Is Hina Rabbani Khar Qualified For FM Position?

  • Foreign Minister in a country is considered to be the second most important personality after the state head. The requirements for the position of a Foreign Minister in terms of qualities, capabilities and experience are supposed to be very high.Hina Rabbani Khar hardly qualifies on the standards required for such an important position.

    What can be the reasons behind her appointment as the FM?

  • In this godforsaken land, head of state is hyena, who knows a hyena will let a lion in Pack ---

    What can be the reasons behind her appointment as the FM?

    Her advertisement ---

  • oblivion

    'Her advertisement'. Yes I agree with you.

  • Like so many, I did not take HRK seriously and thought, she is joke with nation however, hearing her with likes of H.clinton and Krishna, I have a feeling she is not bad choice. She defended Pakistani stance strongly. I dont mind giving her opportunity to prove herself.

  • The biggest problem with HRK apart from her very low tax bill, is that she lacks any original thinking and can only be described as a follower and not a leader. She could not in her wildest dreams challenge Zardari, Gillani or her political party on any issue of foreign affairs. Here is a thought experiment; imagine the Raymond Davis affair had happened when HRK was the foreign minister. Dare I say how quickly and in what manner the camel would have sat. Can you see her doing what her conscience dictates rather than Zardari?

  • @ Farroqi Sb.

    Whats ur openion about the others who are posessing the offices deserved those..........They all are stupids.........."Har Sakha py Ullo Betha hea....Anjam e Gulistan kia ho ga..

  • Why only single out HRK? This is the case for all the ministers. They are all corrupt and incompetent - also all the ministers in the provinces!

  • Scadinavian;

    I know but this thread is about HRK.

  • In Pakistan Foreign policy is not protege of politically elected government. Like defense and finance this is in indirect control of "muhab-wattans".

    I guess she is installed by "muhab-wattans" to present a softer side. Her qualifications, I assume she is a good host after all she got a degree in hospitality.

  • Agreed with @Dusky

    All the heavy lifting is done by the Khakis.

    She is a 'good face', 'soft image', skinny jeans wearing , duppatta taking , foreign educated, hospitable woman.

    When she is on stage, people talk about handbags and sunglasses..not the falied policies of Palistani state

    Perfect for our FM.

  • Who is?

    mochi ko defence ministery di hai

    sohni boothi, kamakal ko most important portfolio.

    koi kahta hai degree, degree hooti hai

    koi kahta hai corruption humara haq hai

    sadar kahta hai bujli, cheeni mera masla nahen hai

    PM ko maheenay main kaam az kaam eik dafa topi pahnaye jati hai

    Tax daitay waqat inn ko ultiyan ati hain

    Inn saab ko bad-dua hai..yeh loog Doller kay neechay aa kay marain gai.

  • Who voted for Zardari's PPPP ( pakistani awam )

    who voted for Nawz's PML N ( Pakistani awam )

    who voted for MQM ( Pakistani awam )

    who voted for ANP ( Pakistani awam )

    Heena Rabni Khar is not smart enough to run some 3 star hotel forget about running as head of foreign office...I even ask people how she got elected as MNA ?? most she can run a tourism ministry ...which has nothing to do thanks to mess in Khyber Pakhtoon Kawa.

    So ab kion rotey ho... jesey log wesey hukumran

  • 3 star hotel.....bohat bari cheez hoota hai

    bhai jan... tandoor nahen chalna iss mai saay

  • No she is not, because the ones's that appointed her are not worthy of making that decision. In fact non of our ruling elite, whether it is Nawaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain or Zaedari saab are qualified to lead.

  • I saw in the news today that HRK's husband owns a textile mill which owes WAPDA a sickening amount of money in electricity bills. Did anyone else see it too? On Geo.

    She has kept that very quiet making us believe butter won't melt in her mouth. Some tens of crore of Rupees in unpaid bills, what is the fuss all about? Often during load-shedding, I sit in the dark in Lahore wondering exactly that?

  • Voice horrible, personality poor and experience nil. To say the truth, she is not even fit to be a private secretary of any astute boss.

    As regards her handbags and sunglasses, I would only quote Waris Shah who says that no donkey becomes a Houri of Paradise, just by wearing tinsel festoons and garlands.

    Her selection as FM shows utmost lack of administrative abilities of PPP Govt.

  • She does belong to a highly influential and rich political family of the land which in keeping with our great tradition of nepotism have sent her to Parliament without the need for doing any useless work for her constituents and winning them over first.

  • Someone needs to explain to me why Pakistanis cannot see the breath-taking unfairness with nepotism? Why can't they see that Bilawal has done f--k all for Pakistan and he has not right to co-chair a national party? Most of these young pretenders to the thrones of their parents don't even deserve to a job, any job because they are so incompetent.

    Who is going to explain this to me?

  • Rich and influential family is no gauge to evaliate the merits of a person. There are countless examples where individuals brought up in mishmash rags grew up as rear gems.

    This woman does not deserve to be our FM. Unfortunately, our country is rife with nepotism; there is no doubt about it.

  • I think we may just be genetically nepotistic. So it's not really our fault that we elect the baby idiot when the older daddy or mummy idiot tells us to do so.

    Something that is manifestly obvious to me and I am sure to the rest of you, seems completely beyond the comprehension of those that suffer incredible neglect at the hands of their elected leaders?

    It is official. It is genetic.