Extra 20,000 seats ordered

  • http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2011/10/pti-orders-20000-more-chairs-for-public-meeting-in-lahore/

    ISLAMABAD - Expecting a massive crowd, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) has ordered additional 20,000 chairs for its public meeting to be held in Lahore on October 30.

    The party sources informed that initially an order of 40,000 chairs was placed, but due to massive crowd that is expected on the occasion, another order for more 20,000 chairs has been placed with a catering company in Lahore.

    A large number of people from various parts of Punjab and tribal areas contacted the PTI leaders to participate in the meeting in Lahore that would be addressed by PTI Chairman Imran Khan, the sources informed.

    The public meeting would be held at Minar-e-Pakistan in the capital city of Punjab province, said the sources.

  • so are we saying that up to 60000 are coming?

  • NO! 60,000 is only the no. of seats.

    Actual participation would minimum be more than 1,00,000...Insha'Allah.

  • you know its funny.... i been to many Jalsa aam in karachi back in 80s and 90s.... if i go by jalsa-e-aam then JI would be the second largest party of Pakistan after MQM.

    Bhion its jalsa-e-aam.... aam bechney wala bhi jalsey main aye ga but ...is he going to vote PTI?

    thats what IK and PTI supporters need to work on..

  • @expakistani

    Brother there are people as far as Australia that are preparing to vote for IK, and u are speaking about whether they will vote.

    If they do not back someone like IK then they deserve Nawaz Sharif!

  • Many people in Pakistan now believe that in order to get rid of blood sucking parasites like PPP and PMLN, they have to go with Imran Khan and PTI...people are fed up with this evil status-quo, and tried & tested failures...and now want CHANGE, and looking towards Imran Khan and will vote for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for that CHANGE in next upcoming general elections, Insha'Allah.

    There are hardly any ghost participants in IK and PTI jalsas, all are actual supporters and voters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf...but I agree we need to do more work, PTI vote bank is mostly youth, and it is already working on a voter registration campaign, with a focus to get registered the new unregistered youth vote, who are mostly Imran Khan and PTI supporters, if not all.

  • @saladin89

    Meri chotey bhai and if i am correct 89 is ur birth year....

    We need people from Abottabad and Dadu, Dont count on people in Australia and America, most they can put money to shokat khanam hospital...... they not gona even give money to PTI.

    Regarding vote... face book is not a legal way to do elections in Pakistan.... focus on lahore karachi fasiabad lala musa and DG KHAN...get risksahwala and paan wala to vote for IK.

  • @expakistani

    yes u are right, PTI supporters need to go out there and talk to people and try to gain more support, the word of mouth, thyat would be a very good tactic. I am sure there are people already doing this, but we need to increase.

    BTW 89 does not represent my birthday, in fact i would say I am older than u. I am thinking of changing that 89!

  • jo imran ko paisa daitay hai ....wo aaj idher khud b aa gaey hain tamasha daikhnay abb kisee se koee baat dhakee chuppee hai...yai yahoodee lobby

  • Yeh chairs kaa maamla mashkook hai.

    Chairs usually numbers ko exaggerate karnay liyay mangaee jaatee hai...iss se lagta hai jalsay mein dur dur tak logg hein...

    Khair, n.league walay khooj mein lagay hein. Agar chairs khaali hoein tou photo aajaey gee.

  • Where is the money coming from to finance these chairs. Are we to assume that the money being donated for the hospital is being diverted to finance the political activities of Taliban Khan or the money is being pumped in by Zardari and agencies?

  • Iqbal Park is busy place normally, we have Fort, Data Sahib and Shahi Mosque in the nearby area, it is favorite picnic destination to many people specially from the other side of the river.

    If these many or let say 100,000 people was to be gathered then Mochi-gate, Nasir bagh or Qadhafi stadium would have been better place for such event...

  • I'll be enjoying this comedy show on my tele while eating a bag of popcorns and washing it down with Coke ;)

  • @Sid,

    the only thing is, i feel for the cricketers there, i use be one of those who use to play cricket in Iqbal park on Sunday, the, whole week we use to look forward to this, almost a dozen team at a time play there, some good criketing talent such as Waseem Akram has emerged from that park, and missing one sunday is too much, specially in these days when you have to sit in home with no electricity...

  • Well my brother, you can always visit the Carnival tomorrow and give us the inside scoop on it instead of sitting at home with power ;)

  • You want me to visit a loser? PML-Q and PPP are going to be there in big number so let it be there show...

    I know many people who say they will visit the jalsa-gah tu have fun and by that they will also visit Tomb of Ali Hajveri (RA) known as Data Sahib in Lahore...

  • hahahahahahaha.....for real! just like the by-election in Sahiwal ;)

  • I wonder who is really funding such events? Such events cost millions of rupees.

  • @Hussain,

    Buddy, you don't need to look beyond Presidency, GHQ and ISI...nuf' said!

  • We are coming October 30th, inshallah the beginning of change. Concerning where the money is coming from, please bring some evidence that either establishment or funding from shuakuat khanum is being used.

    The patwari, lorry grabbing system PML N did, they did everything to put on a show, however Go Zardari Go, really was Go Imran GO.

    Let it be known 30th October 2011 will be known for nooners as diaper day!