Imran the hypocrite-in -chief

  • He calls every other politician corrupt and lota who is not in his party.

    Mian azhar corrupt in PMLQ BUT clean in PTI, same can be

    said about many others known goons like jajee khan of pindi, mian miraj din alias maja singh of baghbanpura, Mian mahmood-ur-rashid of lahori land mafia. Doesnt this suggest Imran is mentally corrupt.

    Edhi has engaged in charity work to provide basic social services while Imran has built a showpiece project just to gain political stature.

    Kiya ye sub ‘khulaa teezaad’ nahee?

  • Zufi mian, thora thanda pani peo aur kuch sar per bi daal lo...thora damagee sakoon mil jaye ga.

    The points you are bringing now have previously been discussed to death and have been proved WRONG.

    Your nooni brothers with Raiwind chusnies in their mouths have been crying the same tone here for sometime now...but they have already been shown the one and only true hypocrite in Pakistani politics, who is none other than your leader, "Mian Hypocrite $harif".

  • N$ is the grand daddy of hypocrites!

    Be there done it change the tune

    Go threw other threads u will find a your answer. If u don't than go and look at N$ picture and ask yourself is he really worth it? If the answer is yes than carry on and vote for him. Good Luck

  • @zufi

    I never knew N$ (hypocrite) changed his name to Imran

  • imran khan is a person influnced by west ...and always give examples of west...

    we never listened him talking about zakat system which is the only solution in muslim country...he only talks about taxes and putting more taxes which is a copy of west.

    we never listened him talking about the baluchistan issue ,sindh issue...b/c there he doesnt have any vote and which shows he is not about pakistan...he is just about to gain power..

    we never saw him making any close relation which any muslim leader or muslim country....except making visits to western countries.

    he is divorced....but every time he visit england ..he still stays at the accommodation of jamima where is his principle..which shows he doesnt have any principles in his personal life and how he can manage the lives of millions of pakistanis...

    this man is totally please dont think him as an angel...he has no solutions to pakistan problem...his childeren are in west...his daughter is in america....

    he does charity work just for politics to gain popularity but inshaALLAH he will never be successful.

    he talks about accepting israel and making relations with them......

  • It is not Imran who is maintaining double standards, but so is the case with most of the Pakistani politicians.

  • جھوٹ بولنا اور بولتے جانا نوں لیگیوں کی پرانی عادت ہے. ایک دن عمران خان کا گھر ١٠٠ کنال تو دوسرے دن ٤٠٠ کنال کا کر دیتے ہیں . بجاۓ اس بات کے کہ یہ زمین کرپشن کے پیسے سے تو نہیں خریدی گئی یا کسی غریب کی زمین پر قبضہ تو نہیں ہوا نونی لوگوں کو جب عمران خان کے خلاف کوی بھی بات نہیں ملتی تو جھوٹ در جھوٹ بولتے چلے جاتے ہیں.

    عمران خان نے وہ زمین اپنی کمی سے مارکیٹ میں موجود قیمت پر خریدی اور گھر بنایا .

    تحریک انصاف شاید واحد پاکستانی پارٹی ہے جہاں عام کارکن پارٹی کے لئے عطیات دیتے ہیں جن کا ہر سال ریکارڈ بھی پیش کیا جاتا ہے اور تحریک انصاف کی ویب سائیٹ سے بھی دیکھا جا سکتا ہے لیکن دوسری کسی پارٹی کے فنڈز کا کوئی اتا پتا نہیں کہاں سے آتے ہیں.

    میاں اظہر پر تو کسی بھی پارٹی میں رہتے ہوے کوئی کرپشن کا الزام نہیں لگا تو پھر نونیوں کو کیسی تکلیف؟

    جہازی خان یا محمود رشید نے کوئی کرپشن کی ہے تو آج تک کوئی کیس سامنے کیوں نہیں آے؟ وفاقی حکومت اور صوبائی حکومت رائیونڈ اور بلاول ہوسوں پر عوامی ٹیکسوں کا پیسا خرچ کرنے کی بجاۓ کرپٹ لوگوں کو پکڑتے کیوں نہیں؟

    ایک عورت جو مسلمان ہو چکی ہے اس کو یہودی کہنا نوں لوگوں کی پرانی عادت ہے. مفتی رانا ثنا جیسے سینکڑوں جاہلوں سے بھری جماعت کچھ نہ کچھ تو جاہلانہ حرکت کرے گی ہی.

    جن پراجیکٹس کو شو پیس کہ رہے ہو وہاں کا میعار اتنا بلند ہے کہ امیر غریب ہر ایک کے لئے ایک جیسا نظام ہے اور ا عتماد کا یہ عالم ہے کہ عمران خان اپنا آپریشن تک وہاں سے کرواتا ہے جبکہ دوسری طرف دو دو تین تین بار حکومتیں کرنے والے اپنا بلڈ پریشر سے لے کر سر درد کی دوا کے لئے لندن اور امریکہ بھاگ جاتے ہیں.

    اس سے صاف پتا چلتا ہے کہ اصل منافق کون ہے. لیکن یہ باتیں امیر المنافقین اور اس کے چیلوں کی سمجھ میں آنے والی نہیں


    According to the above report (dated March 2007; Imran Khan never declared his assets after that):

    "Imran Khan’s assets have a worth of Rs 34,545,769. He inherited (no value mentioned) his Zaman Park, Lahore, house. His assets include an apartment in Lahore (Rs 1,175,000), agriculture land of 39 Kanals and five Marlas in village Talhar, Islamabad, (Rs 830,000), 530 Kanal and 15 Marlas agriculture land in Khanewal (Rs 50,000). He also owns 300 Kanals and five Marlas in village Motra Noor, Islamabad, which was gifted to him."

    Can anyone tell me how 530 kanal land in Khanewal can be worth Rs 50,000 meaning it is worth less than Rs 100 per kanal. I am willing to pay Imran Khan, a thousand times this rate if he is willing to sell!!!

    So this is the self declaration of "Quaid-i-Inqilab" and he expects the nation to trust him. Very funny.

    Interestingly, Imran Khan has never divulged the name of the anonymous "benefactor" who "gifted" Imran Khan 300 Kanal land in Islamabad as claimed by Imran himself. Why such secrecy?

  • The pot calling the kettle black.....How pathetic. You people never get ashamed of lying and deceiving!

    NOBODY takes your allegations seriously any longer.

    Jaltey raho, tumharey muqaddar meiN sirf jalna likha hua hai!

    No matter what you do...we have made it our prime target to cut to pieces all the prime hypocrites from Dengue League!!!

    We don't need the same effort to expose your brother in crime=Zardari. He is doing an excellent job himself to eliminate PPP.

  • @HF

    It is not Imran who is maintaining double standards, but so is the case with most of the Pakistani politicians.

    Can not disagree with it. I would add a little more that most of our population also maintains double standards. That is the root cause of our problems.

    I give here example of my recent experience. I was sitting with two molvi sahibs few days back. A young boy came to me and asked how to get domicile prepared. I started telling him the lengthy method. One molvi sahib interuppted me and said o bhai why are you telling him such long way, he further said that tell him to give Rs.1500 as bribe to clerk and his domicile will be ready in one day.

    When I told him that it is wrong he started giving arguments to defend his wrong point.





  • yes, as we are, so are our leaders as per the principle described by the Holy Quran.

  • @ scandinavian

    I have only reproduced the declaration of assets made by Imran Khan himself in 2007. So if there is any lying or deceiving, it is on Imran Khan's part.

    I can understand your pain. You just can not make yourself accept the reality. But this is what is bound to happen when you give a human being a God like status and start worshiping him. You keep on telling yourself that this "God" of yours can do no wrong and all the defects are in other people.

    So when the reality comes in front of you, you refuse to accept it, because then your whole political "religion" (which is based on infallibility and flawlessness of your God "Imran Khan") simply crumbles to the ground.

  • @Adonis

    OK, I challenge you and your TOP leadership!

    I promise to get my leadership on board. I hope you can make the same promise!

    Let us declare the assets of IK, NS and SS:

    • On the same day.

    • The media as witness and IK, NS and SS shall be there and present their documentation and proofs!

    • With all documentation and proofs!

    What is your answer?

  • I accept your challenge. Nawaz Sharif will declare his assets the day he files nomination papers for national assembly elections. Imran Khan will be forced to do the same according to law.

    Now returning to Imran Khan's declaration of assets in 2007, my questions remain:

    Why Imran Khan lied about the value of 530 kanal land in Khanewal?

    Who "gifted" him the 300 kanal land in Mohra Noor, Islamabad district?

  • Why should we wait?

    I challenge you to do it right away!

    Let's finish this debacle once and forever and let all the ghosts out of the closet of IK, NS and SS!

  • Theses are the original figures from 2007 election commision of Pakistan ;)


    Among the parties, Tehrik-i-Insaf topped the list in terms of average wealth of its MNAs as its lone MNA, Imran Khan, had the highest assets (Rs82 million in 2005-06). The PTI is followed by PML-N (average Rs61 million), PML-Q (Rs56 million), PPPP (Rs34 million), MMA (Rs16 million), MQM (Rs4 million) and Pakhtunkhawa Milli Awami Party (Rs300,000)


  • @ scandinavian

    Why are you running away from acknowledging Imran Khan's lies and deceit?

    Why did he lie while declaring value of his assets?

    Who was the "anonymous" benefactor who "gifted" him 300 kanal land?

  • It is you who is avoiding my challenge.

    Once again I challenge you to come forward with your leaders. I repeat.

    Let us declare the assets of IK, NS and SS:

    • On the same day.

    • The media as witness and IK, NS and SS shall be there and present their documentation and proofs!

    • With all documentation and proofs!

    No, wait and see whether this or that happens. I will wait for you to accept my challenge without if's and but's.

  • You can open a separate thread for discussing assets of Nawaz Sharif. This thread is on hypocrisy and lies of Imran Khan.

    Why is it so hard for you to believe that the leader you worship is not a God but no different from those politicians whom you blame for lying?

    I do commiserate with you on the demolition of your political "religion". Seems like the "King is naked".

  • Now, you are running away from my challenge. I know Ik is no angel and he has committed mistakes.

    If I were in your place (God forbid), then I would not accept the challenge to close this issue once and forever. What a high profile story it could become? I could choose and pick the anchors to facilitate this event, but that's a wishful thinking. Your leadership is never going to declare their assets by their free will and nor are you capable of bringing them forward in this case HERE and NOW!