Zulfiqar Mirza Meets The Murderer Of Five Policemen

  • What is really apparent from the actions of Zulfiqar Mirza is that his aim is not to stop MQM from its criminal activities but to develop a more powerful criminal organization to beat MQM in Karachi. Finally, he met Murtaza Jatoi. In the MRD movement of 1983, Murtaza Jatoi not secretly but openly killed 5 policemen. His action of killing 5 policemen was evident and open without any doubts. His case was suppressed as a result of some political deals.

    What can be the aim of ZM for meeting criminals and killers?

  • His Aman committee killed a lot of businessmen in Shershah market upon their refusal to pay bhatta. He is trying to develop a criminal organization to compete MQM in their bhatta khori activities.

  • Resembling to Imam Hussein and acts of Prophet and Zulfiqar Mirza?? shame on you..

  • I agree, ZM should not be given this much importance. He is a violent person. What he did with MQM was indeed commendable but his role really ends there.

  • This post is deleted!

  • bsobaid

    Yes, ZM is himself a filthy devil. His part of criticising MQM with one sided truths must not be appreciated so highly. If he utters two sided truths then he shall definitely deserve appreciation. His Amman committee killed numerous innocent businessman of Shershah Junk market.

  • @HF,

    I have not heard you because as vocal against those who shake hands with MQM, which no doubt has the blood of thousands on its hands.

  • ChangeIK

    I don't find our politicians vocal on a lot of serious issues. No politician has moral courage to describe

    • How daily thousands of people are being killed or kidnapped in Baluchistan on ethnic basis.

    • How unrestrained the Sardars, Dabba Pirs, Waderas and Chaudharies are to treat their people in an inhuman manner.

    • How the suicide bombers are killing innocent people in schools, colleges, mosques and shrines.

    • How some parties play their own ethnic anthem officially instead of the national anthem.

    Bhai yar, we have to be vocal on hundreds of more serious national issues. MQM is limited to Karachi or Hyderabad, so don't keep your focus limited to MQM only. Let us focus on all the problems of our beloved country.

    Our beautiful country has been thrown into lurch by diabolic politicians.