Captain Vs Captain


    A world cup winning captain (Akhtar Rasool) against a world cup winning captain (Imran Khan).

    But Akhtar Rasool has two advantages. One as a player , one as a politicians.

    As Player

    He has won 3 world cup gold medals 71,78 ,82 wheres IK won world cup only once.

    As Politician

    He won multiple times as MPA from 85 to 97 whereas IK has won only once in 2002.

    But IK has certain advantatages as well.

    a) AR was convicted in contempt of court case (Sajjad Ali Shah invasion case) where as IK has only some LA/US case court verdict in personal matter.

    b) IK has delievered SKMH & NIMAL as well whereas IR although being son of Ch.Ghulam Rasool , a lot could be expected of him.

    Lets see how this captain vs captain thing goes.

  • Asslam o alikom to all readers,please read and think

    where is imran khan on the following issues:-

    1. we dont have any concern about his personal life but if he wants to be a public leader than he has to stand clear about his personal issues and tell openly to pakistani nation why he did not give justice to his daughter "Tayreean".If he can not give justice to his daughter how come he will give justice to the millions of pakistani childeren.

    2.He always talks about bringing assets from west....while his own daughter is in america and his two sons are in england.Before criticizing others he should see himself through is collar.

    3.Now he is accepting gifts "dogs" from Musharraf and some time ago he was calling Musharraf a big dog....where does he stands on his words.

    4.Uptill now he never spoke about NICL Scandal ,which was one of the biggest scam and how all the witnesses were broken and how the supreme court was being insulted several times.But Mr.Khan who called himself symbol of justice ..he never spoke a word about that.

    5.All his politics is just point scoring for himself...and he takes different flights from time to time and forget about his previous destinations and choose different target to make people fool .I give you few examples:-

    6.He was the 1st one to support Musharraf....then to support Musharraf on his reffrendum b/c he was hoping Musharraf would make him prime minister...then just before elections when Musharraf joined Q league...he started to oppose Musharraf b/c his hope of becomming prime minister was it was just his personal interest not the Pakistani interest.

    7.Then he started to oppose Choudarys b/c he thought that Musharraf did not make him prime minister due to them.

    8.Then he started to oppose Altaf Hussain....he went to extreme but then after a bargaining with mqm he got completly silence ,even when the karachi was burning in target killing his delegation was present in nine zero office pictures of which have been printed on several newspapers.he pulled out the case against Altaf hussain....if he was really serious against altaf hussain then he should have contacted zulfiqar Mirza and take all the proofs from zulfiqar mirza and go to uk and work together with zulfiqar mirza in this legal battle against mqm which was an oppertunity but where is he on this important issue....?

    9.Where was his statements on Karachi Mehran base scandal,on Abbottabad issue ,and few other issues where security agencies were involved in and he did not say a word about those issues ...which shows that he is a puppet of security agencies .

    10.He met one day before the release of Raymond Davis with American ambassador in Pakistan ...and he did not say a word to public about his meeting on that important national issue.

    11.He never talked about zakat system...he only talk about imposing more taxes which is not a concept of islam...but the 5th pillar of islam which is zakat...he never talk about how he would improve that system.if we improve the system of zakat we dont need to pay any taxex at all.

    12.We want to know what is his source of income... that he makes so many trips to west and america all the time...and he runs the party and his luxurus accmodations in islamabad big farm house and in lahore....what is his source of income???we all this he is eating from donations...we dont give donation to him for his politics or luxurus life style.

    13.He is given this task by secret hands divide vote bank of PM L N to give advantage to zardari and co.Any vote to Imran khan would go to Zardari,Choudrys,Altaf Hussain,Musharraf and co.As Imran khan is working on their agenda to divide the rightist vote bank .

    Dear brothers and sisters on all the above issues we can see his U turns and his selfish and immature politics.

  • logic

    Won't u say anything about akhtar rasool ?

  • Since AR was convicted in Sajjad Shah court invasion case, so I think he is ineligible to contest the election. But I think another Captain Amir Sohail will definitely be a Pml (N) candidate against Ik in Lahore.


    I agree but i think he would put forward his son.

    Last time in 2002 , he made his uncle EX_IG Punjab Ch.Amin (who was also his Father in Law) to contest on Q League ticket and he lost badly .

    There is another thing as well that probably ineligibility was for 10 years (not sure ).

  • @Logic,

    I hope people would sit up and analyse your passionate dissertation of Naraz Khan and his brand of "mischievious" politics.

  • wow logic

    i must logic has logics...

    and inqalabiis have no logics usually.

  • Usually inqulabis don't as most of their crap is copy pasted from ;)

  • In my opinion, PTI has a great advantage of having a sizeable youth following who are full of energy and enthusiasm and are usually sincere.

    PTI should use this biggest strength of urban youth and mobilize them to spread their message in rural areas.

    Urban votes are not enough to win a meaningful representation in assemblies. True power comes from rural area. In my opinion PTI should spend all its energies in rural areas now.

  • Secondly, PTI needs to come up with awami empowerment slogans. Land reforms or land distributions and tractor schemes and tax holidays for small land owners.

    The anti-patwari slogan is a good one but I dont know if it is realistic. Immu darling is probably promising more than PTI can deliver.