PTI Confirms Imran Khan met ISI Chief multiple times

  • PTI also confirm that ISI Chief General Pasha himself came to Bani Gala residence of Imran Khan.





















  • Yes...and?

  • @sandman,

    and .... PTI is NOT puppet of establishment.

    They met multiple times to discuss the nice weather and atmosphere of Bani Gala.

  • Just because they met, doesn't mean they are in some secret deal. I know thats hard for PML-N supporters to comprehend, because as admitted by Farooqi saab, N$ came into power with establishment support.

  • @sandman,

    NS started politics under military dictator as provincial sports minister and rising to PM several years after Zia was dead.

    After death of Zia, here is track record of Nawaz Sharif where he stood against the establishment:

    • General Zia - NS was in provincial government at Zia's time, but NS removed Zia's 8th amendment in 1997.

    • General Aslam Beg - had dispute on sending Army to Saudi

    • General Asif Nawaz - dispute on Karachi operation. NS was also accused of murdering Asif Nawaz who died of heart attack.

    • General Kakar - he forced NS to resign after SC restored NS.

    • General Karamat - wanted to form NSC over parliament

    • Admiral Mansoor - NS fired Mansoor for corruption in french submarine deal, in which Zardari and Sarkozy were partners too.

    • General Musharraf - over Kargil war and damaging Lahore declaration with India

    In contrast to this:


    • Imran Khan started his career in 1996 through ISI - confirmed by Haroon Rasheed and Abdul Sattar Edhi

    • Imran Khan supported military takeover of Musharraf in 1999, supported PCO in 2000, supported sacking of top judiciary in 2000, supported war of terror in 2001 and supported Musharraf's referendum in 2002.


    - Imran Khan has multiple meetings with ISI and takes ISI top guys like Mian Azhar and so many other PMLQ puppets. Imran also had multiple contacts with Altaf Hussain as per Haroon Rasheed.

    Let the readers decide who is puppet of establishment

  • May be they wanted Imran Khan to spare their pedawar aka ameer ul munafiqeen

  • @ExPosed,

    Wow ... This video gives a big news to me and the Pakistani nation.

    However ISI chief visiting Bani Gala in year 2011 is routine matter ;-)

  • rasheed, seems like you are a die hard PML-N supporter.

    i have not seen such a die-hard NS fan in a while.

    dont you think your party is in isolation and that PML-N will have its parliamentary strength greatly decreased?

    and dont you think ZiaUlHaq was key in the rise of NS?

  • @quaidkamazaar,

    You can open a new topic on this and I will reply there.

  • well, you are targetting Imran Khan...

    lekin mainey NS ka poocha toh aap jawab nahin de rahay lol

  • @quaidkamazaar,

    Now you have edited your original post and added "ZiaUlHaq" in your previous message. I am not running away from anything and just want to stuck to the topic.

    You can open a new topic and I will reply there. Promise!

  • ya ok.... and yes i did add the last question on my initial post.... i did not know u were online and would reply so fast :)

  • @rasheed

    Imran Khan has accepted himself way before u have mentioned it that he met general pasha. So if your argument is that he met general pasha that means he is being supported by establishment, however if that is true then shabaz sharif met general saab during the dark hours of night, does that mean he is an establishment stooge as well?

    PTI is an emerging party, and also a party that is against the drone attacks killing our innocent people, so if IK met him concerning these issues than what is the problem?

    IK met him during daylight, shabaz met him during night, what is worse meeting someone in dark and hiding away or meeting during daylight?

    for them to meet during night time what were they doing? it seems very suspicious.

    Your argument is a no-goer brother. I have relations in a village that have met generals, maybe u also have, does that mean they all are stooges of establishment.

    How does establishment support imran khan?

    Even if they do it does not bother me too much, neither would it bother awam, because there are many saying that GM period was better than now.

  • PTI is getting more political now.By attaching IK with establishment tools he wants to attract more and more winning candidates.

    Attaching PTI with establishment will greatly benefit IK and PTI.

    PTI have learned how to play politics.....

  • PTI have learned how to play politics<<<<

    All the more reasons for the fan club to contest the upcoming by-election in Bahawalpur and test the electoral waters. Who knows, the candidate this time around might not get to have his "zamanat zabt" like Jazi Khan and that poor fella from Sahiwal.

  • "zamanat zabt"

    But why you insist to attach with DOWN of PTI.PTI now gained an upward trend.

    So why not update yourself with upward trend.????

    Outdated people are always missfit with the current age....


  • Buddy boy, don't act like a sufi and try to exit the Lala Land on the first available flight. An upward trend should correspond with an electoral success, is your net tehreek ready to test the waters? Even a simpleton like you can either say a yes or a no.

  • @siddiqi73

    "All the more reasons for the fan club to contest the upcoming by-election in Bahawalpur and test the electoral waters"

    Is it gonna be under the rigging of votes by-election?

    where police and paid patwari's are tapping votes.

    Not interested bro waiting for the real thing, thought u would have learnt your lesson after the 30th October historical jalsa, oh I forgot u claim it was establishment doing, but evidence shows otherwise.

  • So basically y'all are looking forward to making your bachoon ka leader a PM without his party contesting an election? hahahahahaha....sorry pal, this is only possible in Lala Land but not in the Land of Pure ;)

  • @saladin89,

    Give me a break .. ISI Chief Uncle Pasha himself came to Bani Gala multiple times ... to do what? play cricket with Imran Khan?

    Even a kid is not going to buy that statement and you can just keep it circling within yourself to stay happy.

    I am sure that guy from PTI who exposed this ISI meeting will be dealt properly by PTI management :-)