Zulfiqar mirza...Rakhi Sawant of pakistani politics.

  • He knows how to stay alive im "MEDIA"...

    khabi shirt phar ta hai, khabhi galiyan nikalta hai,

    pet words: *kisi key baap ka na hi hai....

    *ha main sharab pita bhi hoon aur pilta bhi hoon.

    aur famous one...razia gundoo main phaans gai...(asif zardari).

    very well scripted, full action...dramabaaz.

  • People of Karachi needs leaders like Zulfiqar Mirza to protect themselves from MQM terrorism.

  • What the people of Karachi really need is Gen. Naseerullah Babar reincarnated to tag-up with Dr. Shoaib Suddle.

  • @ Sid

    Spot on.. thats what set the people of Karachi free, ofcourse MQM is not going to like it..

  • MQM can jump of the freaking cliff if they don't like it cause' the day is near when they will be wiped off from the face of Karachi and we the Karachites would be emancipated by this curse.

  • Altaf Kaalia is more like the 'Meera' of Pakistan. Uss say muqaabla to sirf 'Rakhi Sawant' hee karay gee na? Though many of us are enjoying this Meera-Rakhi topi-drama, the fact is Karachi is gonna get nowhere with this cheap theatre.

  • siddiqi73

    The operation monitored by Gen. Baber had pushed Karachi to the conditions which were similar to those of former East Pakistan. Sorry brother, we would not like another Gen. Niazi to shamelessly surrender to the Sikh and the Hindu enemies. We love our country and we would like some wise person to administer the situation of the heart of Pakistan.

    Pakistan must remain integrated forever. No more divisions are tolerable.

    I hope you would agree with my views as a patriotic Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan Paindabad!

  • @siddiqi73 and khanamer...its obvious that you closed one's are not killed by nasser ullah babar....so many innoscents were killed by him...wish he will burn in hell and also who wish him well.....good luck guys and good luck to your families.

  • @musafir,

    Sorry, that's a mere propaganda spread by the Heil Altaf Bobby's Party...those who died were terrorists and rightly deserved what they got.

  • @HF

    I agree that we need not more violence than necessary. We need a impartial police force, which ONLY act according to the law - be it against MQM, ANP or PPP criminals! In other words we need not a MQM-specific operation, but an operation against ALL criminals!

  • Musafir

    Gen. Baber was one of the shameless soldiers who were made 'murga' by the Indian army after the surrender of 1971. Where was his bravery at that time? He was capable of killing the people of his own country only.

    The fanatic Hindus still ridicule with the Muslims on the surrender of 1971. That is the darkest chapter of the Islamic history.

  • Scandinavian

    Your views are very rational. There must be an adequate solution to every national problem. Unwise action of Gen. Tikka Khan caused the division of our beloved Pakistan in 1971. Gen. Baber's unwise action had pushed Karachi to similar conditions.

  • @Hussain,

    I beg to differ with you. The darkest chapter on humiliation were written by those morally debauching arabs led by Egypt who first surrendered the Sinai to the Zionists in the Anglo-French war with Egypt in 1956, tamely surrendering West Bank and Gaza by Jordan to Israel during the Six Day Arab Israeli war and finally not going for a push when the combined arab armies had Israel on the mat during the Yom Kippur war of 1973.

    The East Pakistan debacle was created by a concoction of one politician named Z.A. Bhutto, Gen. Yahya and his Corps Commanders only. Of course, Indian aggression played a major role in this fiasco as well.

  • The inadequate action by Gen. Tikka Khan had forced our own Bengali brethren to encourage the enemy for a subversive interference. Had not our Bengali brethren been mistreated, the enemy would not find an opportunity to break our beloved country.

    The remembrance of 1971 tragedy make every Pakistani's heart cry with tears.

  • @HF

    "The remembrance of 1971 tragedy make every Pakistani's heart cry with tears."

    yes, but have we learnt the lesson?

    IMO...NOPE. We are committing the same mistakes in Balochistan etc.

  • Yes Scandinavian Bhai

    Adequate solutions must always be applied. Inadequate actions always worsen already deteriorating situations. Thanks to Gen. Moinuddin Haider that he took the situation of Karachi in his hands wisely. The approach of Gen. Moinuddin Haider was very wise.

  • @HF

    I don't know hat Gen. (r) Moinuddin haider did, but wasn't MQM a partner in crime with Mush?

    Our politicians always try to find quick solutions, which mostly are short lived. The need of the hour is to have a disciplined, visionary and leadership with good character to find long lasting solutions. Who else than PTI can deliver at the moment?

  • Oh..yes..people of Karachi need liberation from MQM.

    You people are talking just like Bush & Co talked about giving liberation to Iraq.

    If anyone needs liberation, it is the majority voter of PML and PPP( i.e. the rural vote ). They don't get a choice. If they do, they are not allowed to exercise their vote freely. So go, liberate them first, and then worry about Karachi

  • Sick mentality dictating what people of Karachi needs. People of KHI understand their bhala bura, and able to decide about them and dont need advises from people occupied by brothery system or "firqawariya"

  • @sochopakistani

    i shall salute you if you point MQM ur blaikmailer ,terrorist party that killings,bhatakhori,torture cells,kidnapping of muhajirs is bad thing, and same thing i shall tell my party according to you our bretheren system then let us see how long who will be alive.