The "Hitler of Pakistan" in the making...

  • The "Hitler of Pakistan" in the making...IK's "Tsunami" if ever materialized will be no worse than what Adolf Hitler's famous "revolution" did to Germany, Europe and rest of the world.

    At least Adolf Hitler had some Military (first World War) & political struggle behind him..and he was not a puppet in some secret hands as this clown IK is.

    Hitler's party won the election..and he was very charismatic, popular and a big crowd puller..he wrote his memoir "My Struggle" from jail...same as our bhola kaptan has done in his recent propaganda book about himself...our bhola kaptan won the "Cricket World Cup" and Adolf Hitler claimed to be the hero of "First World War".

    Read more about Hitler on Wikipedia that bhola kaptan's foolish fan club may realize that being popular, a bit charismatic and to be a crowd puller doesn't make someone a may happen that they may come out to be like what happened to Germany in the form of Hitler and NAZIs.

    With the evil system called democracy in action..I am very sure someone worse that Adolf Hitler will strike Pakistan sooner or later..and it may happen to be IK or some other fake-savior like him.

    I can already see signs of fanaticism and fascism in him and his fan-club...anyone who criticize him or is not supporting his fake quickly taken as a coward and "munafiq" by his fan-club...and his foul-mouth behavior ads to my serious doubts about him.

    Fan-Club...believe me or not..but you will regret one day..sooner or later.

  • @Everyone

    I think I may be heading for a "ban" from this forum...for those who share my views about IK..please keep my "legacy" alive...

    just joking !

  • Lol @ Durani

    Make up your mind bro. Is he a jewish agent or a hitler. LOL

    or is he both at the same time Lol

  • @insaftak

    You look very cute when laughing....

    I am not calling IK an agent of jews..but a puppet of Pakistani establishment..

    Please read my starting thread carefully...I am not calling IK a Hitler in a literal sense. I am trying to highlight an issue that a popular leader doesn't always bring fortunes rather can also cause great misfortunes as Adolf Hitler did. I see very visible signs of such misfortunes waiting behind this whole saga of PTI that may unfold in future.

  • W Durrani

    Why you are against imran khan? - give reasons

  • @W. Durrani.......I can read the frustration written all over in your post.....I thought you would have some better argument to plead your case,instead of shooting in the dark and going haywire!!!

    I got to read Pak newspapers or perhaps watch some TV programs of past few days to find out what waves Imran Khan have been making to cause this much tremor in his rivals' camp???

  • @oblivion

    I just don't like his "long thin chin"....enough reason? :)

  • @SultanAliKhan

    and you appear to me encapsulated in a cell..with a cable stuffed in your in the Matrix movie..keep dreaming mate..sweet dreams..

  • Ouch it hurts@W Durrani.....sorry mate I didn't know you were so piszed over a daunting reality....

    I am taking your advice, and going for sleep; full of sweet dreams, like you have prayed......thanks for wishing me well....

  • W Durrani

    if Imran had no long chin, then would you like him?


    ; full of sweet dreams,

    Do you see fish in your sweet dreams

  • To give a proper and dignified comment on this thread would be wrong.

    W Durrani

    When you stop taking whatever medication you are on and read some non-comic books (the ones with words only and no pictures); you might even learn a thing or two.

    Until then; enjoy your comic-book haze and you extra-ordinary extrapolations;


    You are right, there is desperation in the air!

  • @stingingnettle if I ever expected a "proper and dignified" response from you..what a joke..

  • other loosing Imran Khan gaining

    a great leader in the making

  • This post is deleted!

  • W Durrani

    " if I ever expected a "proper and dignified" response from you..what a joke.."

    You are absolutely right. I don't to you but to others I do.

    Can you see the problem?

    Comic books = bad

    Real books = good

    I am amazed you haven't brought Islam into this thread YET, you haven't been listening to 'Losing my religion' by REM?

    You naughty boy!

  • WD, I do not agree with you when you are carving a Pakistani Hitler out of Imran Khan!. What I think is that you should arrange for and attend a shrink where a few sessions might be a cure.....for a mild case like you as for now before you are beyond any cure. Happy 'sessions' with a shink.

    And for your kind information...whenever there is unjustified smear campaign in action by zealots like you, against any political icon from any political platform then I have to step in.,

  • S.E.Mirza


    ealots like you, against any political icon from any political platform then I have to step in


    Does it hold good for MQM / Altaf as well ?

  • Yes Imran is the next Hitler of Pakistan

    1. He took 10s of millions of Dollars of loans from Pakistani banks and then got them written off

    2. He has undisclosed property in Mayfair, Jeddah and Emirates Hills (UAE)

    3. He has Steel Mills which were made from black money and kickbacks

    4. His party has a strong armed wing

    5. He often goes on decade long Umrah visas whenever the going gets tough

    6. He is losing popularity all over the world due to his corrupt policies. The youth simply detests him. Even online channels like facebook, forums, twitter are full of nothing but corruption allegations against him

    7. His tax documents clearly show how blatantly he has been avoiding payments

    8. He is the only politician always ready to compromise with anyone

    9. He never talks sense and has no idea about world history or geo-politics

    10. He has never done anything for this country. That 1992 worldcup was a fluke. Shaukat Khanum is overrated. Namal isn't even a University yet! What a shame!

    11. Imran Khan has paid millions to get the criminal cases wiped out against him in international courts

    12. He married a gori and then divorced her. This is the first such incident in the history of mankind.

    He is the real Hitler. All he needs is that little mustache :D