Subsidised hajj / Goverment sponsred/

  • I failed to understand the logic of Government sponsored hajj/ or people who are asking for low ticket prices for Hajj flights?

    Its no "Must" for any muslim, only if you can afford it Hajj is farz.

    Can someone put light on this topic? for or against... keeping our economy and PIA's health in consideration.

  • I dont agree with government subsidy either.

    Government should be effecient and should not overcharge but no need to subsidize either.

    Government can start a sponsorship program with the help of private sector and philanthropists.

  • Gunnah aap karo... or private secotor hajj kerway?

    O bhai, pay from your pocket, dont fly take sea port or camel. Hajj is akeley bandey ke responsibility hey.

    We can encourage people to do hajj... lekin serif Pholon ke haar dal ke ya methaid baant ke.

  • There are many rich people who wany to pay for other people's hajj as a kaffara or for charity purposes similarl, hajj is a big event and corporations can be tempted to sponsor it for marketing purposes. All this can help to bring the cost down but government should not give subsidy.

  • Totally agreed with expk.

    Hajj is only required if someone has the money and health to go on this journey.

    Govt needs to spends its resources on things which are required by the population, but humaray yehan tau away ka awa he bigra hua hae.


    Rich people ( who are mostly rich because they dont pay taxes, or cheat in their businesses, or exploit thier employees ) should send their cook, driver, massi, nanny etc to Hajj.. No need to govt interventions

    And please leave Hajj as a religious experience and not turn into a worldcup with hajjis carrying logo of Pepsi and Boom Boom on their Ihram. Saudis have already done enough to damage the spritual experience

  • runaway

    totally agreed barring


    Saudis have already done enough to damage the spritual experience


  • Thanks runaway and Sharif admi for agreeing with me ... so i am not the only "kafir" with such thinking... (:


    bhai private sector and philanthropists need to work on "BHOOK" and "BOOK"

    we have limited resources and need to work smartly

  • There are a large number of people who are really desperate to go for the hajj. It does,nt hurt for government to help.

    Secondly, you dont have to give up a good deed to make room for another. We have no shortage of inefficiencies and evil and sinful acts and behavior to be replaced with noble acts.

    In other words, we dont have to save money to feed poor by not sponsoring hajj, we can save far more money by giving up futile and wasteful acts such as getting latest model car or installing sound systems in our home theaters or serving tens of dishes in wedding ceremonies or getting that sixty inch 3d tv to name a few.

  • Very nice post expakistani. Hajj indeed is a spiritual experience mandatory for those who can actually afford it. Doing Hajj using grants/subsidies/loans just doesn't coincide with the instructions of Islam.

    Also Sharif Pakistani, I agree with you 100% that Saudis have done all they can to 'commercialize' Hajj. Hajj packages are more like tourism packages with an 'economy', 'premium' and 'vip' package! Astaghfirullah will God give more sawaab if you arrive in a business class? I had the pleasure of going for Hajj last year. Just the 'basic economy' package was 30,000 Dirhams per head from UAE. That is roughly 690,000 rupees!