Onion price here in Pakistan and in Bahrain

  • According to the business pages of almost all the Karachi newspapers of 14 October 2011 the price of onion hit at Rs. 60/- per kg double in the last few days despite import from abroad. The day this news item appeared, here in Bahrain the footpath vendors were selling in abundance an exclusive item viz Pakistani onion @ 200 Fils per kg (Rs. 2 in the common local language here equal to Pak. Rs. 30]. Good strategy import tax free and export to double the earning in shape of export rebate. Likewise while Mutton is @ Rs. 550/- in Pakistan, Pakistani fresh mutton here is at Pak Rs. 300 per kg.

  • So they are selling at Rs. 30 per Kg?

  • Onions retail at 200 fils/kg but when you buy 8kg or 20kg bags then they are much cheaper.

  • hummmmmmm pk politics discussing on onion rather then high profile issues.

  • Onion is a prime ingredient of sub continental diet. A very large majority in Pakistan is forced to survive on a meager diet that is more or less an onion, some chili and one or two breads twice/thrice a day if they are lucky. When onion price skyrockets for no obvious reasons then we should be concerned at least for the poor and needy, who will be left to survive on just bread and water!.............

  • The way to a poor desperate man's heart is through is stomach.

    Politician's take note.

    Or may be they already know this, considering the free food on offer before elections.

    Perhaps our leaders are fed up with the stubbornness of our poverty struck masses; Perhaps they want to know why the insistence with eating bread all the time; why can't they just eat cake instead. (Sorry guys I just couldn't resist this one)