Sheikh Adnan Traps a Shia Scholar

  • @shaagird

    If i were shia, i would leave shiaism after watching this video --- I feel pity on you -- A man of your age shouldn't look like that -- Why are you still trapped in the dungeons of Shiasm.... Don't waste your eternity

  • Interesting indeed, but this is the fact, this is how they really think about them and have a very different opinions about both.

    Also this is not specific to shias only, sunni mullahs are also hypocrite in many other issues.

  • May Allah's curse be on the enemies of the Prophet and his ahl-e-bait. and May Allah's curse be on the liars.

    the mullah who's doing a tremendous acting is actually going against Quran. secondly, the other guy is totally unknown and therefore not credible. secondly, how could he be so stupid? the 12th imam is in ghaibat.... and therefore, there is no question about a wife!!!!!!!

    ye drama rachana he thaa tou thora sahi say rachatay or aqal ka istemaal kertay

    ya, the mullah did one thing that SALAM sahab and oblivious are happy to see, and that is they got the other guy look angry. i dont know even if that other guy is truly a shia or just part of the acting cast! he seems more like an actor who is paid to look stupid.

    the host in the end says to the supposedly shia guy that you have been trapped by the mullah..... now where does that happen????? hosts are supposed to be neutral and not give such statements.... but here, the story is different

    such statements are said to make an impact on the viewers and listeners.... and this is done purposefully

    and another thing, the mullah when waves a copy, or book or whatever he holds says that the "shia" quoted stuff from his own book... there is no reference or anything, he just waves a copy and thats it....

    this video seems totally staged, and fake and scripted.

    guys, have some shame, and ghairat.

    jub insano k banaye huway khilafat k nizaam ko justify na ker sakay tou aisi jhooti videos ko share kiya ja raha hai

    jinhon nay Hazrat Muhammad ko dukh diya, unhon nay Hazrat Fatima ko dukh diya.... jinhon nay Hazrat Fatima ka maal ghasb kiya, un pe laanat. jinhon nay Hazrat Muhammad ki nafarmani ki un pe laanat. jinhon nay Rasool (saw) or un ki ahl-e-bait ko takleef di, un pe laanat!

    or laanat un zanano pe jo dar k maaray Rasool (saw) ko maidan-e-jang mein chor k bhaag gaye

    (kyun k aap k favourite loge in laantiyon ki list mein nahin aatay, tou aap ko fikermand honay ki zaroorat nahin)

    oh, and lastly, we do not curse the sahabas! we curse the enemies of Prophet (saw)



  • and the mullah stood up to deliver a filmfare winning taqreer!

    dramatic! the hosts keep sitting.... the other guy too...

    and the mullah is the hero!


  • as far as mutah is concerned, the topic has already been discussed! and if salam wants to add anything, he can go in that thread and speak up!

    i dont run away from questions like you.

    but when you will be asked questions, u'll have to answer too.


    you did not give your conclusion on that thread.

  • aww......


    its sad that you didnt comment about the speech that was in question in the video.

    If you can please i would love to hear your comments on that!!

  • really?

    which speech?

    listen up dude, hazrat ayesha (ra) came to fight in jang-e-jamal even when she knew that it is haram for women to go like that for war. being the mother of "faithful" she had an even bigger duty of being a role model. but i guess you guys have some messed up role models.

    anyway, its the mullah begairti that he is completely calm about what is being said about his role models.

    her purity is not guaranteed. beause Hazrat Muhammad (saw) did not let her come beneath the cloak despite of her insistence

    as far as blasphemy laws are concerned, you guys dont leave a chance to kill any one who is convicted, even if wrongly so! but here, you guys have a bit of patience, cause obviously, whats fact is a fact, and is in your books as well.

  • btw, there are thousands of videos available on youtube that supposedly contain manazras. most of them staged. deobandis vs barelvis vs ahle hadith vs shias vs x vs y vs z

    i being a shia, do not take on such stupid tactics... sharing such videos which are contentless.... and only drama

    if this video has any solid points, then why not write it down very clearly.... is all caps. may be that'll make it clearer how this mullah trapped shias


    i'll be looking forward to that

  • misyar. please shed some light on that too.

  • Sar, Were all the prophets Shia?

  • how exactly is that question relevant?

  • relevant to what?

  • the subject under discussion.

    kindly stick to the topic.

    this is what happens usually that you bring in different topics and the original topic is lost.... so just finish first what salam bhai has started, and then move on.

  • yes, question is relevant to topic --- Would you kindly answer me --- "Yes" or "no" ---;)

  • it boggles my mind to see that how low these guys sitting on some tv show sink???????? they are discussing adultery and character of Hazrat Ayesha (ra) on TV??????? the whole world can see it on internet and on tv.... and look at the content of their debate.

    is it not self derogatory to discuss the character of the mother of the "faithful" in such a way??????? and that too on tv, which the whole world can see.

    those who hold her in very high esteem, like some kind of goddess of purity shouldnt even indulge in such a debate.... instead of brushing it aside, they are making a whole big deal of it and making it a subject of their debate on TV!!!!!!

    hazrat ayesha (ra) would be so angry with the mullah and the host who couldnt regulate the show!!!! wouldnt she be angry??????? tell me

    this is total beghairti.

    since when has the content of such manazras and debates become so cheap????? is this the only thing left to debate??? no shia aalim would indulge in such a crap.

    i dint expect SALAM bhai to be so insensitive about those people who highly revere hazrat Ayesha (ra) siddiqa. though, she came out to fight hazrat ali (as) in jang-e-jamal.... but hazrat ali respected her... she was afterall a wife of Prophet (saw)...

    this is truly sad!!!!!

    raise your caliber man

  • @oblivious

    they were the carriers of the message of God... it was a whole chain that carrierd on.. and finally, beloved Hazrat Muhammad (saw) completed the message of God and said in his final sermon, MAN KUNTO MAULA FAHAZA ALIYUN MAULA.... and there are numerous mutually accepted hadith..... about the cloak, 12 successors, 2 weighty things, etc

    i hope this answers yyour questions.

    their path lead to islam. and islam is the deen of Allah, it is not some personal property of the muslims that they can give its leadership/khilafat/mullahgiri to anyone they want =)

    i know this answer is not as simple as a simple YES or NO

    but if you are smart enough, you can understand the answer very well :)

  • those who've made islam a personal property are doing shirk :P

    they think they have a share in the authoriy of God....

    aisay logon pe bhi laanat! :P

  • no shia aalim would indulge in such a crap.

    Are you authority upon Shia Alams -- Or shai alams contact with you before indulging any kind of debate:---

    Shaagird, You in denial, you don't want to accept which doesn't match with you perception ---

  • their path lead to islam. and islam is the deen of Allah,

    Isn't it mean they weren't shia --- Even Prophet never refered himself shia --- All the Prophets were muslims ---