How about PML-N withdraw in favour of PTI?

  • AOA,

    Everybody( who is worried for country's prosperity) is worried and concerned about vote splitting to be caused by PTI which might favour PPP.

    My point is that after seeing the evidence of 30-10-11 jalsa It is evident that IK is equally popular Or even more popular in urban Punjab than PML-N.

    Now onus is on PML-N to withdraw in favour of PTI and HELP him gain simple majority rather than splitting his and their self votes because (lets face it) : Zardari and co. for 2018 is the worst case scenario.

  • @Maria

    Its not possible in this Country...These are power politicians only having no Political Idealogy...So Never except anything positive from these all stupids..

    IK is also one of them...person who dont know where he has to go...

  • @Mashal......"IK is also one of them....person who dont know where he has to go"

    You got to take those ear plugs out when listening to IK because he not only knows where he is going but also tells everyone what needs to be done to get there.....

    @Maria....I think you have put up a very relevant thread and it makes lot of sense to demand PML-N and other regional parties to withdraw in favor of PTI in Punjab and elsewhere as PTI seems to be on the rise...

  • I confess that I have a soft corner for PML-N but to be true :Do I expect PML-N coming in power by just making counter-allegations and doing ZILCH for punjab( If they think punjab exists outside Lahore boundaries).No not fairly at least.

    So why not give chance to someone who is claiming to be Wanna-be-Savior & see what he delivers.

  • If PML N are worried that PPP will get another term for looting, then they should resign and support Imran Khan

    Do Pakistan a favour and resign!

    and also after they have resigned declare there assets.

  • @ Sultan

    Its nice to live in dream world...But u shud be realistic as well....Nothing will happen...

    Just took IK Last Six Month statements...U will get the point that he dont know where he has to go..

    Last night his "Historic" speech was written by Haroon Rasheed whose credibility is known to most of the members on this Forum.

  • They have been tried and tested many times, they are like a old car that keeps on giving problems, however after the October 30th jalsa it seems that they engine has gone.

    Like the car like the party scrap it!

  • @Maria....Not only you but thousands like you had soft corner for one of these parties.....Look what have they delivered? Zilch,as you have put it.

    I was listening to many people being interviewed in the ground yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that most admitted being ex-supporters of PML-N, PPP, PML-Q etc but now they wanted to give a chance to this new wave called Tehreek-e-Insaf led by Imran Khan...

    To be honest to admit, yesterdat I too have felt, after a long time, a ray of hope shining at the end of the dark tunnel that we have been currently passing through....

  • @mashal rahat

    "written by haroon rasheed"

    any evidence??????

  • @Mashal...I have been listening to Imran Khan for the past few years very attentively & critically and one thing I am sure you will also agree;he is consistent, and true believer of what he says.....same thing cannot be said about most other leaders in Pakistan....

    To have dreams and pursue them is only human trait....without dreams your life is nothing but like a zombie moving in circles knowing nothing where to go or whats going around...

    As for his speech being written by Haroon Rasheed, well, it shows your naivety in the matter....because all leaders have writers to get their thoughts on the paper....the words may be of a writer but the thoughts always reflect message of the leader....

    I must admit I was most impressed by Imran for not indulging long in Zardari-Nawaz bashing but got down to real issues that are affecting people and Pakistan....

  • A very useful analysis by ansar abbasi.

  • Well, i agree with Sultan for the fact that majority of the supporters of IK are ex-supporters of PPP or PML(N). The fact is that both these political parties have softened ground for IK by continuing their immoral acts just like they are used to do it.

    I think that IK should be given a chance this time. Lets c how he can deliver the promises he made yesterday in his speech. However, i doubt the delivery of all the promises within a short tenure of 5 years. For example, our Police department! Can we route out corruption from this department in 5 yrs time? Anyways, lets hope for the good and vote for IK. If he doesnt deliver his promises then we always reserve the right NOT to vote him in 2018 :)

  • @PL

    If Elections there then u will vote.......:)

  • @ Sultan.

    No Doubt about your sincerity...But its not the change for which PK is looking...

  • @Maria.

    These all are so called analyst who are just spoiling common people minds....Z Mirza rightly called these so called analysts "Munafiqs"

  • @Mashal Rahat

    Four characteristics constitute anyone who possesses them a sheer hypocrite, and anyone who possesses one of them possesses a characteristic of hypocrisy till he abandons it: when he is trusted he betrays his trust, when he talks he lies, when he makes a covenant he acts treacherously and when he quarrels he abuses.

    (Bukhari, Muslim).

    Now dont you think PML-N has all these attributes?

  • @Maria... totally agree with u

  • ماریہ بی بی

    ایک جلسہ دیکھکر ہی اقتدار کی خیالی کرسی پر براجمان ہو گئی ہیں. سیاست بہت ہی ظالم چیز ہے. اسٹبلشمنٹ کی چالیں بہت گہری ہوتی ہیں. انکی سمجھ تب آتی ہے جب سیاستداں منہ کے بل گرا ہوتا ہے. صبر اور حوصلے سے کام لیں

    ستاروں سے آگے جہاں اور بھی ہیں - ابھی عشق کے امتحان اور بھی ہیں

    پرواز تھوڑی نیچی ہی رکھیں کیونکہ جو جتنی زیادہ بلندی پر اڑتا ہے وہ اتنے ہی زور سے نیچے گرتا ہے

  • Although it was a very impressive show by PTI but it would be too early to predict the outcome of the next elections based on a single jalsa.

    PTI is yet to prove its metal in the elections. Gathering 50k people at Iqbal Park is one thing and bringing these 50k to the polling stations all over the country is a totally different ball game.

  • @Bawa

    First of all sorry I dont know how to write in urdu so please bear with me.

    Bawa ji No one could foresee the surprisig performance of PML-N in 2008.

    But despite Q league full "jhurlu" they mange to oust Q league.( what N delivered is another SAD story)

    Yes but one thing does go in your point's favor:

    Zardari has Beautifully played his cards & he is in WIN-WIN situation unless PML-N volunteers selflessly.

    Otherwise same president same federal cabinet & only thing changed wil be IK in place of NS/SS screaming about corruption and inflation & people will reject him in next elections labelling as " TALKER NOT DOER" .End result ZARDARI FOREVER !!!