Pakistan 2040, A Success story

  • Today, in 2040 Pakistan is a prosperous, developed country. A comparison with past will highlight its achievements:

    Parameter 2011 2040

    True Literacy rate 10% 100%

    Economy $160BN $3000BN

    Population 175 MNs 190 MNs

    Tax collection $16 BN $300 BN

    Exports $25 BN $1000 BN

    Foreign Reserves $18 BN $1500 BN

    Corruption index 10th 200th

    Crime rate 80% 2%

    Safety Most dangerous country Safest place on earth

    Power generation 20K MW 500K MW

    Drone attacks 1/day No drone attack since 20 yrs

  • During "zamana Jahiliat" (Pre 2012), Pakistanis suffered with all conceivable problems including but not limited to corruption, lack of sincere leadership, power,floods,food crisis, terrorism, poor economy,bad reputation,extremism, lack of education etc etc.

    In 2012, all their leaders decided that enough is enough. They "acknowledged" that they all are part of problems but can become part of solution too. They identified below major issues:

    *3-4 years of governance term is too short to take on challenges of Pakistan.

    *Vision for future

    *Poor relationships with neighbors

    etc etc

    They took below actions to resolve the issues:

  • From 2012 to 2027- 15 years of un-interrupted governance to achieve below objectives:

    *Carrying out Major Tax reforms.

    *Implementing Education emergency

    *Improving relationships with neighbors and world sincerely

    *Building Major Dams

    *Overhauling Infrastructures

    *Overhauling Judicial system

    *Promoting soft and true image of Pakistan

    *Creating business friendly environment

    *Taping gold mine of non-resident Pakistanis

  • From 2028 to 2035- 7 years of un-interrupted governance to achieve below objectives:

    • Promoting story of Pakistan

    *Promoting innovation

    *Attract millions of tourist from around the world for business,leisure,religious and medical tourism

    *Achieving 100% literacy rate

    • Achieving food security

    *Promoting pride and nationalism

  • From 2036 to 2040- 5 years of un-interrupted governance to achieve below objectives:

    *Maintaining and continues improvement to the achievements made during last 22 years.

    " I am a dreamer, hope I m not the only one"

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    More of the same, eh ? More "khayali pulao" (in urdu) ?

    Are dreams the only thing you have ? or do you also possess the will to "struggle" to make your dreams come true ?

    You can do better. Get! to it.

  • @Hariskhan, Walekum Salam Warahmat ullah, You need to have dreamers, you need to have visionaries, you need to have planners and implementer, you need to have doers. In summary, successful teams need all sort of people. I am a dreamer, What are you?

  • Besides any jokes, we really do have the capability of demonstrating extra ordinary achievements. We are blessed with all the resources and potentials to transform into a great nation. Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan Paindabad!

  • Whoever you support, can all of ask our beloved leaders what are your plans for next 25 years and roadmap to success.

  • Pakistan has been heavily plundered and ravaged during the last 64 years, but it is still somehow surviving. Isn't this fact enough to prove that what a greatly potential our beloved country is!

  • @HF, who denies about potential, we need to convert potential energy to kinetic energy. For that you need to have leaders who can think beyond horizons and plan for next 25-30 years.

  • Yes Brother sochopakistani

    We don't lack any resources other than good human resources in our politics. That is the sector where we are badly lacking.

  • Seems nobody is interested in creating Pakistan's success story??