Parliamentarians briefed at GHQ

  • Right now , a slide going on PTV Global stating that 'Uniformed Angels' briefed parliamentiarinas at GHQ about defence budget.

    Few days , there was a news item that parliamentarians refused to go to GHQ for brief rather wanted 'uniformed angels' to come to parliament house.

    Don't know what happened.

    Further , parliamentarians were honoured by NRO famed Gen.Kiyani as he also talked to them during briefing.

  • Bad reputation leads you that way always.

  • It should have been Parliamentarians "beefed" at GHQ :)

  • SufiSoul

    Bad reputation ? Whose ?

  • If these parliamentarians had some courage they should have asked the GHQ to come and brief them in the parliament instead, but since they are PURE OPPORTUNISTS all of them this was bound to happen!

  • Scandinavian

    Or 'Uniformed Anagels' r even baraey badmash ?

  • If you can't stand against the "badmash", then you have no business in the parliament, or claiming leadership.

    However, the fact is, these corrupt politicians are badmash in their own constituencies, commit corruption and are characterless. SO as they asy, sometimes, uoonth pahar ke neechay aa jata hai.

    The politicians are fed by the army at one point in time - like PMLN. They have no credibility.

    Can you imagine US senators going to Pentagon to be briefed? In Pakistan, only a leader like Imran Khan can assure this.