Afghanistan would support Pakistan if war with america

  • Afghanistan to side with Pakistan if war with America: Karzai


    Published: Oct 23, 2011 00:32 Updated: Oct 23, 2011 00:32

    ISLAMABAD: Afghanistan would support Pakistan in case of military conflict between Pakistan and the United States, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said in an interview to a private Pakistani TV channel broadcast on Saturday.

    The remarks were in sharp contrast to recent tension between the two neighbors over cross-border raids, and Afghan accusations that Pakistan was involved in killing the chief Afghan peace envoy, former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani, by a suicide bomber on Sept. 20.

    “God forbid, If ever there is a war between Pakistan and America, Afghanistan will side with Pakistan,” he said in the interview to Geo TV.

    “If Pakistan is attacked and if the people of Pakistan needs Afghanistan’s help, Afghanistan will be there with you.” Such a situation is extremely unlikely, however. Despite months of tension and tough talk between Washington and Islamabad, the two allies appear to be working to ease tension.

    In a two-day visit to Islamabad, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued stern warnings and asked for more cooperation in winding down the war in Afghanistan, but ruled out “boots on the ground” in North Waziristan, where Washington has been pushing Pakistan to tackle the Haqqani network. The Haqqani are a group of militants Washington has blamed for a series of attacks in Afghanistan, using sanctuaries in the Pakistani tribal region along the Afghan border. Pakistan is seen as a critical to the US drive to end the conflict in Afghanistan.

    Pressure on Islamabad has been mounting since US special forces found and killed Osama Bin Laden in May in a Pakistani garrison town, where he apparently had been living for years.

    The secret Bin Laden raid was the biggest blow to US-Pakistan relations since Islamabad joined the US “war on terror” after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.

    Karzai said tensions between the United States and Pakistan did not have any impact in his country’s attitude toward Pakistan. The TV channel, Geo, did not say when the interview was conducted.

    Afghans have long been suspicious of Pakistan’s intentions in their country and question its promise to help bring peace. Karzai repeated that concern in his remarks.

    “Please brother, stop using all methods that hurt us and that are now hurting you. “Let’s engage from a different platform, a platform in which the two brothers only progress toward a better future in peace and harmony,” he said.

    Following the death of Rabbani, Karzai said he would cease attempting to reach out to the Afghan Taleban and instead negotiate directly with Pakistan, saying its military and intelligence services could influence the militants to make peace

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  • WOW. An untrustworthy man who blow cold and hot in the same string. When goes to India ! will fight for India. When goes to US and Talk with Europe ! Their faithful. Now cheating Pakistan. But whenever found chance, blow below the belt to Pakistan.

    Now American will be laughing upon his statement and India will be thinking, how to teach him a lesson. Because India is not like Pakistan. India spent 1 dollar and take back 10 dollars. May be now both are thinking to get rid off this puppet, he come to know and want to regain support and favor of pakhtoons and Pakistani. Because both have very week memory. HAMMAD SETHI

    Pakistan should sieze all cooperation with the Christians in Afghanistan, and try and force them out of Afghanistan without a formal peace deal with the Taliban. BRIGHTSTAR

    President Karzai's comment is a complete U turn from his comment on Pakistan just a month ago.The word "enemy" has mellowed down to "brother" just in a month.When he speaks about a war he should understand that a country can go to war only if it has a strong or at least a reasonably strong economy.Pakistan as a bankrupt country is just not in a position to go to war with any country because it it does,it's already shattered economy will just vanish in thin year and Pakistanis will start starving.As for Afghanistan's offer to support Pakistan in case of a war it should be remembered that this country too is another bankrupt one and not in a position at all to get entangled in any sort of war.President Karzai's words are like a blind offerring help to a deaf and donot carry any real weightage.

  • Who does the poodle think he is fooling?

    It is for sure his master's voice speaking as part of some hidden sinister agenda.

  • Karzai, you don't even believe yourself, then how on earth do you want others to believe your statements.

    Btw: Who the heck are you? You are even not the mayor of Kabul any longer.

  • agreed with AR.

    they are hypocrete want send afgan troops inside pakistan to show sympathy but they will not succeed in their intentions because we do'nt trust them since they are helping uncle sams given task against pakistan.

    they have huge support in the form of BLA,khi and they want joine these anti forces against pakistan.

  • Known as a 'pawn' of CIA, we should ignore his grunts. Keya piddi our Keya piddi ka shorba!

    However we, on our part should stay vigilant and wary of such neighbors when headed by pro neocon stooges especially when we ourselves are headed by a similar pro neocon stooge.

  • There are reasons why US policy to get Taleban into negotiations has failed

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visits to Afghanistan and Pakistan have been presented as a move both to get the Afghan government talking again to the Taleban and reforge strained relations between Kabul, Islamabad and Washington.

    She has a mountain to climb if she is to succeed.

    In the case of the Taleban, contacts were broken following last month’s assassination of former President Burhanuddin Rabbani who was acting as interlocutor between the government and the insurgents. The Taleban have been blamed for the assassination and Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai says he no longer sees the point of talking to the Taleban because they are puppets in the hands of Pakistan’s intelligence services. The US concurs. Pakistan, of course, denies it.

    Clinton is absolutely correct in her view that the Taleban cannot be ignored. They represent a major segment of Afghan society. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see the policy being pursued by Kabul and Washington to get them into negotiations being successful. It is all stick and no carrot. The notion of forcing someone to the negotiating table can work when that person accepts that they have been defeated. But the Taleban are not defeated — far from it. Simply threatening more stick, which is what she did in Kabul, is not going to break the Afghan cycle of violence. To entice the Taleban, there has to be far more carrot.

    As for reconnecting with Pakistan, there is little reason for hope there, either. Relations have never been so poor. That the US sees Pakistan as the problem was made abundantly clear with Clinton’s comments about pushing Pakistan “very hard” and that “there can be no safe haven” there for those who kill Pakistanis and “who cross the border to kill people in Afghanistan."

    This sounds more like a threat than a hand of friendship. It is not going to go down well with a Pakistani public already deeply suspicious of Washington’s intentions and daily becoming more anti-American because drone attacks continue to kill innocent bystanders.

    From Washington’s perspective — and Kabul’s — Islamabad has to be part of the solution to Afghanistan’s continuing conflict, as Clinton made clear over the past couple of days. There is a clock ticking. The US says it wants to keep to its plans of pulling all its forces out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014; the Afghan Army will then be in charge of the country’s security. The trouble is that at present, with the Taleban growing rather than being crushed, it does not look as if the Afghan Army is going to be up to the job.

    Thus the desperation to get Pakistan on side — and it is desperation. This is far from the first time that Clinton has told Islamabad that it has to deal with the Taleban. She was saying exactly the same thing in Islamabad in May, her first visit after US special forces killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad: Pakistan had to clamp down on the Taleban and Al-Qaeda and stop using them the country’s territory for their operations in Afghanistan. Likewise, for almost the past two years, she has been talking about the importance of a strategic relationship between the US and Pakistan.

    It has not happened, and it does not look as if it is going to either. Islamabad cannot, or will not, play ball. That leaves a gaping hole in Washington’s Afghanistan plans

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  • He will deny this statement next morning before breakfast from his palace in Kabul. What a looser trying to fool us.

  • President of a compound in Kabul will help us?

    karzai... you not only selling it,abusing it aswell bad boy

  • There is intelligence service affiliated with afghan army, there job is to make sure men who are joining the Afghan army are anti Pakistan.

  • Afghanistan should learn how to support itself first before supporting other countries. We Pakistanis have paid a very heavy price (and are still paying) for being a neighbour of a failed country like Afghanistan.

  • Karzai Backtracked from his statement already.

  • ST, You are also neighbor to a "passed" country like India too. As a matter of fact the filth in Pakistan is not due to improvised country like Afghanistan but due to a filthy neigbor like India however technological superior it may be.

  • the foreign puppet has already taken his words back.

  • @Abdul Rahman

    What India has to do here in this debate?

    We are talking about a failed State like Afghanistan which has been responsible for so many social evils in Pakistan like drugs and Ak 47 culture. I lost a cosuin and a close friend back in 1983 and 1984 due to use of heroine and herone came from Afghanistan. How many guns are in Pakistan today? And how many mothers have lost their sons due to these guns. I have seen dead bodies of students in Karachi university where one student group freely used AK 47 to intimidate other student groups.

    Due to Gen Zia's wrong policy and unchecked influx of Afghan refugees during Afghan fasad of 1980's, all guns and drugs came from Afghanistan and today we have millions of guns in our country all thanks to Afghansitan.