CJ, if you can't handle the heat

  • Get out of the sun.

    If you can't give the people of Pakistan justice for any reason i think its time you just quit. Time and time again you have been punked, shown the middle finger by the ruling elite(Zardari and Co, Chaudary's and co). NRO, Nicl, Hajj.....

    How frustrating is it to see this crook, Bas-terd have a smirk on his face and leave with million of dollars.

  • Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth in what you said.

    In Hajj scandal, CJ asked Secretary establishment to issue notification to bring Hussain Asghar back as investigating officer. Secretary establishment did it against the wishes of the PM and paid for it by removal from his post. To this date Hussain Asghar has not been transferred back and CJ has been silent.

    Zafar Qureshi put his life and family in danger by doing an honest investigation of NICL case, but for what? The crooks have been freed and CJ is in slumber.

    I understand that the CJ is reluctant to assert the authority of the Supreme Court after Gen. Kayani refused to support the court against the government. But this is no excuse. The nation did not struggle for reinstatement of judges so they can enjoy their perks. The struggle was for establishing independent judiciary.

    The CJ and his brother judges should not play it safe and wait for an opportune time. Their role is to assert the supremacy of law and this has to be done irrespective of whether army supports it or not.

  • You are absolutely right OP. I had so much respect for Iftakhar Chaudhry during lawyers movement and I thought he is someone who can deliver justice. But till now he has only delivered "empty words".

    main ye kar dun ga, hum dekh lain gay, jo hukum nahi manay ga jail jaey ga, adalat sab dekh rahi hai bla bla bla.....batain to buhut ke magar end result kuch nahi!

    Sometimes I feel he is playing "friendly opposition" role like Nawaz Sharif was playing. In public he acts like he is the savior and will do anything to hold justice but in reality he has done nothing so far. shaaed ye bhe mila hoa hai andar say!

  • He himself is a NRO judge with a history of corruption. His motive behind all the judicial drama was to get his power back.

    I don't know why people put too much faith in him as cheap justice at first place.

  • @Dusky

    You are 100% right; he is himself is a beneficiary. Lawyers movement of ghundagardi was simply to restore his position.

  • This CJ have no moral legacy because of his background. He is still working with old pco oath, it mean he is pco judge.

    Reference against him, never had proceeding and never been decided.

    He is totally partial. He has personal revenge motivated attitude toward PPP, to discredit government to promote and to help Noon league politic. And, on the other hand he has completely favorable decisions and actions in favor of Noon league.

  • I still have respect for him. He has good intentions. But if you can't do your basic job than leave. All of judiciary should resign. Is their any need for judiciary when gov't is only willing to prosecute the poor and helpless.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    From Series: Start Trek, Voyager

    Episode Name: Pathfinder (1999)


    Lt. Reginald Barclay: You know what I always say: if you can't stand the heat...

    Holographic Harry Kim: ...get out of the warp core!



  • An independent judiciary can only function if the judgements it hands down are enforced.

    The simple tactic employed by the Government to discredit the judicial process or what little remains of it; is to ignore judgements.

    The the lack of repercussions for the police and the Government for non-implementations for Supreme Court judgements is the problem.

    When was the last time you saw the judicial process condemn a rich and infamous politician to a term in jail?

    Moral of the story;

    Different law for the rich. This luckily is how most revolutions begin. Can we expect one in Pakistan, via the ballot box or otherwise?

  • Ikfithar Chudhary is the culprit of killings of hundreds of people and wastage of billions of rupees. His rhetoric claims during his movement caused heavy loses to the nation. He showed the sky to the public but the result is nil over so many deaths and wastage of resources in billions of rupees.

  • I was disappointed when he chose to become an illegal judge. I wish he had formed a political party. In my opinion he is a ray of hope for Pakistanis if entered politics.

    Judiciary is relied on Executive for order execution and judiciary just cant take the role of executive even if the executive is as lame as the current PPP government. CJ should have thought about it before making buland-o-baang dawayy..

  • bsobaid

    Very buland-o-bang dawayy were made during the lawyers' movement. They assured the masses that the fate of the nation would be changed after the restoration of the judiciary. What are the results?

    The corrupt politicians who took the advantage of his lawyers' movement are the culprits of equal degree. His movement costed the nations hundreds of lives and billions of rupees.

  • Musharraf was so stupid to take panga with CJ. He could have simply done what Zardari is doing..CJ ko khassi bana dia hae.

    Or maybe the 'restoration' done by Kiyani had an agreement that CJ will bark but not bite and enjoy his sarkari gari, amla, and ghar and retire.

  • CJ ne azeez humwatanoo ko dawat daynay kee koshish kee thee laikin pindi se paighaam aagaya, baba apna kaam karo aur hamein fazool mein tangg naa karo!

  • I feel sorry for those friends who keep high hopes in people like IC etc. I am certain that nobody in current lot of leaders is capable of solving our problems. They can further deteriorate things only.

    We need new and young leadership with vision, credibility, resolve, unbiased patriotism and genuine intentions. Only such leaders can solve our problems.

    If you can find such qualities in any leader I shall be glad to work and support him and his party.

  • pakistani47?

    "We need new and young leadership with vision, credibility, resolve, unbiased patriotism and genuine intentions. Only such leaders can solve our problems."

    Any suggestions where we find one such person? Or you are only describing the futility of a search.

    It would help if you could say who might someone close to the ideals you describe.

  • I can not find anybody close to it unfortunately.

  • Come on pakistani47, dig deep.

    I refuse to accept that our country of 180 million people cannot produce a few such people.

    It is us the awam, that must suggest a solution, it is not going to happen on its own.

  • Old saying, "educate the masses, eliminate the classes".

    Only solution I foresee is bring awareness in public too root-out the current political corp (I consider current political leaders from A to Z as political class in Pakistani society).

  • Dusky;

    You are right but there "ain't gonna be no" divine intervention.

    Who is going to educate the masses given the utter tripe that is our school system especially that which caters for people most in need of education?

    Should we just vote for any party that promises 15% spending on education for the next five years?