To the Generals, Air Marshalls and Navy Admirals and officers of the Pakistan AF

  • To the Generals, Air Marshalls and Navy Admirals and officers of the Pakistan armed forces

    Respected Brothers in Islam,

    We Hizb ut Tahrir address you in our capacity as a global political party, whose ideology is Islam. We are well known to you and so is our agenda, which is working for the establishment of the Islamic State, the Khilafah. Hizb ut Tahrir, is the only global party that works throughout the Muslim world, to liberate the Muslims from the hegemony of the colonialist powers, the foremost being America, by unifying the Ummah under the Kalima of Allah سبحانه وتعالى as one powerful state, ruled by a single Khaleefah.

    We address you in your capacity as the actual rulers of Pakistan. It is an open secret that not only do you command the largest Muslim armed forces in the world, you also through the ISI, exert a commanding influence over the civilian institutions, the parliament and the judiciary. Being the real rulers of this country, only through you can the Ummah be liberated from the current crises, hardship and calamities that that she faces at the hands of the Western capitalist states, or you can lead her to further destruction.

    Respected Brothers in Islam,

    In the early hours of 2 May, 2011, the US Navy SEALS, reportedly violated our airspace and attacked a compound in Abbotabad. They reportedly killed Osama Bin Laden and then took his body away. This incident put the Pakistan armed Forces to shame both at home and abroad. At home your ability to safeguard our sovereignty was questioned, whilst abroad you were accused of complicity with the so-called terrorists. To add insult to injury, on 18 May 2011, commenting on the invasion of Abottabad, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, declared, "If I were in Pakistani shoes, I would say I've already paid a price. I've been humiliated. I've been shown that the Americans can come in here and do this with impunity." And if this were not enough, it emboldened India against Pakistan. On 4 May 2011, Indian Army Chief General VK Singh said, "All the three wings (army, navy and air force) are capable of carrying out such operations, when needed."

    It is inevitable that pursuing America's interests will compromise those of Pakistan's, when one considers America's strategic objectives. America's strategic objectives have been to prevent Russian and Chinese domination of Eurasia, control the hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian Sea and the Middle East, control the security and the transit of hydrocarbons from the Caspian Sea and the Middle East and finally prevent the emergence of the Khilafah State. For achievement of these objectives, Pakistan is critically placed. And critical to directing Pakistan policy is its armed forces and the ISI.

    In order to achieve this, the US needed to reduce Pakistan's regional influence for three reasons. Firstly, the US needed to establish its physical presence in Afghanistan and naturally had to remove Pakistani influence there. Therefore, Pakistan's support for the Taliban had to go. Secondly the Kashmir Jihad was detracting India away from assuming the US intended role of countering China. US needed a stronger India, hence the need to stop the Kashmir Jihad and to end ISI's influence in India. Thirdly, America seeks to stop or at least delay the emergence of Khilafah. Hence, weakening the army and filtering out strong, professional and Islam-inclined officers from within the ranks of the army.

    The 9/11 attacks, an event that has yet to reveal all of its secrets, provided an opportunity for the US to bring in a pliant pro-US government in Afghanistan, and Musharraf duly obliged with support to enable the US to remove the Taliban Government, mercilessly killing Muslims in pursuit of her objectives. Hence, Musharraf provided support to the US in removing a pro-Pakistan government, and installing a pro-US, pro-Indian and anti-Pakistan government in Afghanistan. The truth of Musharraf's treachery was known to his Corps Commanders at the time, but they kept silent and thereby allowed him to weaken both the armed forces and Pakistan.

    After Musharraf, these policies have been continued and now the roles have been assumed by his successors within the military leadership led by General Kiyani and the Director General of ISI, General Pasha, who have been providing the same level of unstinted support to the US in order to further weaken the armed forces and Pakistan.

    Respected Brothers in Islam,

    It is in this context that we call upon you, the silent majority, to break your silence and rise to the occasion. For if you remained silent and subservient, not only will you face the wrath of Allah سبحانه وتعالى on the Day of Judgement, the very institution of which you take pride in will be further turned against its own people and weakened as America wants its war to be taken beyond tribal areas into the major cities of Karachi and Multan. Furthermore, the very country which you are there to protect will be immersed into even more chaos and strife in front of your eyes in accordance with the US plan for this region as part of its Broader Middle East initiatives, initiated by US President Bush and continuing under President Obama.

    For those of you who have the slightest of doubt about you being responsible for the weakening of our armed forces and country, we raise the following points for you to contemplate:

    Is it not true that you remained silent when the US undertook the raid in Abbotabad, which the US was only able to undertake after the co-operation of Kiyani and Pasha? The attack only occurred after the extraordinary meeting between ISAF Commander US General Petraeus and General Kayani, at Chaklala Airbase on 25 April 2011, to be followed that very same night with General Petraeus making a teleconference with a White House meeting chaired personally by US President Barack Obama. Then the very next day, the ISI Chief, Pasha, made an unscheduled attendance to a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, a meeting which he is not usually part of. It is this meeting that Obama hinted at when he haughtily announced the death of Bin Laden, saying, "And finally, last week, I determined that we had enough intelligence to take action, and authorized an operation to get Osama Bin Laden and bring him to justice." And what of your silence when Kayani rushed to save America from the wrath of the sincere officers of the armed forces? Rather than inciting them against America, he tried to instill fear of the enemy in his own troops!

    Is it not true that you remained silent when your leadership at the behest of US, moved the theatre of war from Afghanistan to the tribal areas of Pakistan? In the same way that you blindly submitted to the US demands to support them in the war on Afghanistan, similarly at the behest of Americans, you agreed to move the troops to the Western border to wage a war against your own people, weakening our positions on the Eastern border. Answering a questioning after a lecture in the US state of Arkansas, Hilary Clinton commented, '...So one of our first rounds of discussion with the Pakistanis was how it was not in their interest to permit terrorists to take over they began moving troops off the Indian border. They began going after the Pakistani Taliban.' The strategic consequence of this was strengthening India as it divided our focus onto a new front, taking our attention away from our jugular vein, Kashmir. The decision at that juncture, at the behest of the US, led the armed forces into fighting within our own borders by killing our own Muslim brethren, and caused a schism within your own ranks. You lost many sincere officers in the ranks who refused to fight in the tribal areas, without mentioning the number of officers and jawans that were killed in the ensuing conflict. Furthermore, has this not resulted in factions within the armed forces, dividing it into pro-US and pro-Islam factions? And has this not been compounded by the policy of promoting those who are willing to support the pro-US policies in the region? So, armed forces that once had a vision across both borders, that had kept India and Russia at bay, is now focussed on fighting its own population, in a destructive war of Fitna. So how did you remain silent as Pakistan and the armed forces were weakened before your eyes, O Respected Gentlemen?

    Is it not true that you remained silent when your leadership permitted the US to undertake drone attacks on our territory, with the clear policy of creating unrest in the tribal areas? The treachery was such that the drones were actually flying from the Shamsi air base in Baluchistan, whilst our rulers were persistently condemning them in public. The treachery was exposed when on February 13, 2009, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee stated clearly that the drones were flying from Shamsi airbase. So this indicates that Kiyani was working in collusion with the US, whilst deceiving not only the Ummah, but you all. He even asked for Predator drone attacks to be intensified. In a cable from the US Embassy in Islamabad, dated 11 February 2008, regarding the 22 January 2008 secret meeting between Admiral William J. Fallon, US CENTCOM, and Kayani, reported, "Referring to the situation in Waziristan, Kayani asked if Fallon could assist in providing continuous Predator coverage of the conflict area." The drones flew from our soil with the consent of our leadership and with our known ability to shoot them down at will. Moreover, they sabotaged the peace agreements with the tribal leaders.

    Is it not true that that you again remained silent whilst your leadership permitted the US to establish and develop its own independent intelligence network comprising of CIA agents and Blackwater mercenaries? The CIA now proudly boasts that it does not need the ISI. You cannot say that this was hidden from you, as there were numerous articles within the public domain detailing the extent to which the US contractors were not only killing and abusing our citizens, but more fundamentally, attempting to determine intelligence of our most sensitive sites and assets. If Musharraf, Kiyani and Pasha turned a blind eye to this, why did you not fulfil your oath and force them to stop it?...........................

  • Brother Revivalist

    Our basics need to be improved before any action against the usurpers. We are educationally, religiously, technologically and economically very weak. In this state of weakness, any war may produce results similar to those of the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. More than a million of our Muslim brethren died in the two wars.

    Let us struggle to improve our basics to defend ourselves. May Allah award us success in our endeavours for the Muslim revivalism, aameen!

  • @HF

    "Let us struggle to improve our basics to defend ourselves. May Allah award us success in our endeavours for the Muslim revivalism, aameen!"

    Exactly...we must take each step at the right time. Any misadventure will send us further back!

  • Revivalist

    To the Generals, Air Marshalls and Navy Admirals and officers of the Pakistan armed forces

    They are dead, they don't listen to you unless you whip their a&&es ---

  • Bro Scandinavian and HF, I would request you to please open the link and read the entire article once, i am sure you will not raise this point then. Our strenghts and what is needed, all are mentioned in a detailed manner...

  • Brother Revivalist

    No doubt, Allah is always supportive to the believers of the faith. However, we have to follow the Sunnah of preparation to tackle the evils. Improving basics is not a matter of big time required, we have all materialistic and human resources available in the Muslim world. Firstly, we need unity to improve our basics on urgent basis. Presently, Ummah is divided into 56 countries. We are divided into a lot of sects. Let us struggle for our unity as the first step.

    May our prayers and wishes materialize by the blessings of Allah, Aameen!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear, it is the khilafah state that will reunify the ummah and not the other way around. For instance Prophet (saw) never tried to unify the tribes of the Arabia first to meka one big tribe and then ask them to become Muslims and give authority to implement Islam. I hope you have got the point!!!!

  • @Revivalist, if you have some idealogy and solution for pakistan and "muslim ummah??" then pls register your organisation as political party and convince people to support you. If people agree with your ideology and implement it. Pls dont involve Military incorporation in this business.

  • Dear Brethren

    In my humble opinion, improvement of basics and unity are indispensable essentials prior to making an attempt to free ourselves from the yoke of Satanic powers.

    As failed attempt may cost us millions of lives similar to the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq. We lost two millions lives in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • SP,

    Dear we have been vigorously working in Pakistan since 2000 and were banned by Mussharaf after doing a very successful conference in Awane Iqbal, Lahore. We have submitted a petition against it and are waiting for Tareekh after Tareekh. Moreover, we are struggling to change the system, democracy/secularism/capitalism, and to be part of the system you can’t change it. Therefore, abiding by the method of Muhammad (Saw) we are struggling against the system through political and intellectual means and this is known to the entire world, as we have been active since 1953.

  • HF,

    Bro what you are calling unity is in fact public opinion that is need for any such change. We believe ummah is ready for Islam and numerous surveys have proved this point. Besides, in the article we have tried to prove that Pakistan is unlike Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Ae Bad-e-Saba! Kamli Wale (S.A.W.) Se Ja Kehiyo Pegham Mera

    Qabze Se Ummat Bechari Ke Deen Bhi Gya, Dunya Bhi Gyi

  • Revive-a-list of sites you spam,

    People like you cannot even run a mosque in a Western country with harmony. How can you run a group of countries without slaughtering people who do not agree with you? History tells us that majority of past Khalifas wiped out their predecessors in a fight for succession. Only one escaped who established himself in the land of Hispania.

    By the way, the mosque example is pretty relevant to your Khilafa as majority of mosques in the Western world are established by non-Khalifas who quitely surrender the control to bunch of Khali Lifafas. .... I do not want to say what next.

    Please Revise-a-list you spam

  • This Khilafat topi drama has started once again on PkPolitics pages. Khilafat has no place in today's geo-political system.

  • @Revivalist, Would you explain the system you are talking about? Who 'll be khalifa? how will he be elected? for how long? what will be his qualification? what will be his account abilities? how will he select his cabinet? are you looking for different constitution for Pakistan? Pls explain what is your roadmap?

  • @revivalist

    Hizb ut tahrir are doing a good job, but if u think the pk army will help u I cannot see it at the moment. The reason for this is because General Kiyani is too busy wiping the boots of US!

    But u never know, maybe u have some inside information. There are 2 ways for khilafah, through revolution, the second is the pakistani army takes over and then put's the khilafah system into place, and that is where your group comes into it.


    who will lead this khilafah?

  • To the Generals, Air Marshalls and Navy Admirals and officers of the Pakistan AF STOP cleaning the boots of US!

  • کڑوے جھوٹ

    خلافت تو آ کر رہنی ہے کہہ اللہ کے پیارے محبوب صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کا فرمان ہے

    کائنات کی ہر بات جھوٹی ہو سکتی ہے میرے پیارے نبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی کوئی بات غلط نہیں ہو سکتی

    اسلئے تم جیسے جتنے مرضی اچھل کود کر لیں خلافت کے احیاء کو نہیں روکا جا سکتا ، البتہ تم جیسوں کے بارے میں دعا ہی کی جا سکتی ہے اور افسوس کیا جا سکتا ہے

    ف ج

  • Sochopakistani,

    Dear, to know the answers of all these questions that you have asked i would give you links of websites where you can read in detail about all this, if its ok with you;;