PMLN & PTI followers stop arguing guys will be "coalition partners"

  • PMLN & PTI followers stop arguing now..soon you guys will be "coalition partners"....elections are not too far.

  • @W Durrani

    I think Imran has answered about this thought already.

    میاں صاحب ہن جان دیو ساڈی واری آن دیو

    Good-bye Mr nawaz & shahbaz! see you in 2018!

  • @mariabashir

    That was just a part of a political speech..and what he said yesterday about the possible coalition with PMLN seems to be a well though policy statement.

  • It appears that the coalition of PMLN + PTI and a block of disgruntled PPP members (like SM Qureshi, R Rabbani etc) will form the next government.

  • I wouldn't vote for PTI. No alliance with corrupt noon league.

  • میاں صاحب اگر اصل اثاثے ظاہر کر دیں

    emphasis is on asal & He has countlessly mocked nawaz declared aseets.

    Look bro dont take it in negative sense:IK Menifesto is 90% reminescent to N-league(difference being accountability for zardari/Army vs accountability for zardari/sharif bros).

    So its good for sharif bros. too that IK comes up for next term and represents a fresh perspective.

  • he he he

    Mian sahib kay asal assay unkay Rs.5000 aur aik tota howa sandooq hay bechaary ka !

    Imran khamkhawa peechaye parr gaya.

    he he he :):):)

  • @mariabashir

    Your approach is not realistic. The ground reality is that no matter how bigger crowds IK can pull PMLN and PPP will still be able to win major chunk of seats in the coming elections. Politics is not as simple as that to ask the opponents to "get out of the way please".

  • @ Durrani

    NO alliance. I want khilaafat and shall not vote lol

  • I don't see any alliance between two parties as IK believes more in solo flight now. However their might be an alliance between the two parties in opposition after the next general elections in which most likely massive anti PPP vote split will result in another PPP+MQM+Pml(Q)+ANP alliance govt.

  • Alliances will be made once the picture is pretty clear and election dates are announced. No one knows at this stage when and how the next elections are going to take place. At the moment just posturing is taking place and every one is playing its cards

    The opposition parties will not accept the elections under the supervision of Madari tola. PML(N) will try its level best to force this government out of the office before elections are held. Now whether or not their wish is materialized is another debate.

    PML(N) and PTI can at least join hands on a single point agenda of forcing this governmemt out of the office before the next elections. Whether they will join hands in the upcoming elections will solely be based on this very point.

  • @insaftak

    I will personally not vote for anyone .... and I never said khilaafat is my goal is that we remove shirk and blind following of personalities (religious or political) from among the Muslims. We should work to learn the tawheed, quraan and sunnah and spread it to the others.

    Khilafat is a blessing of Allaah that only good Muslims deserve....not the "kids dancing on Shehzad Roy's concert" at "meenar-e-pakistan"

  • @W Durrani

    someone has posted this video in some other thread. Plz view it & then have a rethink who is realistic and who is optimistic!

  • @Durrani Bhai,

    he he he

    aap ne kaha 'i will not vote for anyone'. quote unquote.

    yahan ka sub se bara masla hi yahi hay

    aap vote nahi detay tou aap ki jagah koi aur aap kay naam ka vote bhugta deta hay

    Karachi mein koi vote dalnay na gaya

    tou MQM ki chandi hoye

    saray ghar bethon kay vote MQM ko cast karwa diye

    ussi tarah interior sind mein PPP aur Punjab mein PMLN ko vote hotay hain ghar bethnay walon kay cast.

    kiya iss se yeh behtar nahi kay apnay haq ka istemaal khud kartay hoye soch samjh kay available lott mein se sub se chotay chorr ki selection kar lo khud.

  • I think PMLN Will emerge with Powerful voters because every one criticize them for example PTI+MQM+PMLQ+PPP+JUP+JI these are using one agenda that's why PMLN voters become most sincere and powerful and unite against all his enemies Down NEws Anchor person Talat Hussain saying it was not clear how strong PMLN supporter come after this because they facing all parties against them that's why PMLN have strong hold in People of Pakistan i Never watch any really of pmln in Karachi, and sindh but today we are watching pmln emerging in sindh so its time for pmln to re-emerging process that will create difference in future election

  • All PML-N Supporters.

    You guys need to be realistic; Stop living in your fantasies.

    Nawaz is a goner for 2013 come what may!

    اب اسس کیلئے اسٹبلشمنٹ استعمال ہو یا نوجوان یہ حقیقت تو ماننی پڑے گی.

  • N$ & $$ can & will never declare their "REAL" assets remember the word of the day is "REAL ASSETS" & not the declared in Election commission,

    suppose if they declare their REAL ASSETS specially in foreign countries the next demand will be to justify how they are able pile up all that given that their companies have been incuring heavey losses all the time,

    so this is some thing that N$ & $$ can never get it right except confess all the corruption, return all the assets, repent to ALLAH, appologize to the nation & start a fresh which is more than impossible

  • @Choosy bhai,

    This is exactly the aim of people like WD. They say they will not vote - just to exploit the situation i.e. use the "reserve" 45% of them. In other words he is doing the job Nooners want him to do against non-noon voters!