Vote for Change

  • VOTE FOR CHANGE- Obama in 2008 created this Slogan. People specially youth believed in this and he swept the elections and got overwhelming majority. Though he was a senator and had vast political experience with untainted past, but in his tenure he failed miserably, could not change anything and brought his country to the brink of bankruptcy.

    Today Sir Imran Khan is also shouting the same slogan and trying to woo people, what do you think,will a politically inexperienced person succeed or this slogan will remain a political gimmick

  • Are we to understand from above that present President Zardari is a "politically experienced" person or that his rivals in Punjab are? Because if so, then the two key words need to be totally redefined. Imran Khan, I'll wager, knows more about politics and where Pakistan needs to be taken than any other politician in the country. I'm no friend to Hamid Mir, but his article below might give one some idea where we could go next. Also, it's not politics we want, we want honesty and a clear vision and both these things IK has in spades, thank God!

  • Imran Khan: new trouble man for US in Pakistan

    Hamid Mir

    November 1, 2011

    ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan is no more a cricketer turned politician. He has suddenly become an important regional player in the US endgame in Afghanistan.

    A mind-blowing public rally of Imran Khan in Lahore on October 30 made it very difficult for the Zardari regime to give new commitments or accept any demands from the US to push its decade-long war against terror. Imran Khan has not only become a threat for traditional political parties inside Pakistan but is also going to become a big hurdle in the implementation of demands made by US during the recent visit of Hillary Clinton to Islamabad.

    The PTI leader criticised not only President Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif but also blasted US policies in the biggest-ever show of political power in Lahore in the past 25 years. The last time Lahore saw this kind of political tsunami was on April 10, 1986 when late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto returned after many years in exile. A big reception to the daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was a bombshell for the then military dictator. Benazir Bhutto addressed a big rally in Iqbal Park, adjacent to the historical Lahore Fort. That rally was the beginning of General Zia’s end.

    The October 30 rally by Imran Khan in the same Iqbal Park also looked like an end of pro-US policies started by General Pervez Musharraf ten years ago. Imran addressed US Secretary of State as "Chachi Clinton" (Aunty Clinton) and said a big no to any more army operations in Pakistan’s tribal areas. It will now be impossible for the ruling Pakistan People’s Party and its coalition partners to start new operations in North Waziristan or even continue the old operations from South Waziristan to Khyber Agency. Elections are close and no political government can take the risk of going against public opinion.

    Hillary Clinton is these days desperately looking for someone who can become a bridge between Afghan Taliban and the US. Imran Khan can make some serious efforts in this regard but is more focused on the situation inside Pakistan. He has offered his services for the engagement of Pakistani Taliban but wants assurances that there will be no more military operations.

    Imran said all this just one day before the meeting of President Asif Ali Zardari with Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Istanbul. The US has arranged this meeting through Turkish President Abdullah Gull for the success of the Istanbul conference. Army Chief General Kayani also left for Turkey on Monday. Afghan officials will discuss the US endgame with Pakistan, India, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, UAE, Turkey, US and UK in Istanbul Conference from November 1.

    The US wants some commitments from Pakistan at this conference and that is why the Pakistani Army Chief is also invited to this conference. However, Imran Khan’s massive anti-American rally has made it very difficult for Pakistani leaders to oblige their friends from Saudi Arabia and Turkey who have became part of the process on the US request.

    Imran criticised the Army operations in the tribal areas in very strong words. He clearly said some tribal elders had given him assurances that if US drone attacks were stopped and the Pakistan Army halted operations in the tribal areas they would control all militants. Imran Khan also arranged meetings of these tribal elders (mostly from North Waziristan) with his ex-wife Jemima Khan who is making a documentary against drone attacks.

    Jemima and Imran are separated but often meet because of their two sons. An American lawyer Clive Smith is also helping Jemima and they are planning a big campaign against drone attacks in the Western media. Jemima writes for Vanity Fair magazine. She is helping not only Imran but also Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, and Assange may also speak at the inauguration of documentary against drone attacks. The documentary is expected to have a lot of "WikiLeaks". Imran Khan has repeatedly said, "Pakistan has changed". He threatened, "I will not spare anyone who gave Pakistani bases to US and sold my people for dollars".

    Without naming Pervez Musharraf he sent him a message not to come back to Pakistan. He also said: "We want friendly relations with every country but we cannot accept slavery of America". Imran Khan came out openly in support of the Kashmiris and advised India to withdraw its troops from Kashmir.

    He tried to satisfy the central Punjab voters who are not happy with the soft stance of Zardari and Nawaz Sharif on India. This hawkish stance will definitely bring him closer to the military establishment but he opposes military action in Balochistan. He also criticised the role of Pakistan Army in former East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in his recently published book "Pakistan a Personal History".

    According to the sources in Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) more than a dozen ambassadors from different Western countries wanted to see Imran Khan this week but he left for China immediately after addressing the mammoth public rally in Lahore on Sunday night. He will be a guest of the Chinese government. His opponents often declared him "Taliban Khan" or the "modern face of Jamat-i-Islami" but hundreds of thousands of people enjoyed the songs of many popular singers in the Lahore rally. For some critics it became a grand musical show but the fact is that the crowd enjoyed the music at a public place after a very long time. Pakistan has many popular pop singers but they cannot sing at public places due to fear of suicide bombings that started in 2007. There was a suicide attack on the musical show of Sono Nagam sometime back in Karachi and after that many pop singers were threatened not to sing at public places. Many singers like Adnan Sami, Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar tried their luck in India in recent years but now they can come back.

    Imran Khan is bringing back not only the political activities on the roads but also encouraging many pop singers like Shehzad Roy to sing publicly who made songs against drone attacks. Roy presented his famous song 'uth bandh kamar kya darta hey phir dekh Khuda kya karta hey" in the Sunday rally. Thousands of youngsters were dancing on this song and Imran was clapping with them.

    Imran Khan is becoming the voice of the common Pakistanis who are neither religious extremists not secular fascists. He is becoming a ray of hope for those disgruntled youngsters who have started hating democracy due to bad governance and corruption. These youngsters can now bring about a change in Pakistan through their vote power. Youth is the real power of Imran Khan and this youth belongs to the lower middle, middle class. This is the most disillusioned class in Pakistan but now the youth of this class is becoming active, which is a positive sign.

    Dozens of sitting parliamentarians are contacting Imran Khan for joining his PTI. Former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and many political big shots will make some shocking decisions soon but Imran is more interested in young blood and well-educated minds.

    He warned the government on Sunday that all politicians must declare their assets inside and outside Pakistan within a few months failing which his party would launch a civil disobedience movement and block all major cities with public support. For many analysts he is emerging as the third option after Zardaris’s PPP and Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N.

    Some say he will ruin Nawaz Sharif in the central Punjab and PPP would be the ultimate beneficiary. Imran does not agree with this analysis. He always criticises PPP and PML-N jointly because one is ruling at the centre and the other is ruling Punjab, which is more than 60 percent of Pakistan. Imran has definitely proved that he enjoys more political support in Lahore than Nawaz Sharif but it does not mean that he is going to get clear majority in the coming elections. He needs some winning horses not only in the central Punjab but also in south Punjab, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan and Sindh.

    He needs big rallies in Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Karachi and Quetta and then he can make some bigger claims. He will definitely make dents not only in the vote bank of PML-N but will also damage the PPP badly. There are 25 seats of national assembly in Lahore division of which PML-N has 20, PPP has 3 and PML-Q has one. Imran may snatch at least half of the PML-N and all the seats won by PPP and PML-Q in Lahore. Out of 23 seats in Gujranwala division PML-N has 13, PPP 8 and PML-Q has 2. Imran will damage PPP and PML-Q more than PML-N in Gujranwala. There are 20 seats in Faisalabad division - PML-N has only 4 while PML-Q has 8 and PPP has 7 seats.

    Many sitting members of the national assembly from Faisalabad are pleading to Imran to accept them in his party. Some PPP, PML-Q and ANP members from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also in contact with Imran, which means that his popularity is not confined to Punjab.

    His biggest stronghold in the north is the tribal area where he is expected to make a clean sweep and more than 10 seats are in his pocket. This is the same area where he will not allow government to start any new Army operations.

    If there is no operation then what will be the future of Pakistan-US relations? Zardari regime is at the crossroads. There is US pressure from one side and the PTI pressure from the other.

    Nawaz Sharif was trying to play safe by targeting only Zardari and not the US but Imran Khan has suddenly changed the political dynamics in Pakistan. He is the new trouble man for US and also for the pro-US political elite in Pakistan. All the popular parties have no option other than to follow his anti-Americanism.

    Hillary Clinton needs to realise the wave of change in Pakistani politics. She cannot understand this change without engaging Imran Khan. October 30 was just a beginning. World will see more changes on the political map of Pakistan and Imran Khan will play a leading role.

  • Imran khan is a new lollipop in the making for the nation to save democracy in pakistan. One day like obama we would be discussing him and his failures and they PTI like PPP would be asking the people to let them complete their tenure.

  • Here is another article from Fahd Husain on PTI Lahore Jalsa, CHANGE and Pakistan dream:

    I, Pakistan — Fahd Husain

    For those few hours, I felt my ethnic, provincial, and even professional identity being subsumed by my national one. It felt good to be a Pakistani.

    You just had to be there. I was. And I stood there, on top of the 16 foot container, and looked at the sea of people shouting, clapping, laughing, dancing and waving flags.

    It was mesmerising. It was electrifying.

    They came in waves, and kept on coming. Men, women, teenagers, children, families, almost every demographic one can think of. They were all there. And they were pumped up. Seriously pumped up. A teeming multitude that blended into one massive, pulsating kilometre of synchronised humanity. As daylight morphed into twilight, then dissolved into brightly illuminated darkness, Minto Park ignited into a maelstrom of deafening roars, thunderous drumbeats and booming motivational music.

    The air was infectious, the mood contagious. The atmosphere was surreal — and political. This was like no other jalsa. And it has shaken Pakistani politics, and politicians, to the core.

    Today Imran Khan elicits sniggers no more. Those five hours on October 30th in the city of Lahore, under the shadow of the Minar-e-Pakistan, have transformed the struggling dreamer into a political rock star. He is the man to beat, because suddenly he is driving the national political narrative.

    “But wait,” say traditional politicians, “this was a good jalsa, but it was just that, a jalsa. It is not like he has won the election.”

    True. There is a long, snaky and tortuous road ahead for Khan and his Under-19 team. What he pulled off that night was remarkable. But sometimes remarkable is not good enough. Imran may rise and rise from here on, or he may crash and burn at the hustings, slain by the cruel sword of constituency power politics, rooted in kinship and patronage. Predicting outcomes would be a waste of space.

    Which is why analysing the Lahore rally in terms of eventual political outcomes would be to misread what exactly happened there that evening. What I saw, and what I felt, went deeper than that. And it epitomised something that is bigger than Imran Khan, bigger than his party, and bigger than all the politicians and their agendas put together.

    On that cool and balmy Lahore evening, standing atop that container, I imagined a future draped in colours of hope.

    No, this hope was not borne of partisanship, or political loyalty, or even an after-effect of the right words spoken the right way. This hope, perhaps, was an amalgam of a kaleidoscope of emotions, visible in the form of a collective yearning. A yearning for a better life; for justice; for peace and for a society in which every man, woman and child enjoys equal opportunity. A yearning for equality before law and an end to exploitation. A yearning for dignity, for tolerance, and for the protection of the weak.

    For those few hours, I felt my ethnic, provincial, and even professional identity being subsumed by my national one. All my internal conflicts, contradictions, acrimony, cynicism, sarcasm, antagonism, despondency, bitterness and rancour seemed to melt away, and I experienced a warm glow as happy emotions welled up.

    It felt good to be a Pakistani.

    Can you imagine this feeling? Every living moment, we Pakistanis are bombarded with negativity. Terrorism, nepotism, corruption, injustice, exploitation, bigotry, intolerance, topped off by the devastating effects of a collapsing economy. In Quaid’s country, life has been, and is, nasty. Wherever we go, the world pours scorn on us, and the green passport sparks off red alerts. We crib, we moan and we indulge in self-loathing. We envy India, we hate the US and we grovel in front of the Saudis. As a result, we are made to feel like we have no self-respect.

    This hurts. It feels bad. We feel angry, bitter, vengeful, and generally negative.

    But not that evening in Lahore. That day we felt good. I felt good. Tens of thousands of fellow Pakistanis, together under one huge green and white flag, dreaming of a better tomorrow, as Strings belted out emotional lyrics about a Pakistan where “roti hogi sasti, aur mehangi hogi jaan” (bread will be cheap, but not life). I saw Pakistanis crying as they waved flags, swayed to the tunes and yearned for a shore that glimmers on the horizon. They cried for the broken promises, for lives ruined and for a future that their kids deserve but may not get. But they also laughed, danced and screamed because they felt one, bound together by a failed past, and a hopeful future.

    This was beyond politics. This was nationalism not seen outside cricket stadiums. This was about being Pakistanis, pure and simple. I, Pakistani. Nothing else mattered. This was a resounding message for all those who say Pakistan is a failed state. That evening, Pakistan the concept, was right there in front of the whole world, living, breathing and screaming.

    Yes we are. Yes we can.

    All Imran Khan can do is channelise this emotion. He did not create it. He did not even fan it. All he did was dust it off the shelf and assemble it. It does not belong to him. It certainly does not belong to the traditional political parties. This raw Pakistaniat, if it gains momentum, will drive politics, not be driven by it. Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif can only ignore it at their own peril.

    The rally is over but its hangover hovers in the air. Soon it too will dissipate. Politics may soon flow back into its old biradari (clan), thaana/katchery (police station/courts) patronage grooves. Imran may become a victim of his own idealism as traditional power structures squeeze him like an enraged python.

    But that flash of emotion I felt for a few hours that evening, standing atop a container in Lahore’s Minto Park, will keep burning a small but intense flame inside of me, a reminder that there is a dream called Pakistan.

    And it is still very much alive.

    The writer hosts a primetime show on a private TV channel. He can be reached at

  • Revivalist, you may be right, you may be totally wrong. Time is our master there. It shall reveal all.

    I liked that article posted by mangoman. Specially this paragraph:

    "This was beyond politics. This was nationalism not seen outside cricket stadiums. This was about being Pakistanis, pure and simple. I, Pakistani. Nothing else mattered. This was a resounding message for all those who say Pakistan is a failed state. That evening, Pakistan the concept, was right there in front of the whole world, living, breathing and screaming."

    And again I repeat: Time will show us which path we are destined to tread. Pakistan has gone beyond electoral calculations and the like. Now it is most definitely in the Hands of the Almighty.

  • @ IP,

    I cant say if he succeeds or not. Im not God and success is something only God can grant. The only thing I am sure about is his intentions (just like I am sure about the intentions of Zardari Co.)

    Anyhow, if you support the democratic process I would request you humbly yo get your vote registered (if you havent yet) regardless of how you support. Incase you are against the democratic process, just ignore my request. Happy posting =)

  • he he he


    here I stand for Imran Khan.:):):)**

  • Allama iqbal

    Time will show us which path we are destined to tread.

    Time is no body's friend ---

  • Oblivion bhai,

    waqat kisi ka dost nahi

    yeh baat humaray politicians se zaida kon jaanta hoga?

    he he he

  • but how will PTI can come into govt... they are seriously thinking about boycotting upcoming general elections..

  • give "THE CHANGE" a chance, do not reject it without putting it on test, dont be prejudice,

    Imran Khan & PTI has nothing to do with Obama failures, it is ridiculous to link them.

    do not think for your party for personal benefit or for the hate of one or the love for other, think for Pakistan, for the future of young generation

    we need a credible leadership, Zadari & Nawaz are known for their corruption world wide

  • Give IK a chance N$ and Mr10% have been tried and tested too many times, we cannot afford giving these musical chair parties another chance.

  • Mirza Ghalib;

    "And again I repeat: Time will show us which path we are destined to tread. Pakistan has gone beyond electoral calculations and the like. Now it is most definitely in the Hands of the Almighty."

    Too fatalistic for my liking, almost defeatist. This kind of rhetoric only serves to please those who are counting on our inaction and have made promises of divine intervention at an indeterminate time. The free will that humans were given was for the express purpose that they take some responsibility for their lives and actions on this planet. So can I suggest that we do not leave things to the Almighty and try and elect and direct our political masters?

    Make change happen, do not wait for it to happen or wait for others to make it happen for you especially not the beloved 'WEST.'

    Vote for change and take responsibility for your life and living.

    And yes, the one luxury we do not have is time; we don't want to be the smartest people around living our lives in retrospective fantasy land.

  • There will be no CHANGE in Pakistan unless we control army's corruption and involvement in politics. Imran is simply an another pawn of army to run this country. Army has run out of options; NS is still arrogant and not acceptable to GHQ.

    Bringing Imran into national political scence is nothing but another topi drama of army.

  • well we have to see whether it is a topi drama or not, but let's give him a chance, the others have been tried and tested.

    Otherwise we can sit here and just talk.

  • AOA to all

    Im almost cerain that Imran will end up like Obama , but what else we have.

    Atleast let our new generations hope be tested.

    Dedicated To all PTI and N-leaguers (who atleast are worried for their country)

    Khidkiya khol de, kuchh thandi hawa aane de

    shola bujhta sa jo hai, kuchh to bhadak jaane de

    kaun kahtaa hai jall ke khaak hi hona hoga

    magar jab aag hai to kuchh to tapish aane de

    umar bhar laakh uthaai kasmen aur sab todi

    ab yeh zidd hi sahi, yeh ek kasam nibhaane de

    gunaaho se to apne ho na saka main wakif

    yeh ek sabaab sahi , aashna ho jaane de

    sabab hi poochhta rahoonga umar bhar kya main

    sanam ! yeh zakhm mujhe sarr jhuka ke khane de

    rah-e-talash me girr, uth aur ladkhara ke bhi chal

    magar sahaare ko tanha uski raah jaane de

  • @Maria

    " In some other post u said that u r in babage like us...But u think just like the "innocent Youth".....IK can never win the seats even in Lahore.

    Be realistic baba ji

  • @Guga Sialkoti

    بھائی میرے آپ آج کل کی نوجوان نسل سے جرح میں جیت نہیں سکتے.

    جو ہو گا ان بچوں کو نظر آ جاۓ گا-

    سیانے کہتے ہیں جب بیٹا باپ کی آنکھوں میں آنکھ ڈالنے لگ جاۓ تو باپ کو چپ کر کے بیٹھ جانا چاہیے کیونکے پانی سر سے گزر گیا ہے.

  • @Maria

    Its our responsibility to let them know the difference right & wrong....But we dint bother..But we are just playing the role of spectators...