MQM Rally for President Asif Ali Zardari Updates

  • Watch MQM Rally for President Asif Ali Zardari Updates

  • These guys are out of mind.... Altaf Hussain ney MQM ko rent per laga diai hey.

  • MQM per Lakh Lanat!

  • MQM for rent....

    Earlier Altaf offered his services to British PM, i don't know what response he got, Later to Mushy and now to Zardari....

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  • MQM Rally 30th Oct 2011 Latest Updates- Altaf Hussain sings Habib Jalib again

  • MQM + PTI + Q-league + PPP + ANP + JUI -Fazal again together to support Zardari

  • MQM proves its strength again on a very short notice.

    An eye-opener for all MQM haters.

  • @Sharif Aadmi and Mustakil Qaumii Mujraa party lovers who can miss killer Altaf fuunny show.

    wasay sharam aur ghariat naaam ki kiissi cheeez say aap loogg wakiff haaan?

  • Don Altaf is a , murderer and runaway traitor. It is imperative to ban his ugly face and horrible voice to appear on air in Pakistan. Idiot donkey felt no shame when he said that he herd weeping sounds of Sharif’s from their prison cells. Is he takling as if he was laughing in his bedlam cell? He went on to say that they escaped to Jeddah, but the ex-cabbie completely forgot his own great escape. The only difference between him and Sharifs is that while he was living in a Council Shack, they were enjoying the luxery of Saroor Palace - former is outlaw, while the later are thieves.

    What his followers think about his crocodile tears which his sycophants were wiping turn by turn after the killing of Imran Farooq.

    BTW, Rana Sanaullah who was already a known rogue has gone mad with shock of Imran success. The success of Imran has made many the patients of dysentery. Paggal Perwaz Rashid, Mantle Mushaidullah, Sanki Sadiq-ul-Farooq, Unbalanced Sad Raffiq and Nutcase Raza Abidi are going to be particular victims, who will soon start spilling verbal diarrhoea.

    Today, IK shocked the whole wide world.

  • All the friends are requested to abstain from abusive language. All the friends are supposed to be the representatives of parliamentarians. Please hold discussions in parliamentarian language.

  • Altaf bhai! Please listen to awaz of Mazloom awam and stop this drama show!

  • awam786

    Please forward your voice to all the politicians. Altaf is not the only fish of this dirty political pond. The whole country politics is extremely dirty.

  • **Sharif Aadmi

    MQM proves its strength again on a very short notice.**

    An eye-opener for all MQM haters.

    آپ تو واقعی شریف آدمی لگتے ہیں - جان کسے عزیز نہیں ہوتی میرے بھائی؟

    کراچی میں رہنا ہے


    الطاف بھائی زندہ باد کہنا ہے

    ورنہ پھر گولی یا بوری آپکے لیے تیار ہے

  • Bawa jee,

    I m from lahroe , lived in khi for few years , married in khi and now living abroad.

    In my whole stay of years, no one ever demadned bhatta in khi although i suffered from it at the hands of JI at PU .

  • @sharif Aadmi where did u live in khi?

    if u donot mind to tell us.

    looks likee a new rangroot appointed by 90.

  • شریف آدمی جی

    بھتے کی پرچیاں تو کاروباری لوگوں کو ملتی ہیں - آپ کو تو قربانی کی کھال جمع کروانے کی پرچی مل سکتی تھی

    لیکن لگتا ہے آپکو شاید "جوائی" ہونے کی وجہ سے کچھ نہیں کہا گیا ہے


  • no one from demands bhatta in karachi, im from karachi myself. the groups that demand bhatta are well known mafias and are not even linked to MQM.

    ask the tajeer braadri.

  • when Nawaz Sharif and imran khan are fighting each other,,,, and also saying "GO ZARDARI GO".... things need to be controlled and this whole democratic term needs to be completed.

    If you guys listen to what Altaf Bhai is saying before making comments, you will understand that Altaf Bhai wants people to strongly criticize the govt, but not at the stake of sacrificing democracy and inviting the military.

    this democratic term will be completed inshallah whether you like it or not. You can criticize the president, but you cannot ask him to "GO" yet like u did to Mushhy... better wait.

  • Well, thats good news. Bhatta mafia should be dealt with there and then, when they come to deliver a 'parchi' . There and then they should be dealt with. A suomoto action by awam is a real solution and not police, lawyers or the judiciary cuz they are all biased/pressured by their peers the likes of Rehman Malik and Zardari himself.