Pervez (rasheed) LYING again?

  • Look at this news:

    Isn't he (rasheed) a SHAMELESS character and slave of Nawaz Sharif?

    Can he explain where the land was taken from?

    From the state or one NS personal properties?

  • This ugly face (P. Rasheed) is a PROVEN liar!

    Don't worry, we will bring out the REAL assets of Nawaz $harif and other big fish (corrupts) of Pakistani politics in due time...just wait and watch...your time is near and coming, justice will be served, Insha'Allah.

    .الله کے ہاں دیر ہے اندھیر نہیں ہے

    There will be NO more personal guarantees and escaping abroad to enjoy the luxurious lives on looted wealth of poor Pakistanis...and NO more NRO or Saudi like deals this time around...get ready to be held accountable and tried in a court of law for what you did to Pakistani nation and for your various crimes.

  • pervez rasheed Ishtehaari is a permanent member of my shit-list

  • pervez rasheed Ishtehaari is a permanent member of my sh!t-list

  • don't blame him, look at the leader that he follows, what can u expect!

  • O Kabees Pagal Perwaz, Kiya woo arazee Nawaz ka Baap ki thee? Laanet kay maray aur thook ka chatnay walay nabkar, ab tu nay joot be boolna shoroo ker diya hay?

  • Pirbodla,

    What does your name mean?

    Are you a pir?

  • Guys stop arguing over these rusty, out-dated and stone-aged politicians. Lets look ahead and start discussing ideas.

  • @ bsobaid

    I am glad that you asked me the implication of my fake name as ‘PIRBODLA’. I will try to give you some background detail about it.

    (1) Q: “Are you a pir?”

    Answer: Age wise, yes I am Pir, but otherwise, I am not. To be honest, I don’t believe in any PIR.

    (2) Q: ‘What does your name mean?’

    Answer: ‘Pirbodla’ according to my understanding is supposed to be a fake saint or a quack who falsely claims to cure snake bites or venom related maladies, such as rabies.

    Here is some detail about Bodlas: These con-artists used to assign large swaths of territories among themselves, which they would visit once a year for the purpose of extorting some gains from the residents. The residents of their self-selected area were their assumed clientage that would denote some form of caryopsis to their putative benefactor, i.e. Bodlas. In case, an unfortunate person became a victim of snake bite or rabbis, the relatives would transport the patient to a Bodla Surgery only to learn that the poison has turned lethal because of delay. Though, I never had a chance to live in Pakistan, but on my occasional visits to my village I have seen them visiting the villages in green robes collecting wheat grains from the villagers.

    Pir Bodlas in view of Waris Shah:

    In a couplet the great Punjabi poet Wars Shah describes sham Pir Bodla. This is a dialogue uttered by furious Heer about Ranjha, after she found unauthorised use of her daybed in her boat.

    نہیں پلنگ تے ایس نوں ٹکن دینا لا رہے گا لکھ جے واہ مینوں

    ایہ بودلا پیر بغداد ، گھگا میلے آ بیٹھا وارث شاہ میننوں

    In case you do not understand Punjabi, here is the meaning:

    Heer says, “No way I will let him loiter on my daybed, even if he makes thousands of pleas to me.

    Is this Bodla, a Pir of Bugdad? Silly Pir Guga has come to squat here posing as Waris Shah to me.”

    I am not a follower of any of these fake saints called, Bodlas, Gugas, Zahiras and even these so-called present day Makdooms.

    Finally, to kill your curiosity about the reason for my selection of display name as ‘Pirbodla’, I have this to say briefly.

    When I noticed the whole nation has picked a fake Makhdoom to lead the country, I decided to pick this fake name for myself, so that it keeps reminding me that my country is run by conmen.

    Since the success of IK, I am bit hopeful and would like to get rid of this low grade name, but I don’t know how to change it.

    BTW, on a different note I have to say that I was expecting you would ask me about BB’s phoning her hubby to declare public holyday. But to my surprise you did not ask about my iniquitous remarks about you most rightious leaders. I wish you had.

  • @pirbodla

    I do appreciate your intellectual honesty, brother; May others follow too!..........You are able to change your nick. Just PM me.,

  • @ S.E. Mirza

    Thanks a million for you kind remarks.

  • Welcome brother...I do appreciate your input on this forum. It's simply 'a good example' for me and other members to take it as a model and post accordingly.

  • @ S.E. Mirza

    I did PM you my new user name, but I think something gone wrong with my connection.

    Anyway, this was the message

    Dear Mr. S. E. Mirza

    I am grateful for your help; please change my name from ‘Pirbodla’ to ‘Saleem Bajwa’, which is my real name.

    With best regards

    Saleem Bajwa

  • Look at your displayed nick, brother. You will certainly feel happy...

  • @ S.E. Mirza

    God bless you Mirza Sahib. You made my day, soon I opened Discussion Page it cheered me up. Once again, many thanks for your kind help. I am also indebted to bsobaid to be a source of this change

  • instead of shooting the messenger why don't Ptians put up the list of UN-DECLARED assets of Sharif brothers???

  • @Khanamer

    This thread is about the ranting of nooners that NS gave land to SKMCH. The land was a state property and not the private property of NS.

  • I want to know if this liar has resigned from senate or not.

  • @scandi,

    in that case, again instead of abusing, calling names etc, you should comeup with the proves that the land didn;t belong to NS back then and was property of Punjab govt.... either way, how many other charitable hospitals have got land allocations from govt of Pak???

  • well P rashid is lying because he said if PTI can mange up to 40,000 people he will resign. So yes he is a liar, no resignation as of yet.

    As for proofs it is the jop of p rashid saab to come up and clarify his position, as the perception of people is that he is corrupt.