What will Afghan army do when/ if US left Afghanistan?

  • What will Afghan army do when/ if US left Afghanistan?

    Assuming the brand new, .4 million men strong, U.S. + India trained, Afghan army over runs the resistance/ guerillas/ Talibans, what this army can do/ will be used for? Make your choice.

    1- Only to suppress any future internal Afghan disturbances and defense of international Afghan borders.

    2- CIA payback to Pakistani Jurnails by causing continuous scrimmages and may be an outright war on Pakistani western borders.

    3- Bid war with Pakistani Jurnails to run proxies in Iran until Iran runs out of oil, gas and Islam.

    4- Other?

  • Nothing else, they are going to convert drug dealing force. That is only one business and income they can create to survive for short time. Because they will be not able to afford and to maintain this big armed force with their own sources.

    US and India can not pay this force forever.

  • @Azizi and msyedh

    A good idea is to send them with leaving US Army to USA otherwise talibans/Pak Generals will not spare them. And there is also possibility of running drug and arms trade to pay for their expenses.

  • @Azizi we are behaving with Afghans in the similar fashion as Americans behave with Pakistanis.....

    Both poke their noses in their so-called friends' affairs, both interfere on the pretext of support, both patronize and dictate, both carry a chip on their shouldiers, both look down upon their counterparts expecting nothing in return but complete subjugation and submission of lackeys' proportion....

    If Americans leave us alone and we leave Afghanis alone there will be a lasting peace in the region!!!!

  • They will join Taliban or whoever got more power... thats what recent history tell us..

    am i wrong

  • @expakistani

    You are 100% right with your assessment. One more point, because they are mercenaries and they will work with any new Govt whether it is talibans or Karzai.

    What a big mistake Gen Zia made!!

    We fought a wrong/immoral war during 80's in return for prolonging Zia's power and dollars. back in 80's, One of my Jamati cousins loved this jihad and he stopped talking to me because I called that war a fasad and I still do.