PCB Offers Dave Whatmore 15000 $ Per Month

  • Dave Whatmore want 20,000$ plus more facilities.

    Once again expensive foreign coach for cricket team.


  • tou bhai jaan aap kia chahtay hein kay muft kaa coach mill jaey?

    I think this will be money well-spent.

    Local coaches siasat hee kartay rehtay hein aur inn kee local dushmaniaa bhi hoti hein. COach foreign hee acha hai and PCB makes good money too.

  • Good move, we should hire him for coaching job; we need some good coaches to run our cricket. It is the cricket which unites our nation otherwise we are very divided and intolerant nation on every issue.

  • Rashied latif or/and Aqib Javeed can do better then Dave Whatmore if we not allow politics and players power in cricket.

    Dave Whatmore done good with Sri Lankans but thats about it, we need to utilize our own talent... would love to see some one like Shoaib Mohmmad / Mohummad Yousus help out new guys to sort out technical faults in batting at under age group. Waseem Akram or Waqar as bowling coach wouldnt be bad for same group

  • @expakistani

    Local coaches are under pressure from board chairman and other officials; atleast overseas coaches will be free of this pressure.

  • except Marhoom Bob Wolmer most of two other White coaches left in few months Richard Pybase and Jeff Lawson

    PCB and Pakistani government are short in money and they need to adopt strategy where they can save money as well as get best services.

    Imagine what we can do with 5000 dollars per month? get 5 local guys to train under 15 -21 team for future

    A simple forumla is selection committee select 18, team management ( capt, vc and coach ) select playing Xi...

    main job for coach is to provide training to the guys available not to get their nose in selection matters

  • In my opinion a simple solution is to let sport remain sport and politics remain politics .

    It seems that our sports is becoming more of politcis and our politics more of sport.

    Question is whether it is posisble or not?

  • I am against local coaches.

    Former and current pakistami players are usually immature and less educated. They are trapped in personal rivalries and cant see beyond their egos.

    Watmore is a good selection. Board must not try to save money for such an important and critical post.

  • Whatmore is an old school drill sergeant who will try to shove his ideology into our thick skinned players. What we really need is a tactician who knows how to deal cricket like a game of chess and someone like John Buchanan would do the trick. Mickey Arthur is also a good candidate.

  • Agree with bsobaid,

    Local coaches tend to become a part of the system instead of actually correcting it. Its no secret that in the last 2 decades, all our squads have had 'group-bandi' in them. A Younis Khan group, A Waqar group, Akmal Brothers group, Afridi group, Shoaib Malik group etc etc. I believe a foreginer will be less inclined to support such bhai-giri groups and will try to unite the team as a single unit.

  • I think hiring of Whatmore will be a good idea; for his credential show Sri Lankan and Bangladesh teams fared well under his coaching stints....

    Moreover, talent aside, Pak coaches tend to get into making "favorites'" group, and approached by friends and cronies to induct their "loved-ones" and that leads to all sorts of problems.....Foreign coaches at least do not carry such extra baggage and are freer to compose a strong team based on merit...

    During Bob Woolmer and Lawson time Pak team floated between 2nd and 4th places, and mostly stayed on number 3 position. You can argue that during that time we had players like Inzimmam, Yousuf, Afridi but don't forget that talent is one area where Pakistan never faced shortage, and a good cricket coach can always rub those raw stones into shining gems of a winning team!!!!