Similarities Between PTI & MQM

  • Establishment decided in 80's to blow air inside an ethnic Party MQM to make it strong so they can defeat the then most strongest Anti- Establisment Party PPP in their Strong hold Sindh, and they succeeded in doing so to some extent.

    But now they are repenting because MQM has become a curse for the nation,because of their fascism,terror activites and controlling the most important city of Pakistan.

    Without learning from this mistake, the same history is being repeated, this time they are blowing air inside PTI, to damage the present most strong Anti Establishment Party PMLN in their strong hold Punjab and PTI already is showing the same signs and symptoms of MQM.Fascist and intolerant attitude. Javed Chaudary in his column today also said the same thing, that establishment and PPP today are getting happy as they think they are damaging PMLN, but some day it will prove nightmare for them as well.

    What do you think?

  • Well, I think, there is a stark contrast between you and your name.

  • naam me kya rakha ha, kam ki baat karein

  • Kaam ki baat kar saktay tu kiya ONE seater scooter par bethay hotay hamaray insafi bhai.

  • i dont think, PTI will take the MQM route.

    as PTI is witnessing the decline of MQM popularity,due to their terrorist activities.

    so PTI wont make this mistake to get violent like MQM.

    if it does so.

    it will become another MQM.hence no point.

  • Well Beenai, their instructors are both the same.

  • They will definitely be coalition partners in future, note down my golden words

  • But what ever happened to that plethora of evidence against MQM and Altaf Bobby that Ponka Khan was about to present to Scotland Yard. Or this will be a classical example of Faisal Saleh Hayat and Raja Loadshedding being ministers in the same government and yet fighting each other out in Supreme Court over Rental Power?

  • The drop scene happened way back in 2007. If you remember MQM sent a reference against IK to the speaker challenging IK under article 63 about his moral corruption.The speaker was going to disqualify IK, and IK feared his political career getting over and so ran to his fathers for help. Agencies then brokered a deal between their 2 trusted agents. All's well, that ends well.

  • Decline!!! as in gathering massive crowd in 36 hour notice? Beenai and similar will keep dreaming for that day but it ain't coming soon.

    PTI will take MQM route once they become a real threat to the status-quo just like back in 90's MQM was for Sindhi jageerdars. You wouldn't be crying for Kalabagh if MQM was allowed back in those days to work in Sindh. Anyhow, MQM currently is far better, experienced and organized in their structure than PTI or any other party for that matter.

    Let me tell you this; there is nothing better for MQM if PTI succeeds in Punjab they will never go against MQM and both will converge at some point in time. But this requires PTI winning elections.

  • 36 hr notice? No my friend within 2 hrs, MQM get everyone out. They all have done masters in Mass Communication.

  • @Rohail Taqi,

    We know about a day that ain't too far away when a certain Altaf Bobby would end up stuffed inside a bori which will be found behind Whitehall in London.

    Don't keep your hopes up high as PTI ain't winning even a free lunch from Punjab and hence MQM's entry or an attempt to enter Punjab would not materialize, at least not in this lifetime.

  • he he he

    PTI ka jalsa kaamyaab hotay hi anti propagandist market mein nikal aaye...


    Tundye Baad e Mukhalif se na ghabra aaye uqaab

    yeh tou chalti hay tujhaye oncha urrany kay liye

    (Allama Iqbal)

  • How do you know about that day?

    Think about this and I am sure you will come up with something ever more stupid to answer this.

  • @Choosy,to make it more kamyab, thats why after every 5 minutes from the very beginning, they were announcing Shehzad Roy and Strings are going to join us very soon. And they kept strings performance till the very end just before Ik speech, they feared people might leave after the music concert before their leader delivers a verbal diarhea

  • @Rohail Taqi,

    You keep your mental degeneration in check you might be able to comprehend that what is usually said ain't always stupid.

  • Your generalization is correct but sadly a particular case of siddiqi73 is not. :)

  • intelligentpakistani,

    bhai jaan,

    baad salam kay arz yeh hay kay 31st October ka Talak Hussain show Dawn News pe News Night kay naam se aaya tha.

    ussko dekho PKpolitics archive mein yah youtube pe dekho.

    uss ne itna detail tajziyaa kiya hay

    kion strings aur shahzad roy aaye isska bhi tajziyaa kiya hay.

    agar aap khud ko Talak Hussain se zaida aqalmand nahi samjhtay tou un se agree karein gaye.

  • If we have an independent police then the first people too feel the pinch will be MQM, i don't see MQM being similar to PTI, simply put they are poles apart at the moment.

    Yes if MQM can play it's role by helping de-weaponisation in it's own organisation and stop it's tactics of intimidation and extortion then we can say there is a glimmer of hope for a coalition between MQM/PTI, but even that is far-fetched. MQM pretends to be a anti-feudal party but in reality it has been sharing power with them for many years now and in reality is part of the corrupt status-quo forces.

  • Girti hui devar (PMLN) ko aik dhaka aur do:) Do what we have done to them in 80s, kick the hell out of them. They very well deserve it. Besides I found it very interesting that majority of muhajirs left PML after 80s, Kanwar Qutbuddin has run as independent candidate in last elections so as Shah Baleeghuddin is no longer in the folds. It is proof enough of what kind of racal hatred is rampant in PMLN, sorry to say but it is no longer "Pakistan" Muslim League.