Shehbaz Sharif Accused of Rs 500 Million Corruption

  • Pakistan People's Party (PPP)'s Punjab Secretary Information Dr Fakhruddin Chaudhary on Thursday said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz's leadership was involved in corruption of Rs 500 million in buying medicine for flood affected people in Sindh.

    Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, Dr Chaudhary said that Punjab Chief Minister was involved in corruption of Rs 500 in buying medicines for flood affected people.

    He said that the government purchased medicine for flood-hit people worth Rs 30 million but in official record it showed Rs 80 million.

    He asked the Punjab government to come up with its explanation over the issue, as it was a matter of Rs 500 million.

    He said that an inquiry committee had been constituted for investigation of this corruption but its meeting could not be held.

    The PPP leaders requested Chief Justice of Supreme Court Justice Ifitkhar Muhammad Chudhry to take sue moto notice of the corruption cases.

    He also said that Sharif brothers were supporting and providing funds to banned terrorist organisations.

    Sharif brothers were using Punjab government's resources for developing their private residences, he added.

  • A corruption allegation coming from a PPP stalwart, and that too of dismal 500 million Pak Rupee????.....

    I am sure the good Dr. Fakhruddin is not piszed on the corruption of Punjab govt but must be raged over the pissant amount because he is used to million dollars siphonning off....

  • Please note 80-30=50 million Dollar and not 500 million Dollar

    Pakistan total Exports of medicines is not more than 45 million Dollars.Corrupted PPP leaders even dream about corruption in sunlight.

  • Kar lo gal, "khawja ka gawah daddoo".

    Claimant is 'luttoo te phuttooo' party And

    Gawah Dharna tehreek.

    I am starting to believe that Dharna Tehreek is in reality zardari bachao Tehreek.

  • @zufi,

    You got that right buddy, we have been for long trying to illuminate this axis of evil involving Zardari, establishment and a very dispensable pawn named Inquilab Khan.

  • @siddiqi73

    Wow Nawaz Sharif's brother in law Zardari and Imran Khan's buddy? How is that possible sidhu?

    All the corrupts are gathering again but this time IK is going to hit on the right spot ;)

    We are very well of noora kushti of PPP and PMLn.

    They both have same corruption charges and some of them have been proven guilty and still helping each other. Don't forget the example of Perez Rasheed

  • Was Pervaiz Rasheed proven guilty in a court of law? Was his argument heard in a court of law? Has a verdict against his transgression awarded by a court of law?

  • @siddiqi73

    Watch this video

    Few month back Amin Fahim returned millions in from NICL case. He was also proven guilty like Pervez rasheed but our courts only punish the poor.

  • Bro, if we are going to decide our fates based upon videos than I might as well get on youtube, cull some unfavourable videos of Imran Khan and start spamming here...what's it gonna be?

  • An investigation is required into these allegations.

    Who will investigate this?

    Noora Kushti that is all that will happen and the dengue brothers will get away with it.

  • @saladin89,

    Politics is a b!tch, ain't it? Don't worry, Dengue Khan's day will come as well and until then he can continue his noora kushti with Zardari while covertly being his single biggest ally.

  • investigation required? politics is b!tch?

    Thank u for being so constructive.

    What has IK got to do with it?

  • PML-N did not go to the court to challenge appointement of Auditor Gen. of Pakistan Buland Akhtar Rana who has a history of bad character & family freindship with Gilani but they are moving the SC against NAB chaireman Fasih Bukhari why ? becoz Rana doesn't effect them as his periode will cover Musharaf & PPP tenure & whereas they have fear that Bukhari may open there ever pending cases in NAB although Bukhari considered to be a clean man.

    Pathetic Munafiq Liars-Nalaiq (PML-N)dont care what is good for the country they only care what is good for them

  • @outspoken,

    Still high pal? A chilled 7-Up mixed with mosquito repellent would get you back to your senses.

  • @siddiqi73

    How much you are paid to defend crimes and gundagardi of your Sharif badmaashs?

  • @msyedh,

    Just about you are paid out of the 60 mil stashed in the Swiss accounts of you know who. Be a man and condemn PML (N) from the platform of PPP and don't try to ride on the coattail of Dharna Khan.

  • @siddiqi73

    Mein lanat bhejata hoon chor Zardari aur us kee corruption par.

    ab aap bee lanat bhejo Nawaz Sharif aur us kee corruption par, to prove that you are not paid for this online propaganda from this gunda league.

  • میں کیوں لعنت بھیجو دوست ؟...if there is proof of corruption against NS and SS, what better forum is there to address such issues than the courts.

  • @siddiqi73

    There are already decisions against Nawaz Sharif, he was granted Maafinaam for that crimes, he signed and left for saudi palace with all his looted money in 40 suitcases.

    Nobody expect any decision and justice against Nawaz Sharif from present Jhurlo judiciary, who already sold out for their restoration in the hand of Sharif badmaashs. They did biggest blunder of world legal history when they allowed Sharif brothers to appeal after 8 1/2 years and dismissed and suspend many cases.

    Mr @siddiqi73, it is your turn, show some courage to condemn these convicted Sharif gundas to prove that you are not paid by these badmaashs.

  • siddiqi73,

    Just let me know if there is any mosquito repellent brand which works against denguees brothers ?