Copy Cat King SMS campaign

  • And next thing will be FB campaign ;)

  • Next we will hear that he changed his name to Imran Khan.

  • So cheap!

  • I dont know any educated Muslim league... how they gona start face book campaign.

    do they know something call password and login ID?

    they are addictive to looating pakistan without any password

  • Lol

    they can't match PTI's social media team regardless of how much money they put it int.

  • @insaftak,

    Can you tell me little about the Social media team, by this you mean who he is out on internet cursing everyone who do not favor IK? and achievements they have apart from flooding forums and that is with slogans ( i have yet to see a forum where PTians are discussing matter of national interest)... or do you think creating few facebook pages is the biggest achievement any media-team can have???

    (Now that i have said above, i'll be cursed by PTIans... )

  • Hehehehehehe....even MQM has a social media team trying to illuminate to the whole world that MQM is not a bhatta and bori mafia.

  • I have not seen any constructive points made on this thread by supporters of Musilm Noon!

    Is Nawaz Sharif a Copy Cat or Not?

    and if not please give reasons

  • This idiot Nawas Sharif should just let it rest! He is putting too much pressure on his soft behind - of which S73 has a long time experience pampering and cleaning!

    Trying to be Imran Khan while lacking all the qualities he has? Not your cup of tea, Mr. Tindo Sharif.

    Money can buy you Gold, Mansons, Luxuries, but it can't buy you integrity, honesty, respect and trust!

    You have a big ego, Mr. Tind Sharif, and you want to see yourself as a "statsman" of Pakistan. But while you have tried to be one, you have only made yourself out to be a fool and got the cursing of the nation. From cursing the Army to discarding Two-Nation Theory, you tried to claim statsmenship but people saw through you and cursed you.

    You can't buy statesmanship too!

    NS reminds me of a villian character in movies and novels who pretends to be good, and has this jealously for the real hero who he immitates but loathes! A psychologically driven person who seeks acceptance and glory, but simply is not made for it. A villain character who has all the riches of the world, but is restless because he has no respect. Can't walk without security. Can't be among common people.

    Imran KHan is the central point of your universe, Mr. Sharif. You so wish you were like him, but you are oh-so not!

    No Pakistani with an iota of sense, education and integrity will want to donate ONE PAISA (not rupee) to PMLN's fake cause.

    If you want to be remembered positively, come out in the open and accept your sins. Stop copying Imran Khan and start respecting him! Stop your pathetic attacks against him. Start being honest and doing good deeds. Then you might have chance at earning a good legacy. Otherwise, you are doomed like Hitler, Husni Mubarak, Ghadafi, Sadam and many like them.

    The above is my "psychoanalysis" of NS' personality. Do give your rcomments readers.

  • Please provide us with the details and terms and conditions of the patent granted to Facebook Party which specifically allows the latter exclusive use of SMS based campaign.

  • But why PMLN did not think of it before!

    NS is a copycat - and this just one of many examples!

  • Don't worry son, even cats have their tails curled in while straying in Bannu.

  • I asked a simple question, not scientific!

    Is Nawaz Sharif a copy cat or not?

    If not then why?

  • @siddiqi,

    Do you call your mom "cat"?

    Anyway, I told you 'abu ko beta nahi kethay.'

    Back to what you do best - lick NS' $$$

  • @saladin,

    Of course, he is a copycat. Read my psychoanalysis of him. The D!ck Sharif so vehemently wants to be IK!

  • Yeah, just like all of y'all consider Sita White to be your mammas and Tyrian your little sister.

    Beta yaad rahko......

    ----jitnay baray ho jain


    kay neechay hee hai

  • @changeIk

    beautiful post


    Yaad Rako Kim Barker Ko, lagta hey ki bhool gaya ho!

    If u have nothing good to say, it is better us say nothing!

  • Siddiqi,

    Just like you are under ----

    And Sita White is your mama! Triyan Your sister! That's why you are soooo concerned for them, when you had better be concerned about issues in Pakistan!

  • Phir baap ko beta kaha. Teri ammi ko bulwa ke tujhe set karwana pare ga!