Qadri, the next prime minister

  • There was a country called Pakistan, then Mumtaz Qadri took oath as prime minster with 2/3 majority in 2012. I heard, Nato under the leadership of USA,Isreal India bombed it with consent of all muslim countries.

  • @sochopakistani

    lagta hey aap ne sochna band kar diya hey and making such statements. If you are under the influence of some kind of drugs or alcholic drink then please have a cup of tea or coffee. Can you tell us some good jokes?

  • @socho

    Pakistani awam are not that much foolish to think about him that much seriously. People will forget when his issue will be hanged in middle just like our custom.

  • The most disappointment is from that lawyer group who is supporting this piggy Qadari who violated his oath and committed this heinous crime.

    Yeh desi Mullahs tao pehlay he Allah ke azaab ka shakar hain. Allah ne en kee aqal aur dil donoon barbard kar diay hain. En Mullaaoon ko Hazarat Imam hussain ke baddua ha, yeh Qiyaamat tak esi tara ke behuda fatwas daitay rahain gay. Ab Khawaja Sharif jesa aik nia lanati mardood samany aa gia ha.

  • @msyedh

    100% agrred with you!

    These extremst characters think they are torch bearer of Islam and the whole world should do what they want. Lawyers are ghunday mawali supported by dodgy characters like Khawaja Sharif.

  • Mumtaz Qadri's act is punishable act as per the laws of Pakistan. However, the person killed by him was no heroic personality of Pakistan. Salman Taseer was no different from most of the other politicians.

  • @Hussain Farooq,do you mean, Kiling a "no heroic" person is not that bad?

  • sochopakistani

    Some friends on the forum as portraying Salman Taseer as some heroic personality and projecting Mumtaz Qadri as a despicable killer. Salman Taseer was a known figure for his corrupt politics, drinking and womanising.

    Salman Taseer committed a blasphemy and provoked Mumtaz Qadri's religious sentiments. However, Mumtaz's act of taking law in hands is inexcusable.

  • @Hussain Farooq, Thanks for clarifying. I have yet to meet a fan of salman taseer....