How West (US) malign Islamic symbols

  • After the so called assasination of Osama, american have realised that they need new islamic symbols to attack and malign.

    Not many muslims know or realise that the FLAG of Prophet Muhammad SAW and susequent muslim Khilafah was a Black Flag with Kalima tayyiba written on it, There was also white flag with kalima written with black ink.

    There is a concerted effort by the Yanks and the western media to malign the Flags of islam by declaring it the Flag of Alqaiedah.

    Whoever raises the Black Flag with Kalima, is declared the alqaiedah or its associate.

    As this Black Flag with Kalima is the symbol of unification of muslims under one leadership, there is very forceful campaign to malign this flag and create schism in the minds of muslims that this is the flag of terrorists instead of Flag of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.


  • FJ,

    Flag is nothing compared to the copy of Quran that was burned by a pastor. What happened after that? More copies of Quran were sold and more Americans embraced Islam. Don't worry. IA it will have the opposite effect.

  • i agree with Abdul Rehman.

    Islam is spreading fastly.

    no matter,how much efforts has been made on every front to defame it.

  • Does Newtons third law apply here?

    "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"

  • What AR said is quite correct. But the point of FJ is also very important. West is trying to malign every symbol related to Islam, now whether it is effective or not is another thing.

    We must understand that West is working against Islam in a planned and scientific way. Western planners have lot of knowledge about Islam whereas an ordinary muslim is devoid of it. Goog post FJ

  • Biggest Islamic symbol are 2 + bn Muslims around the world...

    Do you guys get worried about shameless state of Muslims all over the world? Most of them are uneducated, far away from true Islamic teaching.

    Do you think Americans keeping them away from Islam??

  • expakistani,

    Yes. Rotten educational system left over by colonialists and rotten political system left over by colonialists. And perpetual wars and interference in internal afairs of Muslim countries from corrupt Saudis to Mr 10%. The latest so called war on terror is the new trick of the same old coin and affects the 2 Billion innocents.

    BTW it is 2 way street as beautifully depicted by Allama Iqbal. It is same story after 70 years since he said that.

    Apnoun ki nadaani bhee dekh

    Auroun k Ayyari bhee dekh

    Look at our ignorance and look at the cunning of the others.

  • @Abdul Rahman

    Bhai.... most of the time we ignore "Apnoun ki nadaani."

    ager hum "hoshyar ho jain" to dosra kia ayyari karey ga?

    I think, We need to concern about "Apnoun ki nadani" first.

  • batil ki rasee jal gaye hai per bal nahi gaye. whatever batil do, only haq will prevail.

  • Junaid;

    "whatever batil do, only haq will prevail."

    Where exactly in the world do you see 'haq' prevailing?

  • expakistani;

    "Most of them are uneducated, far away from true Islamic teaching."

    This is a much repeated sentence, care to throw some light on what exactly is true Islamic teaching?

    Who exactly defines true Islamic teachings or is it the responsibility of an individual to do so?

    Who are the 'educated' as opposed to the "uneducated" people of the world? Could you refer to a country or nationality or even a group?

    Are Saudis the the follower of the true Islamic teaching?

  • @stingingnettle

    I asked same question to myself and then turned to Quran for some help,

    I am not Islamic scholar or one with full command of arabic ( or English as well ) but with the Help of Allah i found some light and so therefore i feel that you try to learn quran, hadith and make better judgement for yourself.

    1: I drive my definition of Muslim from Surah- Asar


    2: I got definition of " believe " from Iman-e-mufasi and Imane-e-mujamil

    Belief in God

    Belief in the Prophets

    Belief in the Day of Judgement

    Belief in the Angels

    Belief in Divine Books

    Qadr (Fate)

    I have faith in Allah as He is known by His Names and attributes and I accept all His commands.

    With Imaan ( faith ) i have some responsibilities and biggest of all is to make sure I dont do any thing knowingly to hurt any "insan" be it muslim or kafir.

    Educated: are those who earn some knowledge, and make sure pass that knowledge to all of us. Such people always keep in mind that their knowledge is for GOOD, (and this is only possible when they practice first & then preach). Educated people would never forced you to practice what they believe on.

    Uneducated: who dont try to look for knowledge, or if they got some, they use it for self improvement ONLY or to bring harm for others. They will force you to accept them superior then you.

    So there are only two nations on this world, Educated one and uneducated one... We should try our best to get our self with educated ones.

    ALLAH KNOWS BEST...I am just trying to explain what i have learned

  • These insults against anything Islamic are deliberately done to incite the Muslims. These Christains forget that the only golden age that the Europeans witnessed was when Shariah Law was supreme in Spain and Eastern Europe.

    "This week's edition shows a cartoon of Mohammad and a speech bubble with the words: "100 lashes if you don't die of laughter." It has the headline "Charia Hebdo," in a reference to Muslim sharia law, and says Mohammad guest-edited the issue."

  • @Abdul Rahman

    Bhai zara yeah batao ke Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ney es situation mai ki kara hoga?

    Did he request Allah to bring Azab on people of Tyaef? or did he killed or burned Hind bint ‘Utbah?

  • expakistani,

    As far as I know the circumstances are quite different. Prophet SAS had hoped to see the people of Taif be brought into fold of Islam and that happened. This is not the case here. When you see something wrong especially insults directed against Rahmat Al Alameen then you can do three types of response in order of yor Imaan.

    1. Stop with your hands. Please don't ask how but just figure it out.

    2. Stop with your tonque. Speak up and talk to the right people.

    3. The least state of Iman is when you feel pain and sadness as you cannot do anything with your hand or tonque.

  • How about telling misguided people of France about real Islam. How about we tell them that lashes and bomb blasts are not part of islam. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was Rehmat for all.

    give them chance to change their mind and heart? I dont see Muslims by any mean trying to do Tabligh as it suppose to be.

  • Brother,

    Everyone is doing their job in their own capacity. You may be aware that leading French Philosopher Roger Garaudy and famous doctor Maurice Buccaile embraced Islam. The lashes and bomb blasts are media hype to scare people away from Islam but it is having oppoite effect. The people like Raja(Roger)Garoudy, Maurice Buccaile and German Ambassador turned Muslim Murad Hoffman know that the media stories about lashes and bomb blasts are in fact efforts to divert attention and hide the West's savagery with bombs, missiles that have killed millions and continue to kill. As celebrated social activist Arundhati Roy said about Afghanistan and NWFP.

    The Soviets and Americans bombed Afghanistan to rubble and then to dust and we forget that and keep talking about Afghan hillbilly Taliban. This is West's deliberate attempt to hide their so called war on terror genocidal war.

  • Abdul Rehman

    "This is West's deliberate attempt to hide their so called war on terror genocidal war."

    There is no such place, country, religion , people or ideology called the 'WEST'.

    The talk of a grand conspiracy to murder, maim and kill muslims is a gross over simplification of facts.

    Muslims do not need anybody else to murder, maim and rape their own citizens, they are capable doing the job better than anyone else all by themselves. They are also brilliant at stealing from their own people, leaving them destitute. As an American in Afghanistan said, every Afghan is for sale, as long as you can pay the right price.

    You can keep feeding Muslim this pigeon feed of self-delusion and it will keep prolonging the suffering of all muslims.

    There may as well be countries trying to impose their foreign policy objectives on muslim countries but that is only possible if there is an expectation of a lack of proper moral and political response. The 51st state of the United States is not Israel, it's Saudi Arabia. This might be unpalatable but it is the truth.

    Read stuff that is not written by the converted for the converted. Try reading something daring, something out there, something that does not reaffirm your already solid theorems.

    To change Bill Clinton's words; 'It's the muslim Ummah, stupid!"

  • Lol, Muslims have not exactly done anything over the past century to hold this banner high, so its not the West but Muslims who are maligning the flag.

    Islamic symbols are becoming symbols of terror because that is the only thing we have excelled in, stop blaming the West because you are to lazy to do anything for yourself!

  • Call it West, call it neo-cons, call it NATO, ISAF or whatever you want but the fact remains they are out there to plunder and rape. It is a 2 way street as repeated so many times on this forum.

    It is cunning of the others(guess who) and ignorance of ours. Allama Iqbal.

    "Islamic" terror symbols pale into insignificance compared to the mother of terror symbols of Union Jack, Stars and Stripes and the other 30 plus terror symbol flags depicted in this video. BTW, Kuffar have qualms about calling it "islamic " terror and brown slaves have no hesitation of insulting their own mother.