Extra 20,000 seats ordered

  • PPP is offering a crowd of 10,000 jihalas in exchange of IK's silence on Zardari bashing on Sunday. Let's see how it comes out tomorrow whether IK sell his soul to Zardari in this barter trade or would he rely on his own repo to fill the Iqbal Park.

  • we will try brother, but only tommorrow will tell, but what I can tell u that it will be no patwari system, we are coming with full genuine support.

  • hehehehehe....no patwari system but surely a combo of Zardari/Kiyani/Pasha system ;)

  • hahhahahahahhahahha, there u go again with your comedy sidiq73, I though we had enough comedy from yesterday, but ti seems u are in the mood of it as well.

    Come October 30th make sure u got your toilet paper ready!

  • @Karim

    Malik Zaheer Khokhar, Former PML-Q and PPP member, SIL of Sitting Parliamentarian of PPP, with the help of PPP and PML-Q should be able to bring 5000+,

    Shahid Mairaaj S/O Mian Mairaaj Deen, again and renowned lota of Lahore, known as Maja Sikh, he with the local goons of PPP(known as Sikhs of Baghbabpura) would be able to add some 7K... would be shame if they couldn't...

    Mian Azhar the founding member of Lota league aka PML-Q, would be able to bring 2K-4K members with him...

    Asif Zardari after yesterday's rally of PML-N, is surely going to back things for PTI, as he don't want IK to realize that he do not exist... So Latif Khosa the Governor of Punjab would be handy here... another 10K from his efforts can be added...these people shall be brought in from Begam Kot, Shahdra, Sheikhupura, and Farooq Abad.

    Not to mention, the small time regional leaders of PPP and PML-Q getting in with the groups of 10-50 people... like they did in Gujranwala...

    this all would provide some good number of heads.. on top of this, there would be some 4 - 6K of PTI supporters there...

  • That's a lot of lotas and their supporters.

  • @HF

    You are asking such questions because you have never witnessed a clean party. Better get used to it, buddy. This is the beginning of new era, inshallah.


  • A clean a party with all the corrupt and nototrious lota in it... it is like a call-girl saying i am virgin...

  • Hahahahahaha....a new era where you have won just ONE seat in the last 16 years, lost all the by-elections including the one in Sahiwal and did not even bother to look into Kashmir elections!

  • Either SHUT UP or PUT UP. Nobody believes Dengue Leagues allegations.

  • Anyway, i remember, when the Longmarch for CJ was on in Lahore, Fazlu diesel was saying on live tv ( i think it was in Kamran Khan show) that there are about 100 or 200 people and when Kamran Khan tells him that there are scores of people, Fazlu said you asked my opinion and my opinion is that there are 100 or 200 people...

  • @Khanamer,

    Its like Kay Parker, Ginger Lynn, Vanessa Del Rio etc. claiming that they are nuns ;)

  • Scandi,

    Who the hell are you to tell me SHUTUP?? this is open forum, if you cannot handle criticism then go to your home...

  • @Khanamer,

    Don't worry about scandi.....he is just anxious at the number of "ghost" supporters who'll be in attendance tomorrow.

  • @KhanAmer

    I am at home:)

    Maybe you don't understanding the "shut up" call. It means either you put forward the proves or you stop the allegations!

  • Scandi

    What proves you want??? Inclusion of Bhinders in PTI... isn't that a prove? Inclusion of Jamshed Khan Jazi the drug dealer isn't that a prove, having mian azhar the founding member of Lota League and PITHO of Army Establishment in party and celebrating it, isn't that a prove, having Malik Zaheer Khokhar in the party ( the lota that is only of its kind and no body can beat the record) isn't that the prove.. I knew few from KPK who does not enjoy good reputation but again i am not sure about them.... but these guys every one knows...

    having all lotas and corrupts in the party and asking for proves??? what else you want in form of proves... the action of IK and PTI speaks for itself... you and all PTI supporters can choose to close your eyes to these...

  • @Khanamer

    Look, I don't expect ANY party to be 100% free of criminal people. Every now and then there will be disgusting characters in every party including PTI. The question is what that particular party does to these people when there are clear proofs DELIVERED.

    I cannot use your allegations in this regard. If you can provide proves against the above people I will do whatever I am capable of exposing them. I cannot and will not defend corrupt people from ANY party!

  • @Scandi

    Oh bhai, PTI claims to bring change, and these are the ONLY things you have got so far in the party!!!! Justice Wajeeh, Hamid Khan and many others who are deemed intellectuals and assets have been silent for long... and all we hear is about these and these are the very people who failed PML-N and PPP in their respective govts.... these back-stabbers are now part of PTI which says it will bring change... army is known by the strength of its soldiers along with the character of its general....

    I would not comment on character of IK but the strength of army is known... they are very strong and experienced when it comes to looting, corruptions and other crimes... and these people will bring the change.. either you are high on something or you are just joking with me...

    And regarding proves.... have some reading.. against whom you want prove??? against ZAheer khokar? prove to me that ZArdari is corrupt??? can you do that??? prove to me that NS have done corruption??? prove to me that IK is not corrupt??? the thing is these people are known in their cities/constituencies as choors or drug dealers or lotas because people know they are..

  • @Khanamer

    My offer was genuine, and I have still not seen proves. That's why I say either put up or shut up!

  • After the massive rally of Pml(n) last night, I think Ik needs to give SOS call to Zardari, Altaf and Ch Shujaat to fill in the new brand of so called "Chairs Wala Jalsa"