Arif Alvi of PTI...who is he?

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  • @insaftak

    Religious beliefs play a major role in defining the personality of the other person. Arif Alvi being a senior figure in PTI should tell us his religious beliefs. He second to IK and is a founding member of PTI.

    Only true Islam can give proper "Insaf" to humanity and we are interested to know what are "Islamic Beliefs" of a person who played a major role in forming "Tehreek-e-Insaaf".

  • **Dr. Arif Alvi

    Secretary General

    0300 822 1626**

    Professional Dental Career

    1. BDS (Dentistry) from University of Punjab 1970

    2. Master of Science in Prosthodontics from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1975

    3. Master of Science in Orthodontics from University of Pacific, San Francisco 1984

    4. Dean Faculty of Orthodontics (College of Physicians and Surgeons) 2000-07

    5. Diplomate American Boards of Orthodontics 1995

    6. Professor of Prosthodontics (Honorary) Karachi Medical and Dental College 1996-2005

    Professional Achievements

    1. Chairman 1st Pakistan International Dental Conference 1981

    2. Founding Editor of Journal of Pakistan Dental Association 1985-88

    3. Chairman 3rd Pakistan International Dental Conference 1987

    4. Patron 6th Pakistan International Dental Conference 2000

    5. Chairman 28th Asia Pacific Dental Congress 2006

    Elected Positions in Dentistry

    1. President of Pakistan Dental Association 1997-2001

    2. President Pakistan Association of Orthodontists 2005

    3. President of Asia Pacific Dental Federation 2006-7

    4. Councilor and Trustee of the World Dental Federation 2007-13

    Political Career with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

    1. Founder member of PTI 1996

    2. Member CEC since first meeting 1996 to date

    3. President Sindh PTI 1997-2001

    4. Vice President PTI 2001-6

    5. Contested Elections from Karachi as PTI candidate 1997 & 2002

    6. Was arrested and jailed twice as PTILeader

    7. Secretary General PTI 2006 to date

    Fellowships Awarded

    1. Fellow Pierre Fauchard Academy

    2. Fellow International College of Dentists

    3. Fellow of the American College of Dentists

    4. Fellow International College of Continuing Dental education


    Charitable Work (Trustee)**

    1. Chairman Managing Trustee of Safiya Azimuddin Charitable Trust

    2. Trustee Shirinbai Jinnah Charitable Trust (was made Trustee by the sister of Quaid-e-Azam in 1981)


    Publications and Media


    There are more than 30 research publications in National and International Dental Journals. Dr Alvi has been a frequent guests in hundreds of talk shows in Pakistan and has expounded the cause of PTI.

    In my own words:

    I was the President of the Students Union in Dental College in Lahore. Was active in Pro Democracy movement in 1969 and was shot and wounded by security forces. Worked for Jamaat-e-Islami for some time. Started discussions with Mr Imran Khan before party was established. The reasons for forming a new progressive party was the lack of leadership in Pakistan. What we have are leaders who are dishonest and enslaved to western powers. They sell their country and our interests for a song. I was one of the few people who helped write the party constitution. I write occasionally on a blog anchored by Dr Awab Alvi ( My passion is to change Pakistan according to PTI vision into a ‘Modern Islamic Welfare State’.

  • Durrani ,

    "Only true Islam" ?

    u have got true islam ? Whats the proof of that ?

    Bahi , why u r sniffing other people personals ? if u have anything adverse with proofs, bring that to table ?

    Now , for a moment Dr.Alvi's forefathers were of origin u mentioned, and now he has converted , would he change his surname ?

  • @Exposed

    Thanks for the copy paste but I have already read it on PTI's website.

    @Sharif Aadmi

    If he has converted we still need that to be verified. If PTI forms a government he may a hold a senior position in the Government and if lets suppose IK passes away Arif Aliv may become the head of the party. We do need to know his religious beliefs. When people can comment on religious beliefs of Jinnah why should Arif Alvi should be immune from that?

  • here is the vision statement of PTI

    Modern Islamic Welfare State

    Pakistan should be a 'Modern Islamic Welfare State'

    All these four words and there meanings have been described in detail:

    Modern: Scientifically and Technologically in sync with the world. An economic system which exists with social responsibility where capital is in circulation and not in accumulation

    Islamic: Non-theocratic in nature, along the principles defined by Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam. Adoption of a code of life which is in harmony with the Quran. Tolerance in Society. Justice for all in all spheres of life and Equal rights for all.

    Welfare: Equal Opportunites for all. Equitable distribution of resources leading to a prosperous Pakistan with a social net for the poor, gradually eliminating poverty from the country.

    State: Pakistan as a Sovereign Independent State, identified closely with the problems and issues of the Muslim Ummah. Living in peace with its neighbors. Military subservient to civilian rule. A country with strong independent institutions. A genuine democracy working within the bounds provided by Allah, and then the constitution of Pakistan in its true spirit.

    Dr Arif Alvi

    Secretary General

  • @ Duraani

    You should ask Dr. Arif Alvi this question directly on facebook/twitter. I'm pretty sure he will respond to your question. I personally don't care about what religion anyone belongs to. The biggest issue to me is equitable distribution of resources.

  • @insaftak

    Thanks for the copy-paste. I have already read it on PTI's website.

    Can you confirm or deny if Arif Alvi still holds the religious views of "Alawis" or "Alevi" as mentioned above.

    It many not be an issue for you..but mind will be a major issue for many voters in many constituencies..and I hope you are prepared to face it. Remember, to form a government PTI needs to win at least 186 seats.

  • @Insaftak

    If I have to ask it directly from Arif Alvi, why don't apply the same rule on yourself when throwing allegations at the other politicians in this forum?

  • I have no idea.

    Ask him on twitter/facebook. the one good thing about PTI leadership is that you could ask them a question and get an answer easily.

  • @ Durrani.

    unfortunately I don't have access to Asif Ali Zardari or anyone from PPP or Nawaz sharif or anyone from PML(N) but you do have access to Dr.Arif Alvi.

  • @insaftak

    as if he going to tell me the truth....

    Brother one of the main purposes of this forum is to spread awareness among fellow Pakistanis. And this threads is an attempt to invoke the thought in the mind of the readers that before they jump into the band wagon...they should consider all aspects of the personality of that "leader".

  • @insaftak

    And I hope you realize that I have deliberately not criticized the "Alawis" or "Alavi" but I just made an attempt to find out the religious affiliations of this person.

    You can check on some old threads in this forum. Someone else raised a similar issue. Some of PTIians called him a Shia and some of you called him a guys are not sure yourself. Thats what we call blind following.

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