Suggestion - Section on Education

  • I was posting a video related to the literacy facts of Pakistan, I found out there was no option of "Education" in "pick a section".

    I would request the admins to add a section on "Education" also.

    There is education emergency in Pakistan and the present state of affairs in education sector is closely linked to our politics (esp our politician's "kartoots").

  • Mods are unable to maintain the currently existing sections. I won't suggest another section, instead they should try to reduce and merge a few sections for now.

  • Fazooli

    Your ideas and comments on Education will be very welcomed on the thread; What should we teach our children in school/s?

  • idea of having a separate section of Education is great.

    we all are fed up with discussing the politics and never ending statements and blunders of the politicians.

    now we should move forward.

    and think something constructive and suggest some ideas for improvement.

    as long as managing sections are concerned.

    it will be managed inshallah.