Has noon League been confined to Bhati Chowk?

  • After this massive jalsa from IK, would noon league dare to come out from chowks and corner to ground?

    30 October can be termed worst political day in history of opportunist party as their bread and butter been robbed.

  • There will come out of there chowks, because they are shameproof. October 30th has definitely rattled PML N, because they were the one's that indirectly challenged IK, to show who's got what, but they failed miserably. Getting exposed with paid participants did not help either.

    These shameproof politician's will be back on TV with a flash, speaking nonsense.

  • One was wondering listening Rana sanaullah and pervaiz rasheed after the Jalsa. They could have shown some grace...

  • Rana, pervez (rasheed), Siddiq-Ul-Farooqi, Mushahidullah are all LIARS of the highest calibre. They are and will be in denial mode to their end of days. Thank God that their word is taken quite lightly by the media and the people of Pakistan. Unfortunately they still appear on TV as break clowns...after all the media and people also need a laugh in between.

  • Have a look at Habib Jalib's family. Shahbaaz is very fond of reciting Habib Jalib behind bullet proof glasses, but did he ever visit Habib Jalibs family and offered the services of "Khadim-e-ala"?


  • Scandinavian,

    please note that you can be charged with contempt of court for not mentioning his full name Pevez Rasheed ISHTEHAARI

  • Rod in the neck of bhati chowk party has alienated them in the country. IK is bad dream for them, if they could secure 2-3 seats from Lahore, they should be thankful for people.

  • @Outspokenloud

    I think our local rasheed is that person. They both makes the same kind of LIES and "arguments"!

  • Why N$ has become isolated.

  • sochopakistani

    don't worry they will be back with there like minded friends very soon. They had there fun now they should go back to friendly opposition.

  • Nawaz isolated kyu hoga he is not in pakistan bewaquf log apnay ap say hi kahanian ghar letain in the end success will be of pmln Inshalla Imran given 6 more month to loot pakitan what a good darama it is ....................zardari tola will be finished and inshalla PMLN will emerge most strongest party of pakistan

  • Inshallah!!

  • The good thing is that battle lines have been drawn.

    The next elections will be fought between two camps, pro-PML(N) and anti-PML(N).

    In other words, it will be a choice between pro-establishment and anti-establishment elements.

    The establishment realizes that it can not stop PML(N) but it wants to ensure that PML(N) does not come into power with a huge majority like 1997.

  • he he he

    agar PMLN anti establishment hay tou raaton ko mulaqatein kion karti hay establishment se wohh?

  • @ choosy

    For the same reason that Taliban have meetings with Americans.

  • he he he

    Taliban tou amerika kay paalay hoye hain.

    tou isska matlub kay PMLN establishment ki......?

  • @Adonis

    Appko hor koi kam nae hey her waqt buss PTi this PTi that?...on main page and even here on Discuss forum... :s

  • Noon league aur Nawaz Sharif establishment se bohat Sakat naraz hain, woh es liay keh baar baar khufia mulaqatain kar ke maafi manganay ke bojood ,establishment ko 25 saal ka mesaaq-e- pakistan dainay kee bashkash ke bojood, establishment enain maaf nain kar rahi.

    Noon league ko pata ha keh unoon ne kabi bee establishment kee help ke bagair election nain jeeta. next election unain moat nazar aa raha ha.

  • All the punks, who are on payroll of Noon for spamming various forums with their garbage, now anticipate sheer misery ahad of them. The gigantic jamboree at Minar-e-Pakistan has pacified them for time being, and their reduced activities on the forum are quite obvious.

    The gala Jalsa of PTI has shattered all their dreams and has sent them in swoon. At the moment none of the Nooner seems to be in right frame of mind to distribute their stipends. Pagal Perwaz Rashid, mad Mushaiduallh, psycho Sanaullah, lunatic Khwajha, crackpot Sad Rafiq and crazy cat-face A Iqbal are all in state of nonplus, while Sadiq-ul-Farooq has lost his senses altogether.

    However, it’s sure that as soon as the Nooney Looney lunatics recover from initial shock, they are going to mobilise and redeploy these foot solders with increased stipendiary. They will assign them with their new missions to spread rumours in forums to discredit their defiler, the Great Khan. But they have to beware that the sleeping giant is now awake, so not to caper around the Goliath. They need to know that when a frisky heifer diddle about with the groin of a stud then she simply gets fixed.

    I suggest all these assignees of Noon to stop fighting a losing battle. They need to realise that the time of Sharifs, Zardaris and Ghillanis to plunder Pakistan has passed. Therefore, time is now approaching fast for them to repay all their loots.

    Imran Khan is the future of Pakistan, it's as simple as that.