Are We Not Headed Towards Utter Collapse?

  • While discussing political junkies on the forum, we must pay attention to the national problems which are leading us to utter collapse.

    • Economy is in total ruins

    • Law & Order is non-existent

    • Institutions like Railways, PIA, Steel Mills are headed

    closures or disasters

    • Industrial structure is being heavily damaged by

    energy shortages, lawlessness and unbearable taxation

    • International Trade is in heavy deficits

    • Basic Water supply resources are being blocked by India

    In view of the above issues, are we not headed towards an utter collapse? Let do something collectively before it will be too late.

  • Are We Not Headed Towards Utter Collapse?

    The use of passive voice indicate that culprits are not from us. Am I right?

    Problems listed above are real and we are indeed heading towards collapse.

  • Let us see how long we survive with the same status quo.

  • @Hussain Farooqui

    Your concerns are serious and justified but what do you think should be done to avoid total collapse. What can we do collectively before it is too late? Who is our saviour?

  • Brother Sweettruth

    We are rapidly headed towards an utter collapse. Your question are very timely and adequate. The answers to your questions are very difficult to find. I thus request all the friends of this forum to study our serious national issues and try to find solutions before it is too late.

    Most of us merely waste time on discussing useless political leaders.

  • Hilary Clinton was a rival of Obama but Obama elected her as FM.. Sonia gandhi could be a Prime Minister of India but she elected Manmohan singh as PM.. South Korean Minister resigned after only one hour load-shedding, these r very few examples...But in Pakistan Zardari kept away people like Amin Fahim,Aitzaz Ahsan, Sherry Rahman and etc etc... Nawaz after remained 8 years out from Pak elected his brother a CM and himself a Chairman his Cousin a Opposition leader, where r others like Javid Hashmi who remained in jailed for PML....These deeds of leaders make the cause of rise and fall of Nation...

    The only solution to Survive from utter collapse is to work only for Pakistan beyond own Interest keeping away oneself from nepotism, favoritism and'll be very lengthy to mention the solution on every concerned issue... Pakistan First (sub se Pehlay Pakistan) regardless who said it, is only solution to all norms

  • Only a leadership of very high character and calibre can save our country from total collapse.

  • The recent increase is a new blow to the nation.