Public funds used for Sharif rally in DG Khan

  • LAHORE: Nawaz Sharif appears to be conducting his whirlwind campaign tour partly at the public’s expense: the Punjab government spent approximately Rs4 million in arranging for the PML-N chief’s rally in Dera Ghazi Khan, despite the fact that Sharif holds no government office and is only the head of the province’s ruling party.

    Sources told The Express Tribune that the Punjab government directed the commissioner of DG Khan division to make arrangements for Nawaz’s rally, providing Rs1 million to each of the four district coordination officers (DCOs) in the division.

    According to sources familiar with the matter, the money was used to rent tents and over 9,000 chairs to be set up in a stadium. In addition local PML-N workers as well as patwaris were given money for fuel to gather party supporters to the rally.

    Since it would be illegal to make arrangements for Nawaz’s visit, government financial records were falsified to show that the money had been used for a visit by Nawaz’s brother, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

    “We can’t show Nawaz Sharif’s visit in DG Khan in our expenditures details since he is not entitled to this, so we have showed Shahbaz Sharif’s visit in our [expenditure] heads,” said one senior official in the DG Khan division administration.

    DG Khan Commissioner Muhammad Tariq denied the allegations, saying they are baseless. When asked how the event was paid for, he smiled and said that “the party has borne all the expenses.”

    Punjab government spokesperson Senator Pervaiz Rasheed did not answer phone calls from The Express Tribune seeking comment.

    Published in The Express Tribune, October 20th, 2011.

  • ہمارے ملک کے زمینوں پر قبضہ کرنے کے لئے اور انتخابی مہم کے لئے پٹواری کا بھرپور استعمال کیا جاتا ہے جس کی ایک مثال میاں صاحب کے اس جلسے میں ملاحضہ فرمائیں.

    پہلے عوام کے ٹیکس کے پیسے سے اپنے گھر پر سرکاری ملازموں سے ڈیوٹی کرواتے ہیں اور پھر ایک جلسے کے لئے چالیس لاکھ روپے قومی خزانے سے خرچ کرتے ہیں.

    ابھی تو لاہور کے جلسے کے لئے بھی کروڑوں روپے کے فنڈز سرکاری خزانے سے خرچ ہوں گے

  • Express tribune is a joke. No one takes it seriously.

  • If some newspaper is in favor of "Main Dengue $harif" and Dengue league...then it is a no-joke and should be taken seriously.

    If some newspaper is not in favor of "Main Dengue $harif" and Dengue league...then it is a joke and should not be taken seriously.

    Good logic Asrar Hassan...nooners sure have superior IQ, great logic and debating skills.

  • They are used to it. It's habit and hopefully people will make such habitual liars and crooks suffer in the next elections, inshallah.

  • Asslam o alikom to all readers,please read and think

    where is imran khan on the following issues:-

    1. we dont have any concern about his personal life but if he wants to be a public leader than he has to stand clear about his personal issues and tell openly to pakistani nation why he did not give justice to his daughter "Tayreean".If he can not give justice to his daughter how come he will give justice to the millions of pakistani childeren.

    2.He always talks about bringing assets from west....while his own daughter is in america and his two sons are in england.Before criticizing others he should see himself through is collar.

    3.Now he is accepting gifts "dogs" from Musharraf and some time ago he was calling Musharraf a big dog....where does he stands on his words.

    4.Uptill now he never spoke about NICL Scandal ,which was one of the biggest scam and how all the witnesses were broken and how the supreme court was being insulted several times.But Mr.Khan who called himself symbol of justice ..he never spoke a word about that.

    5.All his politics is just point scoring for himself...and he takes different flights from time to time and forget about his previous destinations and choose different target to make people fool .I give you few examples:-

    6.He was the 1st one to support Musharraf....then to support Musharraf on his reffrendum b/c he was hoping Musharraf would make him prime minister...then just before elections when Musharraf joined Q league...he started to oppose Musharraf b/c his hope of becomming prime minister was it was just his personal interest not the Pakistani interest.

    7.Then he started to oppose Choudarys b/c he thought that Musharraf did not make him prime minister due to them.

    8.Then he started to oppose Altaf Hussain....he went to extreme but then after a bargaining with mqm he got completly silence ,even when the karachi was burning in target killing his delegation was present in nine zero office pictures of which have been printed on several newspapers.he pulled out the case against Altaf hussain....if he was really serious against altaf hussain then he should have contacted zulfiqar Mirza and take all the proofs from zulfiqar mirza and go to uk and work together with zulfiqar mirza in this legal battle against mqm which was an oppertunity but where is he on this important issue....?

    9.Where was his statements on Karachi Mehran base scandal,on Abbottabad issue ,and few other issues where security agencies were involved in and he did not say a word about those issues ...which shows that he is a puppet of security agencies .

    10.He met one day before the release of Raymond Davis with American ambassador in Pakistan ...and he did not say a word to public about his meeting on that important national issue.

    11.He never talked about zakat system...he only talk about imposing more taxes which is not a concept of islam...but the 5th pillar of islam which is zakat...he never talk about how he would improve that system.if we improve the system of zakat we dont need to pay any taxex at all.

    12.We want to know what is his source of income... that he makes so many trips to west and america all the time...and he runs the party and his luxurus accmodations in islamabad big farm house and in lahore....what is his source of income???we all this he is eating from donations...we dont give donation to him for his politics or luxurus life style.

    13.He is given this task by secret hands divide vote bank of PM L N to give advantage to zardari and co.Any vote to Imran khan would go to Zardari,Choudrys,Altaf Hussain,Musharraf and co.As Imran khan is working on their agenda to divide the rightist vote bank .

    Dear brothers and sisters on all the above issues we can see his U turns and his selfish and immature politics.

  • ^ Dengue league propaganda machinery at work again.

    Just tell me, how many times we (I and my other PTI brothers) have to answer to these same beseless allegations and fake propaganda, repeated again and again by dengue brothers and their bongay fans...just go through different threads on this forum and see for yourself how we already have torn apart all your lies, baseless allegations and fake propaganda.

    ..and don't try to divert the thread topic here, okay!...this thread is about "Public funds being used by Mian Dengue $harif in DG Khan Rally" before pointing your dirty fingers at others...first answer this question, "Why Mian Dengue $harif and Dengue league used Pakistani tax-payers money for personal and party activities and rallies"...come on, answer this, we all want to hear your answer, all ears..

  • @manogman,

    How many time you have actually answered it? you mostly abuse call names and say everything which is remotely related to the question and then you call it answer... if that is the answer you are talking about, then yes you may have done that million times... but actually none including you have ever able to answer a single question about IK...

    And i understand why it is, because there is no answer to these...

    Now please start your name-calling and abusing.. just like your leader...

  • Khanamer...could you please stop sounding like a broken record all the time? Thanks.

    ..and just answer the question that is actually asked in this thread, instead of playing your usual cheap tactics to divert the attention from the main topic.

  • logic, lol,

    hahahhahahahha, even if you are right 100% which is far from reality the corruption, looting, plundering, money loundering, tax evasion, immoral use of power & public money, bribing journalists, judjes, high govt officials, issuance of SRO for evading excise & duties on scrap are some of the crime commited by N$ & $$, comparing them IK is itself illogical

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  • Lol at the Internet Tarakee Pasand Party...they don't have a single candidate from anywhere in Pakistan except for perhaps Naraz Khan.....hahahahahahaha at such trash talk. 30th October will be the day when political obituary of Ponka Khan will take place and his brand of perfidious and unscrupulous politics will be buried for good in Miyani Sahab.

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  • Using state or provincial resources for party political purposes is nothing new and has perhaps been happening since the early years of Pakistan. Whilst in the good old days, it was the norm but now with the diffusion of media, it is hard to get away with such behaviour. A prime example of the use of state money for party political purposes is the shameless use of PTV for propaganda.

    I believe, we need to learn new ways of conducting party political business especially when the party in question is in power. To avoid using public money for party promotion is perhaps a hard thing to do but morally; it's the only thing we must do.

  • @sting,

    Cut this crap about giving us the impression that you are the most erudite, righteous and holier than thou philosopher/political scientist on pkpolitics. We need to grasp your expert opinion on "Sheroo" or you and your brother in the insafi brigade would now jump on Saleem Safi and declare that the latter has committed blasphemy for writing the aforesaid article.


    Thanks for posting that link.

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    " you are the most erudite, righteous and holier than thou philosopher/political scientist on pkpolitics."

    Thanks, I know.

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