Altaf Mistake That Conquer Feudal & Sardars

  • There is doubt that Altaf Hussain has prodigy leader of Pakistan but his biggest fault that he belong for URDU speaking community instead to others rhetoric communities he is the only leader who never get any things from the establishment what others are too. most of the people purportedly him that he try break Pakistan and burn Pakistani flag if he does it .

    I am quite sure the people of Karachi will rejected him & regarding the allegation was mere anecdotal .But those who did these act like senile mirza who claim after Benazir assassination that we are ready break Pakistan and our nation have heard this by their own ears but I think most of the anchor doesn’t & they turn deaf and can’t heard any thing & no buddy raise this issue.

    1973 ayub khan assign cannibal (phattan) to killed innocent Urdu speaking and their fault only to choose QUIAD sister as leader.

    1976 Ayub khan so called son Bhutto emulate the same.

    1986 Qadir magssi brutally killed Urdu speaker at LAL QILA Hyderabad

    1992 to 1999 in the reign of bowel head Nawaz & Benazir slaughtering thousand of Urdu speaking people.

    The huge mistake done by URDU speaking ancestors were had leaved their land unfortunately INDIA but know the present generation of young Urdu speaking will never be break Pakistan again because we didn’t groveling to any buddy except ALLAH AND ASKING DEVOURTNESS FOR HIS MUHAMMED for existence of Pakistan .

    Every time have seen that nawaz so much concern about bugtti assignation and he also added that what we have seen these days for killing in Baluchistan was reciprocate act then what about you & your entourage who invaded army operation in Karachi and killed innocent people and trample them would they have right to drill the same what bugtti community does the answer is yes .

  • You got some right and some very wrong....

    • Altaf Hussain, ran away leaving 10000s of worker under operation. I personally rejected him as my leaders.

    • Power need to build around MQM not around Altaf Huaain or any other personality. Qaid-ka-Ghadar - Mout ka Haqdar policy need to be change. Altaf "Peer Sahib" need to go away.

    • Altaf and his jokers( Saleem Shahzad, Imran Farooq and few others ) permitted Gangs in MQM... They used guns against MQM ( H )on pretext of "ghadari"

    -Altaf is turning in to "non serious" character " daramey baaz" or "Bhand" ...something has to do with his age/ Massage therapy habits/ and Tequila ..

    We need to find new leadership with in MQM, some one educated, sober and living in latifabad or Azizabad not in

    london. Someone who is ready to face death with other ordinary workers.

  • Can the OP take pity on readers and try writing in URDU whatever he/she wants to say?

  • A scum like Altaf Hussain should never be discussed anywhere on the public domain. Request to mods, whenever the word Altaf Hussain is written anywhere on this forum...kindly sensor it with *********

  • @siddiqi73

    Altaf might be a scum for some (you including thinking of him as scum) but altaf is also a leader for MQM.

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