Old pensioner dead magar Bhutto aaj bhe zinda hai

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    We are doomed. bechara ghareeb aadmi pension ka intezar kartay kartay mar gaya....magar in haram khoron aur lantio ko koe fikar nahi.....woh khabees Ghulam Ahmed Bilour jis nay railway ko tabah kar diya....us ko koe aur achi wizarat denay ke baat ho rahi hai wah


    Do you think Allah will show mercy to this nation??? Do you really think we will survive???

    na bijli na pani magar bhutto aaj bhe zinda hai

    railway aur pia tabah magar bhutto aaj bhe zinda hai

    har taraf corruption aur loot maar magar bhutto aaj bhe zinda hai

    lanat hai aise "but parast" qom par

  • sad event, indeed.

    corrupt hukmaran iqtadaar ki bandar baant mai lagay hoey hian . yeh insaan nahi hosaktay; yeh ghareebon kai naam per vote lainy walay darinday hain.

  • Bilour destroyed the institution of railway intentionally to boost his own and those of his party members' businesses of transport. He himself and his ANP colleagues are mostly road transport businessmen. He pretends to be a nincompoop but he is cleverer than anybody's imagination.

  • Instead of self-pity then we MUST work on toppling the current rulers. I don't expect ANYTHING good from these corrupt to the core politicians from PPP, PML, MQM, ANP, JUI-F etc.

    In other words - IF you really care then work for a change of leadership - otherwise accept the status quo and don't cry foul!

  • Basically in other words - IF you want to vote based on misplaced "Passion" of a "certain" political actor , then it is worth discerning that every single vote cast in favour of this "actor" would ultimately benefit Zardari and military establishment.

    The chants for a "CHANGE" sometime obscure the mala fide intentions of some sinister elements. Vote with prudence.

  • People don't need to repeat the mistake of voting AZ and his relatives such as brother in Law ( BB's brother N$) who later became AZ's brother. Enough is enough. Its time to stand for someone who stood against AZ when mughals were having hugs and kisses with AZ.

  • And the time's really gone down under for folks who are of the opinion, "I can go into an alliance with Zardari but never with NS." ;)

  • How about this one

    "I will stick by Mr 10% even if all PPP leave him"

    friendly opposition leader Nawaz Sharif

  • Yawn*******************

    Stale assessment.

  • Bhuttoism has been dead and we all mourned and buried in Garhi Khuda Bukhsh on December27,2007.

  • Bhuttoism has been dead and we all mourned and buried in Garhi Khuda Bukhsh on December27,2007.

  • @beenai

    surely bhutoism has been dead and now we are facing the fake bhutoism ID by zardari which pakistani deserves.

  • hukmaranoo pay allah kee lanat.

    PPP murdaa baad

    Hukmaran Toola murda baad.

    Haram khor, chor kee aulaad.

    ab koi poochay kay pension system fix karnay mein fouj nee roka hai yaa amreeka nay yaa terrorist ne?

  • Its not just ppp who do baghwan worship of their leaders. Aur bhi ghatia log hay zamane mei.

    Every party have their own so called baghwans which everybody in their party worships.

    For instance altaf hussein, Mian Nawaz sharif, aswanyar wali, maulana muft khor fazlurrehman and plenty of others.

    And these poeple dont care about pensioners or other poor people. They dont even care about their party workers etc.

    And dumb stupid citizens like us vote for these poeple just because benazir bibi is killed.

  • This is very sad story and reflects real picture of our sick and fast deteriorating society. Railways are at the brink of total disaster and concerned Minister is responsible for this miserable state of Pakistan’s national railway. There are rumours in the air that Minister Bilour is deliberately ignoring railway to benefit his voters and electorates. Demise of railway would be a very alarming development as this is the only affordable source of inter-state travel for thousands of people.

    I am looking forward for an Arab spring and May this death of a pensioner be the beginning of a revolution just like the suicide of a vegie peddler in Tunisia which sparked fire of this Arab spring.

    Our corrupt rulers and army mafia (over 60% natonal budget looters) will not stop their luxury lifestyle and poor awam will continue to suffer.

    Long Live Arab Spring

  • I personally think so too that this biloor is doing this on purpose. And obviously zardari sahib the chief mentore is guiding railway ministry, electric power ministry, and PIA (defence ministry) to stone age.

    I think probably this was the actual NRO agreement between pppp, mqm, jui, PMLN, Anp, usa and Israel, that lead pakistan to disaster. Balkanize pakistan to show 14 crore pakistanis that there is no hope in this country. And obviously kill their leaders like Benazeer, Zulfikar ali bhutto and liquat ali khan. Theyll probably kill nawaz shareef and Imran khan in next election (god forbid). Something I read on a foreign news paper.

  • Down with Arab Spring in Pakistan.

    Long Live Next Elections in 2013!

  • In life, if you make a mistake, just put you hand up and admit it and say sorry. Then do the honourable thing and either try and undo the wrong or else let someone else do the job.

    Not hard to understand.

    To my complete amazement this is something no one actually does here in Pakistan despite all the religiosity that slushes around. EVERYONE is always right in Pakistan; especially our politicians.

    The poor ex-railway workers can only get their pension if someone first admits to screwing up.

    Do you think the President, the Prime Minister and other minsters face similar delays in the payment of their salaries? You all need to thank me for providing you with a hearty laugh.

  • Sikandar Riza

    Who do you think is responsible for all this? Who will kill all politicians? Is USA/Israel responsible for the miserable state of our railway?

    What do you should be done now?

  • @bsobaid

    We have been voting for the last half a century in this country and our problems are getting from bad to worse. Elections have not solved a single problem of poor awam and sinking of national railway is just another example of terrible state of our society. By brining a change we may save life of an old pensioner and many others.

    One election is won by PPP another by PML and both are chor and looteray; behind the scene army plays its dirty game. Now ISI is planning to make Imran next PM. Bechari awam (of 160 million population) hardly gets 10% of national wealth and few percent political elites/army share, control and plunder 90% of country's wealth.

    Only advantaged class in Pakistan is scared of Arab spring revolution. Getting rid of current corrupt rulers and army is more important than selab of oryani and fahashi.