Pakistan Mother-in-law Hilary Cliton Order Their Enslave

  • Pakistan mother-in-law Hilary Clinton gives two week time to commencing ARMY operation against HAQQNI group and as we know that some of our agencies & politician will make deliberate & fabricate situation any part of the country to attack HAQQNI group and that has the pretext to lodge operation against them what we also seen in the previous time too.

    We should obey USA wish because the kind of Muslim we are very seduce for the actual facts to the real situation of Pakistan what have seen last night in LIBYA GADDAFI killing was the barbaric act and only beast done this kind of act I know that he was not a sacerdotal kind of man and he was very utmost to the religion and during his reign he misused his power and killed many innocent people but it does not mean that ogre LIBYA people were dancing his death only agnostic done this.USAdirected this action so that’s way I confer to our government to follow USA instruction this is better for our agencies & politician because the next turn & BAKARA’S may be ZARDARI, NAWAZ and perhaps ARMY??????? If we working as true Muslim then we didn’t to abidance USA order but unfortunate we didn’t because we are not a true Muslim we look USA instead to ALLAH & this is the main stigmatize of PAKISTAN, so our politician will listen clamoring of public because only public save their life from the USA or else they emulate the same what GADDAFI had because he didn’t protégé guy of the LIBYAN people.