More than 100,000 people joined PMLN rally

  • Shahbaz fails Nawaz’s PML-N in Lahore

    daily times

    By Muhammad Akram

    LAHORE: In front of a largely non-responsive crowd to the slogan of ‘Go Zardari Go’ and a threat to hang the elected president upside down at Lahore’s Bhaati Chowk, the ruling party’s average show of political strength, spearheaded by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, has heightened politics of confrontation in the province.

    The party decision that Shahbaz Sharif would be the only speaker at the rally to set the tone for the politics of agitation the PML-N had been eyeing for days and months backfired since his use of non-parliamentary language annoyed many within the party. If he was unimpressive in highlighting the shortcomings of the PPP government, which are many beyond any doubt, he actually lagged behind in impressing the gathering about his government’s achievements in Punjab and those of his elder brother during the two PML-N governments in the 90s. The PML-N Punjab leader barely managed to count the construction of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and the Gwadar port and didn’t touch one of the most impressive achievements of Nawaz Sharif as prime minister - the initiating of a peace process with India that actually cost him his government in the late 90s.

    The sole speech was actually the proverbial use of Bhaati Lohari language often referred to as bizarre or unbridled language never appreciated in politics as well as in the social interaction context. His preference to use Bhaati-Lohari language during a public rally may be because he hails from Gowalmandi, located in the close vicinity of the famous Bhaati chowk. It may be added here that Bhaati Chowk and Gowalmandi are the areas that has produced a lot cultured and civilised individuals who rendered great contribution to the acclaimed culture of the city while the reference is here confided only to those who resort to the use of bizarre language and not to the general but proud inhabitants of the two areas.

    Shahbaz Sharif, who is known to many in the party as an aspirant of playing a role in national politics, tried on many a occasion in his speech to address the people of Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta, bitterly failed to avail the opportunity in the absence of his elder brother to leave any mark of becoming a national level politician. His speech, even if viewed while excluding the controversial part of Bhaati-Lohari language, was unlike that of a politician who can play any role at the national level - an area filled by his elder brother, Nawaz Sharif, since his return from exile.

    The PML-N Bhaati Chowk rally, instead of leaving any positive impression to the party electorate or the political workers of the walled city, will always be remembered for the unnecessary use of Bhaati-Lohari language.

    The keenly watched PML-N public rally, which was below the very standard of PML-N, would cause PPP and PTI to breathe a sigh of relief .

    While the PPP will avail the PML-N’s ‘show of power’, a source of further cornering the party inside and outside parliament by referring to the language being used against its leadership, the PTI will be at ease since it will have an easier time at its Minar-e-Pakistan public meeting on Sunday.

    A late night claim by PML-N leader Siddiqul Farooq during a TV talk show that over five hundred thousand people participated in the party rally sounds not just hilarious, but apolitical at a time when news channels had the daylong rally covered from each and every nook and corner of the venue and the route it treaded on from the starting point of Nasir Bagh.

    The response to the PML-N call for street agitation against the PPP government should be an eye opener for the top party leadership, which has chosen the path of confrontation without doing proper homework.

    In their view, the party’s Lahore show was in fact a show of political strength of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and his MNA scion Hamza Shahbaz in the absence of party President Nawaz Sharif who is on a visit to Turkey.

  • Attendance figures disputed

    The PML-N had tasked MNA Hamza Shahbaz Sharif with ensuring an attendance of at least 100,000 people at the rally. Despite his efforts over the past two weeks, which included addressing up to four gatherings per day, the estimated numbers were well short of this figure.

    PML-N’s MPA Rana Arshad claimed that over 90,000 turned up, while journalists were divided, with figures ranging from 30,000 to 45,000.

    There were also claims that the party had attracted far fewer locals than hoped for. Although the PML-N specifically targeted the citizens of Lahore, more than 50% of participants were from outside of the city, according to some intelligence agency reports.

    Government officials from the city and Punjab districts also attended the rally – though some who spoke to The Express Tribune said that they essentially had to out of fear for their jobs.

    Published in The Express Tribune, October 29th, 2011.

  • 30,000 call for Pakistan president to go

    By Masroor Gilani (AFP)


    One police official told AFP on condition of anonymity that more than 30,000 people were in the crowd. An AFP reporter earlier estimated 10,000.

    Around 30,000 attend PML-N Lahore rally

    Pakistani Today

    LAHORE - Intelligence agencies challenged the tall claims of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leadership of staging a successful rally, saying the turnout was far less against than expected.

    The agencies put the number of people at the rally between 25,000 and 30,000, compared to PML-N’s claims of managing a gathering of 100,000 people.

    Per details, intelligence agencies reported to the federal government that there were about 25,000 to 30,000 people present at the rally on Friday. Sources said the PML-N used government machinery to the maximum in order to make the rally successful, as all district coordination officers had been told to bring people to the event. They said that contrary to expectations, all DCOs failed to deliver, producing only 50 percent of expected turnout. The sources said most of the people who attended the rally belonged to districts other than Lahore and were brought there by their respective MNAs and MPAs. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) reported that around 30,000 to 50,000 people attended the rally, adding that the PML-N leadership wrapped up the rally much earlier than expected.

  • So u see the 100000 mark comes from PML N officials, however independent sources say otherwise.

    AFP reporter say's 10000

    other sources say about 30,000

    some do say between 30,000 - 50000

    so now where near 100000.

    But from what i see from sources let's say 30,000, for someone to say 100000, even by looking at video evidence that is nowhere near 100000, please refrain from this kind of false statements, anaylse the information before coming to mconclusions.

  • Koi to jaan chhura de in Ulloo ke patthon se.

    Sorry if I broke the rules of this forum.

    But its what every body is saying now. We have been looted beyond limit now. What the heck is happening with PEPCO? Are they trying to hide/bury something?

  • Give it a rest's impossible to fool all the people all the time.

    This "chor machaye shor" rally of "chor league" by "Mian Chor $harif" has already been exposed would you stop your failed attempts at making up fake figures of paid participants and Punjab govt. employees that were forced to participate from all over Punjab.

    According to independent sources...the paid and forced participation of this "chor machaye shor" rally was something between 10,000 to 25,000.

  • PML-N is a drowning ship, it will give certain glimpses before it hits the bottom, 28/10 procession was one of them, when they are asked about Imran Khan's challenge they look the way !!!!!!!

  • PML(N) was founded in 1993.

    PTI was founded in 1996.

    NA Seats PML(N) won from Lahore in the latest elections in 2008: 11

    NA or PA seats won by PTI in Lahore in all elections combined since its inception in 1996: 0

    This proves that Lahore is PTI's strong hold and PML(N)is trembling in its boots !!!

    If you guys ever try to talk with junkies high on drugs, you would really be surprised to hear them talk. They'll be boasting about all the incredible things they can do which even super man can not do. There is no use trying to talk logic or reason with them because they are totally immersed in their fantasy world. So you give up and start enjoying their ridiculous boasting and making a fool of themselves. The same is the situation with Imran Khan worshipers. So instead of wasting your time unsuccessfully trying to have a logical debate with them, just sit back and enjoy their nonsensical drivel.

  • Who wins and who will lose should be evident from volunteered public support.

    Let us see who the winner is. PML-N or PTI...

  • Sorry & no offence to anyone BUT

    Why are all the people including Altaf Hussian targeting people of Lahore? What have Lahoris done to all of 'em?

  • Altaf dada or what ever is not part of this discussion so off topic. Any further promotions of Altaf Hussain as Altaf dada will be edited/deleted as the above post. According to topic is how many people rallied under the banner of PML-N...

  • What a BS comparison for a member of the match fixer party. He is regarded as an "intellectual"...Ha, ha...ha.

    Not even worth commenting on his "comparison". Everyone knows that NS and most of the other henchmen were born under the wings of the army and agencies!

  • So born under the wings of Pak Army are anti state elements. Lols, what a sorry state. My dear, ZAB was the first child who licked polished army boots followed by others. Kindly allow for credit where and when it is due. Even who done it first makes a hell of a lot of difference as per history!

  • This post is deleted!

  • "Zardari and Corruption are the Same Thing" : Rana Sanaullah

  • Adonis,

    PML-N was not founded in 1993, it was highjacked by N$ with the help of looted money after Jonejo's death, N$ & $$ are test tube babies of gen Zia & gen Gilani political partnership, see the next post " a brief history of king of corruptions"

    where as Imran Khan & PTI is a history of strugle, relentless efforts, principles, honesty, commitment, refusal of getting power by back door etc

  • @outspokenloud

    You said:

    where as Imran Khan & PTI is a history of strugle, relentless efforts, principles, honesty, commitment

    what a joke...

    You must an "ovum" in your mum's belly when

    Imran Khan took his first U-Turn when he decided to enter politics while categorically denying his such intentions when collecting "khairaat and bakhsheesh" for his hospital (which now he is using as his show-off propaganda tool)

    I think you were still an "ovum" in your mum's belly

    when Imran Khan use to sit in Pervaiz Bush-Sharraf's lap with a "choosni" of "referendum" in his mouth.

    Have you lost those memory cells in your little brain..which use to hold that "great memories"

    when Imran Khan was claiming to get Altaf Hussain declared a terrorist from UK courts and deported to Pakistan.