلاف ایک شکایت پیش کی۔

    ’میں پی آئی اے کی پرواز سے کراچی سے اسلام آباد آ رہا تھا اور جیسے ہی میں اپنی نشست پر پہنچا تو لکھا ہوا تھا

    ’ویلکم ایبراڈ‘ (Welcome Abroad)

    ۔۔۔ میں پریشان ہوا کہ میں تو پاکستان کے ایک شہر سے دوسرے شہر میں جا رہا ہوں، بیرون ملک نہیں تو پھر یہ ایسا کیوں لکھا ہے ۔۔۔ میں نے عملے کے ایک رکن سے پوچھا تو وہ بھی خاموش ہوگئے۔‘

    جس پر پریس لاؤنج میں قہقہ لگا کیونکہ وہ اصل میں لکھا ہوتا ہے ’ویلکم ابورڈ‘ (Welcome Aboard)

    ۔ کسی بھی رکن نے اس بات کا نوٹس نہیں لیا

  • W Durrani,

    da IK day, Nawaz teason bahgora $hareer na day che Jaddah ta o'takhti

  • @outspokenliar

    IK will get 80 lashes in Jeddah...he will rather like to spent his last days in London...with his Pommy kids.

  • well the pommy kid ( Hu$$ain $hareer) is doing £1.4 billion business with Pakistani tax payers money including me but

    RasoolALLAH SAWW, said " koi shakhs iss dunya se nahi jayega jab tak uss ka zahir aur batin wazah na hojaye"

    it is not the question of "if" but rather "how soon" the corruption king N$ & $$ will get what they deserve, if estblishment decides only the cases of SRO are enough in which N$ plunder & looted billions of excise duty, issuance SRO is govt record & irrefutable & guess what ? I myself have the proof which will be provided to the court before next election on right time.

  • @outspoken

    That's what we call بچونگڑے kee "bharak"....I will be eagerly waiting for your dream come true.