60 masked men attack secondary school girls in Pindi for not wearing hijab

  • Of course it is not an acceptable behavior! Any sensible person will condemn such acts. The culprits could be two types of criminals:

    • Fanatic mullah brigade

    • Hired people who works for people who wants to make a case.

    I cannot know for sure, but the Pakistani society in general is tolerant and hence I believe "someone" is interested in "proving" a point.

  • @scandi

    but they were children 7-13 year olds its not even a college and in Pindi of all places

    why use children to prove a point - sometimes i really wonder about us as a people/society.....

    and no one is moving to punish the perpretrators

    and why do none of our more verbose members want to comment on this - thats whats' really annoying.. its like who cares?

  • gv, who says we don't care? Of ocurse we care, but what is there to be done about it for the moment? So much evil has entered this country on all levels, we cannot mend anything at the moment. But the evil, too, will pass away. And on that day we'll start rebuilding our fortresses of strength and virtue.

  • Mirza Ghalib

    sure, it isn't acceptable behavior but i would like to hear your opinion in following points --- Do you think it is acceptable behavior in society

    1. immodesty of women

    2. Women displaying their parts in public

    3. Advertising of women

    4. prostitution of women

    5. Sale girls / models etc

    6. Women in films/dramas in form of sex scence

    7. Women in form of girlfriend

    8. Women in tv program as showpiece to attract audience

    9. Women in sale shop to attract customers

    10. Women in songs/movies/daramas/music to keep this business smooth...

    Do you think it is acceptable, this important figure of society, which serves as institution to children, brainwashed in such a way that she would forget her true responsibility :-

    Don't get me wrong i ain't supporting anything here --- Just want hear some remarks

  • @ Oblivion,

    You must be given a PHD in content-analysis for your wonderful comparison of an innocent 7 year old being tortured for not wearing a hijab with a grown woman in a movie performing a sex scene.

    We need people like you ;)

  • Oblivion

    Before MG responds I just like to add that whatever you wrote is true to core, no one is denyng this.Its not the problem which people differ with, its the approach towards solution.A sensible approach of solution is the only way to get things in right shape otherwise we will see more mumtaz qadris and Salman Taseers.

    Why a cinema house featuring indian movies or a five star hotel holding catwalks is not attacked so far.

  • sashwerwani

    don't act like kids --- My post represents women as general in society, you can include children in it or not ---

    See, if you brainwash these kid, to display their parts then they wouldn't hesitate in displaying their parts --- If you tell your kids that modesty is best then they would act as modest --- If you choose corruption for your kid then she would prefer corruption ---

    I hope your free thinking would see these close result



    Why a cinema house featuring indian movies or a five star hotel holding catwalks is not attacked so far.

    That isn't my problem, i ain't supporting the attackers and mode of their violence--- I am supporting their motive "dress modestly"

  • @ Oblivion,

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom buddy. I was out of toilet paper anyway.

  • I am supporting there motive "dress modestly".

    Well brother majority of the pakistani even parents of those trumatized children also, hopefully, support you.

    Honestly speaking there must be a crackdown on channels also for their big share in promoting imorality and potraying it as a norm of the civilized society.

    PS I'm not talking about action taken by self proclaimed preachers of morality or simply the idiot religious fanatics I'm talking about something govt. should take notice of

  • Thanks for sharing your wisdom buddy. I was out of toilet paper anyway.

    Ah, i know, freethinker like you who live in the world of pleasure, would disagree---- Your freethinking starts with parts of women and ends on parts of women, that's why you disagree with me, Men like you use this freedom to flourish their business, on the other hand, When it comes to defend women, your kind doesn't stand for dignity and honour of women --- They clap at the stage watching their performance --- Alas sasherwani, a man like shouldn't look like that



    thanks ;)

  • Just wait and see both (immodest women and mullah brigade) mindless freaks changing.

  • @ Oblivion,

    Thanks for calling me a free-thinker. I dont mind compliments even if they come from Jack in a dark gloomy box.

    I will read the rest of your thoughts whenever I need more toilet paper.

  • I am intrigued; why were they masked? Not men enough to show their faces?

    It is utterly reprehensible for anyone to force their idea of morality and modesty on others. I couldn't find the words to condemn these bastards properly but I hope they burn in hell one day.

    Sasherwani; you make reasonable and rational points.

    Oblivion; The thread for sermonising is a different one. The place for people like you is Somalia where everyone is pious, pure and uncontaminated. Get your inhaler out because here comes a Biblical reference for you;

    'Do unto others as you want done unto yourself.' Too deep for you? This is what Hazrat Eisa said but you probably think he didn't because you were there to witness it.

    Here is another question for you; What would you do if your had the following neighbours; A Hindu family, A Christian family, A aetheist family and A Qadiani family? Kill them all or just kill yourself? Or even better just return to The Emirate of Pure and Clean Believers, aka Somalia?

    So a bit more preaching in the right thread; this is for dialogue not ranting.

    ps. How do you know that women get up to all the stuff you mention? Experience or just hearsay?

    To everyone;

    There is no moral, religious or philosophical justification of this act of extreme cowardice. This is why religion and politics are the devil's own brew. Do not bring Islam into this; just common sense tells you that the poor students suffered an unjust criminal attack, full stop.

    Mirza Ghalib;

    Too much fatalism, I thought in your comment. Evil is not pass away like a cloud, we need to do something about it.

  • @all

    None of our so called leaders from IK to Nawazu have bothered to condemn the incident publicly - or pressurise the govt to take action...

    Zardari's too bloody scared to step out of his house so there's no point expecting anything from him but the other so called leaders are proven just as bad


    yes you are being a bit escapist and fatalistic but that does not surprise me - your ire is too focused on bringing down Memnon and his ilk


    good to see you again

    @stinging nettle

    you do not understand oblivion he does not promote violence or aggression but condemns 'immorality' and suggests that once all of us heathens get our collective acts together things will automatically improve

  • When the state does not care about it's common folk and are involved in criminal activity themselves, then any tom, dlck and harry will get up and force his interpretation of religion on you.

  • These all are the gifts of the Afghan war, which Zia's government fought in the best interest of America. 60 billion dollars poured into Pakistan during the Soviet-Afghan war. The beneficiaries were Army Generals and Political Mullahs. The nation is paying back those 60 billions with multi-folds interests.

  • @gv

    "None of our so called leaders from IK to Nawazu have bothered to condemn the incident publicly - or pressurise the govt to take action..."

    That doesn't mean that IK and NS support such atrocities. I am sure both will condemn such atrocities. As MG sb. mentioned there are so MANY ugly incidents/atrocities in our society that it will maybe be a full time time to condemn those acts.

    About proving a point to kill children. Are you saying that only mullahs can commit atrocities?

    No sane person can do anything else than condemn such acts of terrorism!

  • Scandinavian

    If Imran thinks that the Talibans or their doctrines are correct, he may be right.

    Why does he not adopt their style of living?

    He must also force his ladies for wearing burqas and he must himself grow a big beard. Talibans are extremely against the people who are living with Imran's style.

  • @scandi

    but they havent - its not exactly an everyday occurence is it?

    The newspapers are reporting so its obviously public - the newspapers are also saying that the police arent willign to do anything about -so what the hell are nawazu and immi for if not addressing issues like this